Two (Vastly Different) Celebrity Homes You Need to See

Architectural Digest shared the homes of two high profile couples this month, and while each are amazing in their own right, they couldn’t be more different. And that’s what I love about interior design- the way it can tell you so much about the lives and personalities of those who live in these spaces.

First up, the amazing New York City abode of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent and their daughter Poppy.  Let’s start with this INSANE kitchen. The brass island, the glossy black cabinets, the floors,  the unbelievable windows???

This is just so amazing- the architecture is so unique.  Moe proof that older home ROCK.


So flipping cute.


The dining room- not a huge fan of the wall art or light, but the overall feel is great. And again with those dreamy floors.


From this angle everything changes due to those gasp-worthy french doors and fireplace!


The living room- another example of monochromatic, neutral design made interesting by mixing up textures and materials.



I would have loved and black and white marble floor in here with all that amazing moulding and trim.


A cozy den chock full of books. A tad confused by the awkward rug situation, but again, this house is just incredible for a city home!


Amazing bathroom- just amazing. Brass 4 eva.


But this shower might give me a stroke.  Too busy for me, dizzying really, large white subway with black grout would have been my choice.


The master bedroom….and wait for it….


The master closet. WHAAAAAAAAATTTTT?!?!?!


Poppy’s nursery is DARLING.


With a play room off it- look at those interior windows! SO COOL.


The second home is that of TOMS Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie and his wife Heather and their new baby boy Summit in Topanga Canyon, California. Oh, and their two adorable pups!


The beams and windows in this living room made me gasp.


The house and it’s tiered gardens.


A great entry complete with a gorgeous antique Louis Vuitton steamer trunk.  And some of the wood comes from the Coney Island boardwalk!


In the kitchen there is a mix of reclaimed wood and beams and a gorgeous La Canche stove with copper hood.


Blake’s office has a desk from Bali as the centerpiece.


The den has an interesting ceiling and army duck covered sofa.


The master bedroom.


This bathroom has cool cabinets turned into sinks.


Summit’s NOah’s Ark themed nursery is what little kid’s dreams are made of.


So which would YOU choose??




  1. Nate and Jeremiah’s NYC home is amazing! Though I do agree with some of your comments…especially the weird rug and the spastic shower. But I would totally get over those two things to have that kitchen.

  2. Both great! But I love that Nate Berkus is not afraid to not use color. Sometimes tons of color is boring! Also they are the cutest family!

  3. I love both! I think the closet would make me choose Nate’s. I hope Poppy isn’t sad that her nursery is smaller than her dads’ closet! lol

  4. Nate and Jeremiah for me, minus the seizure shower; such a perfect mix of glam and rough hewn. While I agree the rug situation is weird, I love that embrace of what doesn’t necessarily make sense to everyone and that he doesn’t overstyle like every broad on Instagram ha. :) Love seeing that black and white photo in the playroom that has been in his homes since he first redid his tiny Chicago apartment on a vintage Oprah episode before he went off the reservation with popularity, makes me wonder what the story is behind it.

    1. I believe it is part of a pair of photographs by his late partner, Fernando Bengoechea, the photographer that was killed in the tsunami. The photos are actually woven together. Just beautiful:)

  5. Blake and Heather! So rustic, unique and comfy looking. Please throw in the two amazing dogs with it , and the Jeep! :)

  6. I’d take Nate’s to live and Blake’s to vacation. I don’t love the weird rug layering situation in either place though. Is that a new unattainable trend to confuse the masses? Looks like something that will only work in a magazine. In real life it looks like the dogs/kids got a hold of it.

  7. I wouldn’t want either of them. Blake’s is gross old 1970s California hippie retread and Nate’s is the same-o same-o trend salad. That emperor has no clothes IMHO.

    1. I agree. While I can appreciate aspects of both, neither seem livable or comfortable. I guess I lean towards the second because of location.

      1. Ashleigh, I had to laugh at your emperor has no clothes quip. However…no, no…I couldn’t disagree with you more. I would not call any part of Blake and Heather’s home “gross” even if they have chosen to embrace a somewhat done-before California aesthetic which incidentally marries completely with their lifestyle. Secondly, he’s not a cutting-edge design tread setter and therefore, I wouldn’t expect his home to usher in anything provocative. His home is beautiful and although not my personal style, I can easily see myself lounging on that green sectional, staring up at that gorgeous rustic beamed ceiling with those woven panels and pictographs! Likely, you’re no fan of his shoe designs, either. 

        As for Nate’s place, I’m not a particular follower of his projects so not sure about your “same-o-same-o trend salad” descriptor, however, I love the mix of black and white with pale natural wood tones. It’s lively and bright but at the same time seriously adult and although high-end, nothing looks too precious.

        Finally and here’s where I disagree with you, Erin, I think both interiors are completely livable and offer different modes of expressing “relaxed elegance”. There’s no over the top, stuffy traditional, multi-layered décor in massive rooms littered with multiple seating areas that’s just for show. Both have a good vibe and offer breathable space. I’ll take’em!


    2. This is NOT meant to be contentious in the least – just wondering what you do find intriguing if you feel these two design perspectives are old hat?

  8. I love these posts. I would vote for #2. Nate’s place makes for a great magazine spread but too “designerie” for everyday living, IMHO. Once Poppy is mobile, she will be clearing the shelves in that pristine closet space.

  9. I want both; one for sunny days and one for rainy days. But my clothes would stay in Nate’s closet. And I’d have to buy a lot more just to utilize the space (I’m rationalizing here).

    I vote both. Just depends on how I want to spend my day …

  10. I’d have to say the second house – just looking at those pictures makes me feel like it’s warm and inviting without ever having been in the space.

  11. Oh my goodness! When I was looking over Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s home (especially that kitchen + then the dining room with the french doors and incredible light!) I was TOTALLY swooning and thinking must. have. this. house.

    But then I saw Blake + Heather’s LA home and I TOTALLY fell in love. It just seems so integrated with nature (especially that garden in back!) and seeing them with their dogs and their jeep and their surfboards (I know that’s not interior design, but still)…it made me fall in love!

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Erin! I love the things you highlight!

    Luscious + Intuitive Eating |

  12. I love Nate’s apartment in general, but those french doors look like they lead out to a balcony with a brick parapet that is too low for a small child. Once I saw that I couldn’t stop thinking about it!

  13. As I was reading this, I said to myself that I was so glad I read your blog today. This was a good one. Thanks for giving us the best of design!

  14. The thing I find most interesting about both of these super gorgeous homes is that there is a mixture of brown and grey. It seems like everywhere on the inter webs, the message is that brown is dead; however, in both of these homes, brown and gray is mixed effortlessly. Very interesting!

  15. Deinitely Blake and Heather’s home. (although Nates kitchen is killer!!) it’s warm and cozy and the kind of house I would want to raise my children in.

  16. Initially I love Nate’s glamorous home in the city. Black and brass with such a warm balance of neutrals… so high-end and chic. Buuuut… I must say, my true dream is to live in a home inspired by hobbit’s and the rustic, reclaimed vibe of the Tom’s Shoe founder is so warm and enchanting. It will never feel like a passing trend. The nostalgia that natural reclaimed wood brings just makes me want to put on a pot of scotch by the fire and sit in a rocking chair, sans any iPad or TV. or phone. Just take it in and smell that pie cooking!!! or Paleo roasted vegetables, or whatever!

  17. Huh. What I find most interesting is that this is the second month in a row that I will be going out to purchase an issue of Architectural Digest based on a blog post. And I hadn’t bought an issue in years.

  18. I can’t choose which one I like best. I love so many things about both homes . One thing I will be doing is picking up this issue and keeping Architectural Digest on my radar.

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