Weekend Happenings & Babymoon.


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I’m also really excited to be leaving next weekend for a little trip to celebrate our tenth anniversary and our pregnancy!  Since I’m so far along we couldn’t go too far so we decided to go to the Inn at Perry Cabin on the shore in Maryland.  Look familiar? That’s because it was where the wedding was held in Wedding Crashers. :)  I’ve heard great things and it looks so relaxing and quaint.  Just what I need!

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 5.39.07 PM

Loving the newly renovated rooms!

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 5.39.16 PM


Gorgeous pool perfect for a day of reading baby books. :)

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 6.09.38 PM

These views work for me.




  1. And next year, Baby Gates will go with you to the fair in a stroller … and the year after that, he’ll be petting every baby animal in sight (and that’s when “busy” takes on a whole new level of meaning).

  2. Your door looks great! You do, too! I’ve wanted to visit the Inn since I watched that movie. I’m looking forward to your recap. Have you heard of Blackberry Farm in Tennesse? It’s on my radar, too. You’d probably like it.

      1. Blackberry is DIVINE!! We went in September a few years ago and it was lovely. Highly recommend. Have a great time in MD (looks amazing)!!

      2. lol you are def a east coast girl-too hot?? ha the hotter the better says the texas girl-fall and winter ewww who needs it:)

  3. The door looks great and so do you! What paint finish did you use…..oil based vs. latex, high gloss vs. semi?

  4. I just have to say how gorgeous you look!!! That Inn looks amazing. Have a wonderful weekend and take lots of pictures to share with us.

  5. Love that you guys are going to St. Michaels – its about as close as the Eastern Shore can get to Cape Cod so you will love it. Make sure to get crabs at the Crab Claw, ice cream at Justines and check out Simpatico a lovely little shop that sells all Itlaian goods. Easton and Cambridge are also lovely towns that are a quick drive from St. Michaels. Enjoy!

  6. Hope you enjoy Inn at Perry Cabin!! If you’re in the market to browse beautiful jewelry (cough push present cough), please make sure to stop by my parents’ estate jewelry store, link above. Ask for Bob or Julie – I know they’d love to show you around. Have a wonderful time and don’t miss Ava’s pizza – it’s the best in town!

  7. inn at perry cabin is amazing! We took my son when he was 7 months old and had a wonderful time. Make sure to stop by lyon distilling and pick up a bottle of rum-even if you can’t imbibe, the tasting room smells like fresh caramel!

  8. Welcome to our “hood!” Maryland has SO many highlights!! Your blog was my highlight of the day!! franki

  9. did you ever consider painting that little arc molding above the door black (i’m sure there’s some actual architectural name for it)? i think it would really make your wasabi door pop :) just my 2 cents.

  10. Great post! And you will love the Inn at Perry Cabin. We took our first post baby trip there, and it was amazing. Enjoy!

  11. Love the Wasabi and the other updates! If you are looking for another good prenatal yoga class, Marissa Farrell teaches one on Mondays at 645 at Laughing Dog in Wellesley. (Linden St. across from Roche’s).

  12. Have a great time! My parents live in Easton (next town over) and we go to Perry Cabin all the time when we visit. Ava’s has the best pizza and Scossa is amazing italian! Also Dwelling is a great home/design store. :)

  13. Love the door! I live in Ocean City, MD so that’s our getaway ! Definitely make a stop at Ava’s ;)

  14. Oh you will love it there in Maryland!

    It is such a sweet town and the inn is great. Btw going to inn at Hastings park in s few weeks- thanks to the blog post awhile back. Thx!!

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