Couple Crush: Gen & Ben Sohr

Did you guys see the tour of Ben and Gen Sohr’s home on One Kings’s Lane???  It’s awesome.  This couple is too cool for school.  I love their bold yet not TOO crazy look and thought I’d share it along with some picks on getting the look.

This kitchen- yes please.
one kings lane_pencil & paper_OVERALL KITCHEN

Love the brass open shelves flanking that oh-la-la range.

one kings lane_pencil & paper_KITCHEN APPLES

A great graphic wallpaper in the entry hall adds some drama, but paired with simple, classic sconces to keep it from getting too bold.

one kings lane_pencil & paper_VERTICAL INTO BATHROOM WITH WALLPAPER

Love a good black walled powder room with a gallery wall- this one has a particularly great collection of works.

one kings lane_pencil & paper_GALLERY WALL IN BATHROOM

A simple roman with greek key trim looks graphic but classic and the funky mirror really shines on the dark background.

one kings lane_pencil & paper_MIRROR IN BATHROOM

The living room is bright and light but again, a cool, collected look mixing traditional and modern pieces.

one kings lane_pencil & paper_LIVINR ROOM 2

one kings lane_pencil & paper_LIVING ROOM

LOVE the black painted door frames and the wishbone chairs paired with a simple and inexpensive table from CB2 (linked at the end of the post!)

one kings lane_pencil & paper_BREAKFAST TABLE

On the top floor of the house there is a playroom/den/ bunk room that employs black walls again.

one kings lane_pencil & paper_FAMILY ROOM

one kings lane_pencil & paper_TOP OF CREDENZA

I wish there was cool, vintage Persian rug in here in red/blue/ orange tones- would warm up the floor and add an extra layer of texture and color against the black. But I obviously love the black and white buffalo check!

one kings lane_pencil & paper_BLACK WALL WITH BEDS

This bathroom has a funky wallpaper from F. Schumacher on the walls, but in black and white it doesn’t scream “trendy”.  They use a lot of simple, inexpensive bamboo roman shades throughout the house- I always love using these- both alone or layered under drapes- it adds a lot to the look of a space.

one kings lane_pencil & paper_MASTER BATHROOM

A cute boys room and bathroom.

pencil_and_paper_boys_room one kings lane_pencil & paper_KIDS BATHROOM WITH GARDEN STOOL

I mean, the exude cool.


Photos from OKL by Leslee Mitchell

Here are some items that are similar to those found around the Sohr’s home.


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. Benjamin Moore // 5. (I’ve used these guys for the shades in my office) // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13. // 14. // 15. // 16. // 17.


  1. Love this! I’m still somewhat regretting changing my painted black door wall back to white. It’s only paint, but after installing wainscoting in that area I decided it would look more cohesive to have all white–what to do…

  2. Love this! I hate being the person who asks annoying questions…buuuut. Do you recognize/know where the bathroom fixtures (specifically the faucet) would be from? Redoing a bathroom and these are EXACTLY what I’m looking for. Always look forward to your posts for inspiration!

    1. They’re the Waterworks Ludlow – I just picked these for my own bathroom, so I was super psyched to see them here!


  3. Fantastic home filled with inspiration! That powder room kills me too!! I especially love how they hung all the pictures right down to the bottom of the wall. But, I know from experience…….things get “splashed” with little boys along the walls of bathrooms.

  4. I saw this home too and agree that it is so gorgeous. But what struck me was the use of corded blinds throughout and the fact that it mentioned the couple had small children. Maybe their kids are older. I read recently that nearly one child every two weeks dies from strangulation by window blind cords and that it happens to kids ages 6 months to 7 years. Eek, I hate to be *that* commenter and I don’t mean to distract from your lovely post, I just think window covering safety is an issue that should be discussed more often and more openly in the interior design industry. I wrote a post on my blog about it recently:


    1. I’m with ya Meg. I love the look of bamboo blinds but have stopped using them due to the strangulation hazard. It’s just not worth the risk! With 3 young children I’m relatively “relaxed” on child-proofing, but when a child close to home died from a blind cord I put my foot down on this one.

  5. My good friend Leslee Mitchell took these photos! :) She’s amazing.

    Yay Nashville!!

  6. Hi there Erin,

    Just a heads up the photos in this post are owned by OKL….and Pencil & Paper Co. and I have rights to use. Except for the last image of Gen & Ben, I own it. I imagine since the other photos are on the OKL site you have the ability to repost. But it is important that when featuring a photographer’s work that you provide photo credit to the photographer. Can you please update all the this blog post of my work with this info and link to my website? Thanks so much. I’ll check back in again later to make sure you received this message.

    Thanks again,

    1. Leslee, your credit has been added, I missed the credit in the OKL story (it was easy to miss at the end) and am always more than happy to give proper credit when alerted to it. The nature of the internet means these things get shared, that’s why companies put them out there- for marketing purposes. Again, sorry for the missed credit and a link has been added to my post.

    1. Why the need to be so nasty and personal Adam? It will get you nowhere to use that tactic. The nature of the internet means photos get shared- and credits do get lost or overlooked. Any blogger should be happy to add a credit when politely alerted to one missing- but lashing out is just bad manners. If I were to try to track down every un-credited image on the internet of mine it would be a full time job. I understand that is the nature of the beast and accept it- I don;t flip out and act juvenile over it.

  7. I receive your posts later in the evening and often, as in this case, I wind up going to bed way later than I meant to because I am pouring over every one of these beautiful photographs to absorb all the details.

  8. Go away Adam, your nasty comments are not welcome here, you are just being rude. Erin & the photographer sorted it out. I love this blog (and have loved it for years!!) because Erin is supremely talented and so humble. She is amazingly supportive of other creatives and would no way want to upset anyone. Maybe you are just having a bad day, sorry about that, but if not go have a glass of wine and chill out cranky pants!!!

  9. I have been in a long overdue search for chairs just like those featured in the living room shot across from the blue/white printed couch. Does anyone recognize these tan/cream fabric with wood arm rest beauties and know where I might be able to find them?

  10. Great post as always! This for whatever reason reminds me of another recent post where you mentioned that the side tables from your guest bedroom are being reproduced? But now I can’t find the post? Or any link to buy anywhere. I want to add them to the guest room we are re-doing especially with Grammy in mind! **Am I going nuts? you did do a post about them sorta recent? I just had a baby…and this whole mama-brain thing is for real :)

  11. One need some courage to make his or her home like this one. Never seen any place close to this one. It’s not odd, but different.

  12. Beautiful place they have, very modern looking decor. I love the bedroom look and the bathroom wallpaper. Besides those every other room looks great as well, especially the living room. A lot fo stuff in there, but not too busy looking.

    To get some a look similar to this we have some modern home decor items at our website, Serene Spaces Living.

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