Fashion Friday: The Fall Investment Boot

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Since my fall wardrobe doesn’t get to be fun due to this certain “condition” I’m in, I am all about footwear.  Luckily, my foot have not swollen at all (yet), so I think I’m relatively safe in buying some new boots to help me spice up my leggings/ sweater uniform.  Number one on my list, a suede over-the-knee boot (flat for me since I’ll be running around with an infant soon). Specifically the Stuart Weitzman Lowland.  Totally an “it girl” shoe, but one that I think works on different women and with different styles.  Here’s some inspiration:


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Here’s a selection of over the knee boots from super affordable to complete investment and a lot in between.  So many to choose from!


  1. Now I really need to go shopping for boots!! Love all of these! So much fun to be a woman and have all of these options to look fabulous throughout the year!! I bet you’re counting the days until you meet Baby Gates!!! And I’m sure you look adorable too! So happy for you and Andrew as you start the next journey of your lives…as 3!! oops 5! :-)

  2. I totally hate to be a blog post buzzkill, but I do have to say that my feet grew half a size in my last trimester, and the same thing happened to a couple of my girlfriends! I am still mad at myself for buying a beautiful pair of work heels (the nicest ones I had ever bought, justified by my lackluster maternity work wardrobe). I had to give them away when I returned to work and realized they were too small. Maybe just wait until November if you are planning to invest? Trust me, newborns are perfectly happy to eat in a cozy department store ladies’ lounge, and a little postpartum shopping trip can be just the thing when you are home with baby! LOVE your picks, by the way!

      1. My pregnancy leg swelling (I looked like Fred Flintstone) went away about three weeks postpartum but I’d still advocate waiting to be safe. Plus, there are only so many things you can do with a new baby and a trip to the Mall may save your sanity when you’re starting to get cabin fever. Plus, you might as well enjoy shopping with a newborn who will sleep for hours and stay put in a stroller or carrier. Next year at this time will be a whole different story. Shopping with a toddler is NO fun!

    1. My feet were swollen for the last 3 weeks before having my son, and then for a few weeks after he was born. Luckily, they went back to normal, but I wouldn’t make a big investment until December when you’ll know if your feet are larger or not. :(

    2. Erin: Mine feet were swollen during pregnancy, but didn’t change sizes at all. Still haven’t changed from a size 6 20 yrs later!

  3. Those are gorgeous! I don’t think they’d work on someone who is 5’1″ like myself :) All those women seem to have long, thin legs, too. You’ll look great rockin’ those!

    1. Haha, this is exactly my problem (see my comment below)! I am 5′-1″ with a more athletic build so shopping for boots (especially thigh-high) is quite a challenge.

  4. I totally agree with the other poster about waiting to buy expensive shoes because my feet and a lot of my friends also grew a half size in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I have so many beautiful and expensive shoes that I can’t fit into:( if you are worried about them selling out maybe by two sizes and wait to wear until you deliver.

  5. Hi there… just be careful about what size you buy…I was a 7.5 before I was pregnant, had been the same size my whole adult life and BAM! a size 8 ever since I had my daughter…she’s 6 now and I’m still a size 8. All of my great shoes I had before I was pregnant had to be given away. Just something to think about before buying those fabulous boots. Can’t wait for more Baby Gates updates!

    1. Me too! My feet grew a half size and stayed that way. But my hair got thicker and I didn’t lose it like a lot of women so a mini perk there :)

  6. I love over-the-thigh boots but I have short, muscular legs so they rarely fit correctly. I’m on the hunt for the perfect gray suede boots though. The ones you suggested are perfect but I usually don’t spend over $300 on boots so I’ll have to think about those for a while.

    Someone told me that tall boots are going out of style. Wait, what?! Say it ain’t so! In what sort of crazy, sick world would tall boots go out of style? Let’s hope not.

    1. Never. A good classic tall boot will NEVER go out of style. If it has too many trendy details like a platform sole or embellishments- yes- but otherwise they are dirty liars. :)

  7. I’m totally digin those rasin colored boots. I love all these boots, but I agree with the other girl. Everyone in those pictures has long thin thin legs. I could never get my calfs into those Stuart Weitzman boots. Those Dolce Vita ones on the other hand seem to be stretchy. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Adding to the chorus: I was an 8.5 my whole life and my feet grew to a 9 prior to delivery and are today a 9 (my oldest is about to turn 10!)

  9. Ooh and I bought the Stuart Weitzman lowlands in tan last fall & wear them constantly. Best boots ever! I also have the highlands in black but wear them much less often.

  10. I think those could be your “push present”. :) My feet also grew in those last few months with #1. I ended up with a slightly wider foot that’s now in between sizes (so annoying). I had to get rid of nearly all my pointy-toe shoes. My feet are mostly back to normal length now, but width is still an issue – I can’t just order pointy-toe shoes online anymore. Everything has to be tried on! I hope that doesn’t happen to you, but beware and don’t make the investment until you know for sure that your feet haven’t changed.

  11. these are great boots, but only work if you have skinny legs. I have calves and these don’t work for us girls with them!

  12. Love the flat suede grey ones! My shoe size went up from 8 to 8.5. My feet never really swelled so I thought I was good to go but found out it has to do with your body relaxing and hormones changing to prepare body for childbirth. Imagine my horror as I put on my leopard flats and realized my toes were crammed in at the end. Devastation. Upside? NEW SHOE WARDROBE. Might not happen to you but I would wait.

  13. My feet also went up half a size after I had my son. Was 8.5 for as long as I can remember, now a 9, sometimes 9.5 in athletic shoes. He’s 18 years old now!

  14. I also splurged on a pair to wear to my baby shower and Grad-school graduation in my last trimester and only wore them to those 2 occasions. What happened in 6 weeks time is a mystery to me – there was a shoepacalypse at my house – and I work in women’s footwear, so it was especially painful to say goodbye to so many great pairs.

  15. I’d say wait on the shoe investment! To add to the chorus, my feet got bigger and wider…everyone kindly tells me its swelling…mmmm..not 8 months later. Your feet will (most likely) get bigger.

  16. Hey Erin,

    No one seems to be monitoring your Facebook comments, but almost every time you cross post a blog post on facebook, there’s an ad for pharmaceuticals, specifically phentermine. It’s there again today.

    1. I’ve been trying to correct it for months. Networked Blogs is the issue and they won’t delete my account for some reason. Am looking into it again today.

  17. Any shopping info. on that great taupe coat (the girl in the cream dress and knit cap) in the photo above? I’ve been searching for just such a coat. Thank you!

  18. My feet also grew a half size after having kids. My unscientific interpretation of what my OB told me was that your joints and bones loosen up to let the baby get out of your pelvis, so those bones and joints in your feet also expand – which leads to bigger feet!

    I like the idea of a post baby shopping trip!

  19. So I have the knockoff version of these, huge fan. Anyway I have to chime in about pregnancy and foot swelling bc it is an issue, as it was for me after week 28 or 29. Postpartum, swelling decreased, but my shoe size was a good 1/2-3/4 size larger. My oldest is now 9 and I am back to my normal shoe size but it was very strange for some time. I still feel compelled to try on shoes to get the size right. I might get the shoes, but maybe a cheaper version over the investment piece, as it’s important to feel good when you are expecting.

  20. First of all, congrats! Being a mother is the BEST and you are in for so many happy times ahead!!

    I would get the shoes, your feet might swell in the end (mine did) so just make sure there is enough room for that. I’m 3 weeks pregnant behind you, so I totally get wanting to update your current pregnancy wardrobe. I cannot wait to wear normal clothes again!

  21. My feet didn’t grow a size per se, but they are different than they were. Maybe wider? Most of my shoes still fit, but not all! Good luck!!!

  22. Hi! Love these boots! Do you think this style is timeless? I like to invest in things that aren’t trendy.

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