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The Blogger Book Club: Emily Henderson

I’ll admit that I don’t read many blog anymore due to my insane schedule- and like a lot of you probably do- when my work day is over I want to something not work related. But when I do find time, I go right to the long-time partners in the blog trenches whose work I really admire. Emily Henderson is one of those people. I LOVE her. Her sunny smile, disposition, funny voice and amazing talent are what makes her the superstar she is. So I was not surprised when I heard she was doing a book and knew it would be just as awesome as she is. (And she managed not only to release Styled, her fun, fab new book but also give birth to her daughter all in the same time frame!

What I love about design is how different we all do it.  Emily’s colorful, California cool vibe is so different from what I do day-to-day but I adore it.  You know when you look at images of spaces so different from your own and think “Man, I want to live like THAT! I would be so much cooler if my house was like that one!” :)  That’s how I feel about the spaces in Emily’s book.


And it’s a mix of spaces by different designers that look cohesive due to Emily’s ninja styling skills.  This book is more about styling your space, not top to bottom design.  Basically, how to get your space to look as “done” as those you see in magazines.  I think that last 10% of design (the styling) tends to be the hardest for people to do- which is what makes this book handy!

Having been through the book process I know what it’s like to have to pick certain images to use and others that you have to trash.  It’s painful!  You have all these fantastic shots but for one reason or another some end up on the cutting room floor.  Emily sent over these exclusive outtakes from her book editing process- ones that didn’t make it in but that she still loves.

This one is SO good- can you imagine sitting her with a glass of wine after a long day and looking at a magazine or chatting with friends? DIE.


I love this rustic space (that wall color and beams- yum) and the fabulous long centerpiece on the table.   A great idea for Thanskgiving decor!


The dining room you peek in the corner here (featuring my favorite Sandberg wallpaper) is in the book- but this peek of whats happening outside the room is great too.  Love the grid of photos (easy to do using affordable frames and blowing up a large picture and dividing it evenly!)




This space actually has a bit more of a traditional feel with a few modern touches.  The peek of the bright blue room the background is fabulous.


Gang’s all here!  :)  Blogger power!


All photos above by David Tsay (he has a fun portfolio to look at!)
Design Credits:
Blue Velvet Couch/Persian Rug: Taylor Jacobson
Entryway Table with Blue Prints: Taylor Jacobson
Fireplace: Brian Faherty of Schoolhouse Electric
Grey Dining Room: Mike Andrew of Inheritance 
Outdoor Sitting Area: Isabelle Dahlin of DeKor
In other Emily news, did you guys see her master bathroom renovation reveal? I see she shares my rabid love for Kohler’s Purist fixtures in the modern gold finish (same as in my bathroom) but I’m really swooning over that tile from Fireclay!





Images by Jessica Isaac


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