Third Trimester Favorites

Yep, we are in the “under five weeks ’till baby” countdown and I thought it would be helpful to share some of the things that have kept my third trimester relatively comfortable.  I think my body is giving me a break after such a hard first 20 weeks, so it hasn;t been bad at all- I get tired easier, my back hurts after a long time on my feet and sleeping is a little tough- but overall I cannot complain.




  1. Don’t know if I should say thanks or not LOL…just bought the MK boots. They are on sale now at Nordstrom..$199.00 Yay! I thank you…my credit card..not so much.

    1. meant to add that they are perfect to take the place of my go-to white jack purcell converse that i love in the summer with skirts, jeans and shorts.

  2. Cardigans are the best! I had an early December baby and I lived in nursing tanks and chunky sweater cardigans for weeks after. I got a new one right before he came and was so happy to have something new for me…granted I wore it so much I kinda detest it now, but it was awesome at the time. Stock up!

  3. Leather boots that fit skinny calves? Sounds amazing! Nordstrom doesn’t have a photo of what they look like on. Feel free to post a killer outfit with the boots on Instagram so we can all see … :)

    1. My boots came the day after ordering. They look great but would be loose on a skinny calf. I am a fit 5’6″ and 140, so no skinny calf here, and with a bare leg they are loose. However, room enough to wear with heavy leggings and skinny jeans.

      1. Are they the exact ones linked? Because there are other Michael Kors ones that look similar (the ones I got are hard to find) but aren’t the same fit as the ones I got. I’m 5’9″ and have skinny calves and they fit perfectly!

      2. Hmm. a mystery…Erin, the boots at Nordstrom say they are the Joanie boot, but they are smooth grain and have an obvious black stretch panel. Yours on close up have a pebble grain on the entire shaft. I like yours sooo much better and may send mine back. Wonder why the difference in the same named boot??

      3. Erin – can you please confirm you have the MK Joanie that is on the Nordstrom site? Now I’m confused if they are the correct ones or not!!

      4. MRMM, The Nordstrom version of the Joanie boot is not the same as Erin’s boot. I am sending mine back and ordering from the MK store site. You want the “tumbled” leather that I call pebble grain. Just look at the zoomed in photos and you can see the difference.

      5. Thank you Janet! I ordered the Nordstrom ones yesterday so will return those and get them from the MK store!!!

  4. The snoogle body pillow is the best. It also makes a great nursing pillow, just wrap it around your body a couple of times. My early December baby and I loved it, because we could just snuggle down in our nest.

  5. You are so right about the open sweaters! I am living in them right now and can’t wait for it to get chillier again so that I can layer-up. They are great for nursing and very forgiving to the ever changing post-baby bod. I had my baby almost 5 weeks ago and am finally starting to feel less self conscious about my mid-section. In hindsight, I wish I bought a belly bandit or something similar to smooth that area a bit for the first few weeks. Suddenly you go from “I’m so proud of my bump” to “and now I have a gut”…

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