Canopy and Four Poster Beds

Something about fall and winter re-ignites my love of classic four poster and canopy beds. I think because they are just so COZY looking. I am truly obsessed with my canopy bed.  And it wasn’t our only one- we also had that fabulous white IKEA canopy bed in our old guest room (now baby nursery) that we moved so many times and took apart and put back together that we had to chuck it because I’m pretty sure one more re-assemble would have ended in serious injury for the next person who laid down on it.  And I was SO SAD, because for some bizarre reason, they no longer make it!  It was GENIUS and like, under $200 bucks!!! Makes me crazy.  Anyways, here are some inspiration photos for these styles of beds and a little roundup of some I love right now.


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An example of using this type of bed in my own work- this is a master bedroom we’re doing remotely in a Jackson Hole, Wyoming home using the bed I designed for Kristin Drohan.  (And by the way we have some limited e-design slots available this winter so if you’re interested contact us!)

BarnettJHMaster 9-25-15

Here’s a roundup of some four poster and canopy beds I’m loving right now- from affordable to quite fancy. :)


1. // 2. // 3.  (amazing!!!) // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13. // 14.





  1. As a kid, I always dreamed of having a canopy bed when I grew up. Ironically, I love the proportions of it with twin-sized beds!

  2. Erin – do you have a source for the area rug for the JH home? I have been looking for something similar and i love that one. If so, thank you! P.S. I bought one of the ottomans you listed in your ottoman round up and i LOVE it! #personalshopper.

  3. My first thought this morning as I checked your blog from bed , was whether or not you went into labor! Then I saw it went up later and realized you must still be hanging in there. So excited for you guys!

  4. All of these beds are gorgeous — but #10 needs a headboard (looks incomplete without one, although I suppose you could get a custom headboard and attach it). Thank you for posting such a great round-up of styles; very inspiring. :)

    Eagerly awaiting news of Baby Gates’ debut. Sending best wishes to you and Andrew in the meantime!

  5. I love the yellow four-posters. Have been dreaming of refinishing a similar set from my grandparents for our getaway house. Only challenge…buying a getaway house!

  6. Number one is no longer available. Tired of my Crate and Barrel Colette bed so a canopy might be an option.

  7. Erin we had a pine four poster for years. Then we got a king size mattress and we just stuck it on a frame. Now it’s time to finally decorate my master and I would really like to get a bed like those pictured above. I actually have looked at several of them. But I’ve been told by two different designers that a king sized canopy bed looks ridiculous and especially in 8 foot ceilings would be too much. Wondering what you think about that?

    1. I didn’t mean any disrespect by that – that’s just what they said and I didn’t agree and thought I would get your thoughts on having one with 8 foot ceilings…

  8. Love me a canopy bed!! I’ve had them my entire married life…just purchased a Chas P Rogers iron canopy…my new fav!! franki

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