Hot Trend: Floating Vanities

One design trend I’ve noticed taking shape for 2016 is the modern floating vanity in bathrooms.  These can be done with more traditional paneling and door fronts or a very contemporary sleek look.  I think in certain applications these look really fantastic (this first image is particularly fetching)- but you do lose quite a bit of concealed drawer storage by using this style. So it seems to be best for those who don’t have six mascaras (ahem) or are okay with open storage like baskets and shelves.  What do you guys thing- yay or nay?





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  1. Hm. These all look great, but I’m not sure I see the point in sacrificing the storage. I think most of them would look equally good going down to the floor – with the benefits of more storage and less dustballs under the vanity. (Do magazine people have the same problems as I do keeping bathrooms neat and clean?) Beautiful bathroom inspiration either way though.

  2. I have a floating vanity in my guest bathroom. Do not feel like I sacrificed any storage space and it is not that much work to include the little bit of floor space when I am cleaning. And the “wow” factor, everyone loves the look.

    1. I could totally see that for a guest bedroom. I am sure it is gorgeous! I do not think I would be a fan of this for a master bath or a bathroom that gets a lot of use.

  3. I’m neutral on floating vanities, but I’m extremely in favor of that beautiful round mirror in the first image…. so simple and pretty! (Insert heart eyed emoji here)

  4. I agree with the first commenter – they don’t look bad, but what’s the point? The first thing I thought of was dust, too! I guess one plus is that it might make the room feel bigger or more airy, since it’s floating, but I still think the vanities would look better going to the floor.

  5. I love the first one. I also really like the way the cabinets are lit from underneath in the second to last image-sets this vanity apart from the rest IMO. However, the space under the vanity seems like the perfect place to lose backs to earrings, which would be a source of daily frustration!

    Would you consider doing a post on room by room lighting tips? This post seems like the perfect example of how lighting can make or break it. Take image 5-that would be a terrible bathroom to get ready in! The lighting makes it impossible to do makeup, not to mention the pendant would be beating you in the head if you tried!

  6. As Julie commented, this style reminds me of hotel bathrooms. Number one, especially. Real bathrooms need and have storage. The floating vanities with drawers make sense, but I’d rather have the extra storage.

  7. Love them – Have them in 2 smaller sized bathrooms, not the master, and love the ease of cleaning the floors and the openness they create. Both have double drawers below for storage and seems to be enough for toiletries… but not for makeup. :(

  8. I think they look pretty but I would not want to waste the space in a master bath. It seems like I never have enough room anyway for all my stuff. In a guest bathroom though, I think it would be nice.

  9. Love that first image as well! This seems like a great alternative to a pedestal sink, say for a small-ish powder room where want to give the illusion of more space. Relative to a pedestal sink it offers more counter space and potentially more storage, depending on the design, while giving the same sense of airiness. Also, I don’t love how much plumbing pedestal sinks show, so this is a great alternative in my opinion. It does look as though that first photo is an example from a powder room and not a master bath. I can understand the hesitation for a full bathroom, but I’m filing this away for a powder room. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. As beautiful as the first vanity is, I’d have a hard time living with it. I have a pedestal sink right now, and I had to get a little storage cabinet to hold my everyday stuff. I could live with a floating vanity if it had storage. I design for a renovations company and we floating vanities in contemporary or mid-century homes – they can look really great!

  10. If you don’t own these images, you need to cite the sources you pulled them from.

    I recognize one of these images as owned by Kate Riley from Centsational Girl.

  11. I love the idea for a powder room, the look is very elegant and sleek, however being a neat freak I feel there’s too much opportunity for dust tumbleweed and/or clutter which would stress me out.

  12. Love it! But I am a fan of modern minimal and the airiness it provides. First and last photo are my fave – move in ready!

  13. I think this look works best in a narrow bathroom where the vanity is attached to the wall on both ends.

    I think what I find most appealing is just how uncluttered all of them look. Which looks great no matter what type of vanity one has. It’s exactly how my bathroom looks when I’m taking a picture of it – not so much when I’m dashing out of the house at 8:20am on a Monday….

    P.S. I’m the one that would have giant dust bunnies/drifts of hair under the vanity in about 3 days after installation

  14. Love this look and as a neat freak I do not mind the missing lower storage but rather like the open flooring below. Great examples, thanks for sharing.

  15. My contractor talked me out of them in my recent bath remodel…said they just collect dust underneath and you sacrifice lots of storage!

  16. In their last house (a mid-century ranch that they remodeled to the studs), my parents did a gorgeous floating vanity in the bathroom that functioned as both powder room and guest bath. It was the perfect place to sacrifice storage for the sake of aesthetics!
    I think this look is perfect for rooms like that- I know I would be annoyed by it in a primary bathroom.

  17. Thanks for sharing the inspiration! I wouldn’t say it’s exactly my style, but it might be a good idea for our bathroom. A previous owner put in a vanity that covers 2/3 the heating vent near the baseboards which leaves the cupboard toasty and the room cold! A floating vanity would enable us to keep the vent clear but not sacrifice counter space we’d lose if we just installed a pedestal sink.

  18. These seem like a very fleeting trend to me. I don’t like sacrificing storage or creating a cavity where dust bunnies can more easily breed, and I think it looks much better with very modern linear shapes and terrible with traditional paneled cabinetry. Reminds me of the 80s somehow, which doesn’t have to be bad but let’s be honest it usually is. :) I say skip and go for more timeless and more storage and less floor space to mop up! Probably better to avoid these for resale value too if you care about that; full length vanities will be less controversial to picky buyers.

  19. I loved all these images so gorge!! I don’t know why , but the first thing I think of they look like a restaurant, or fabulous hotel. Don’t get me wrong I would take any of these chic bathrooms- but they don’t seem like a home bathroom to me? I guess that is just changing trends!

  20. I have been designing similar type of bathroom vanities for years for commercial spaces for handicap accessibility. I LOVE these looks in a modern space. But for my own home, I still prefer the converted dresser trend, a bit more homey. Practical towel storage is always a challenge. Thanks for sharing.

  21. LOVE them! And love your blog. Why are some of your readers nasty?! Don’t read it then, good grief! You do great work and I follow you every day!

  22. It’s funny these are so common over here in Australia! A great way to make a bathroom seem more spacious. If you have the space you make them as wide as possible and still get a lot of storage. Certainly makes the room look more sleek

  23. I agree with Andy. I see a lot of these bathrooms in Italy, in modern and more traditional homes.

    I like the airiness and storage doesn’t seem to be an issue. Maybe because in general people here have less “stuff”?

  24. Erin, I did this style in both my bathrooms remodels and love the way they turned out. My feeling is I will fill as many drawers as you give me .

    1. Totally agree. I share a tiny vanity (in a tiny bathroom) with my husband, and it’s not ideal storage-wise but we make it work. Nearly all of these gorgeous vanities would provide MORE storage than I have! I like (most of the time) being forced to de-clutter often.

  25. Love it! Just built a home and did this in our master. Did not loose space, and definitely gained ‘spaciousness.’ The illusion it provides of more square footage in the bathroom is undeniable. I clean my own home…with seven children, two dogs and a husband and the extra minute it adds to sweet and mop on my hands and knees is totally worth it. Didn’t know I was on the cutting edge of design! :-)

  26. I ADORE floating vanities. I appreciate a freestanding legged vanities too but the floating versions are another fresh alternative especially those the cabinet styles that also provide storage for toiletries. Beautiful inspiration, thanks for the mention !

  27. I feel like my cat would really enjoy camping out below any of these sinks, lol!

    I love the idea with some designs, but with others, I don’t really feel it suits the style. I love the first photo you shared for instance, but the second one, since the design is a bit more traditional, I don’t think the floating vanity works well.

    Anyway! Very cool trend spot nonetheless.

  28. I must say you have designed and arranged some attractive ideas and resources on floating vanities idea. This is excellent work. Go forward and let us learn the things.

  29. We have had floating vanities for many years. I love the sense of space that is created in what is a busy little room generally.
    Never had dust bunnies.
    We have a big drawer in each of them that I use little caddies to organize all of our “stuff”. Plenty of room. As someone else wrote, if you give me more storage, I will fill it up :)
    I like the clean. streamlined minimal look of them.

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