My Favorite Baby Gear


I’ve had a bunch of people ask about what baby gear I settled on for Henry so here’s a round up of some of the things we have found to be great for us in our new adventure as parents! Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

  1. We have two strollers currently- this one, the Stokke Trailz, we leave together in the garage that is great for running errands on foot and long walks around the pond by our house.  This one has a smooth ride (air filled tires), a HUGE basket and an amazingly plush bassinet Henry loved.  I adore the style kit we got (shown here) with the tumbling blocks pattern that jazzes up the seat and makes it look different from any other stroller on the sidewalk!
  2. We also have to carriers, this wrap one by Solly Baby lulls Henry to sleep in a flash and allows me to be active around the house.  I have this polka dot one, but love the stripes too!
  3. We have a veritable collection on every Wubanub out there at our house- it’s like a modern mom’s beanie baby collection. He took to these right away and they are easy to find in my diaper bag.
  4. I LOOOOOVE my 7am Enfant cozy stroller blanket-pod thingy!  I used it in the bassinet and now on the stroller seat itself.  You can also unzip just the front and put it on the car seat without interfering with the safety straps.
  5. The playmat of all playmats- Henry is OBSESSED with this Mamas & Papas one. It plays music and has colored lights that flash when he kicks the dangling tabs or foot panel.  He gets a little baby workout on this every day- and it’s not heinous either, it has some black and white stripes and polka dots- right up my alley.
  6. & 10.- The best nursing bras- one without underwire that is SO comfy but yet supportive and one with underwire but pretty lace and only $17!
  7. I was skeptical about the Baby Shusher but it WORKS.  It produces the “shhhhhh” noise which totally soothes Henry if he’s fussy.
  8. I registered for another carrier and it turns out I hate it and Henry hates it. So we got the classic Baby Bjorn and we both adore it.
  9. Every mom I know told me I had to have multiples of this Fisher Price Rock-n-Play thing. Little did I know how RIGHT they all were! Henry sleeps in one next to our bed and we have another one in the living room (and another at Nana’s house…) Best. Thing. Ever.
  10. See 6.
  11. The best, best milk storage bags for pumping breastmilk. You just need the right adapters for your pump, screw these right onto the shields! So much easier to handle, freeze and store.
  12. The Puj tub– a soft foam sink insert great for bathing newborns in a small bathroom sink!
  13. & 18.  We’ve settled onto these Avent bottles and Nuk bottles as Henry seems to like them best (we also have a few Dr. Browns he also takes well).
  14. My favorite set of swaddles– thick enough to keep him snug but breathable too. And ADORABLE patterns in this set.
  15. When I had mastitis we had to supplement a little with formula and got this genius thing- the Baby Brezza– which is basically a baby Keurig. :)  Makes the perfect bottle at 98 degrees in seconds! We don’t use it much now, but when I wean Henry this will be KEY.
  16. This is the fastest bottle warmer-it takes a while to figure it out but every second counts when you have a fussy baby that needs a bottle warmed up!
  17. Our nanny bought these bibs for Henry and they are genius. Stretchy with no snaps or velcro that stay comfortably close tot he neck to protect cute outfits from all the spit up babies produce (SO. MUCH. SPIT UP)
  18.  See 13.
  19. The Nuna Leaf– a great little swing chair that Henry is very happy in!  We added the toy bar too for entertainment.  I’d like one in my size, please.
  20. We use the Nuna Mixx as our “keep in the trunk” stroller.  Perfect for traveling as it’s very lightweight for a substantial stroller and works perfectly with our carseat for easy adventuring- but is also a quick, one piece fold with the seat on it too which will be great when he’s a toddler!  And it also has a generous basket, which is important to me.
  21. Our car seat- the Nuna Pipa.  SO highly recommended and light (for a car seat- all of them feel heavy to me!) And Henry will sleep in it for hours once settled in.
  22. I love this no-wash Mustela cleansing liquid for quick clean ups ( with a soft cotton pad–and it smells so good too) and their body and hair wash.
  23. The Skiphop diaper clutch is AWESOME for making any bag a diaper bag- neatly contains your diapers, wipes, small diaper creams and folds out into a changing pad. Genius.
  24. For my everyday diaper bag I am using this Tory Burch crossbody bag– it’s not huge, so best for single babies, but has so many great pockets and is comfortable to wear.  Plus the leather whip stitching on the edge is cool.

I plan on also doing posts of my favorite baby clothes and stylish diaper bags in the coming weeks.  But if there is anything else you’d like to see please let me know!


  1. Thanks for sharing and it’s been great seeing all of the baby items/maternity you have received and use. I would really like to see a post on how you plan on donating the baby items /maternity clothing after you are done with them as there are many less fortunate who need baby clothing and gear and no don’t have the luxury of receiving multiple expensive items (sorry). In addition since you have many loyal followers it will inspire others to give back and how to give back as well. A lot of times we don’t know *how* to donate our old baby clothing and gear and it doesn’t get donated. You could make a huge difference with just one post.

    1. I agree! I love that some bloggers use the items they are “gifted” to help people in need – more should do it.

      1. I am not a blogger, but I recently got rid of a lot of baby/maternity stuff. Some I gave to friends who were having kids. Some I was able to sell or give away through Facebook mom groups and virtual garage sale groups (I think that these are fairly common in many communities). I also found several great consignment stores that will take toys/gear/clothing and resell it for less than retail and you also get a cut of the money when it sells. Consignment is usually geared toward more high-end brands/items that are in very good shape, but I think it’s a great way for people on any sort of budget to get quality items and not break the bank. And finally, there’s always Goodwill! You may have to check what your local Goodwill or Salvation Army will or will not take, but they will always take clothes and toys, and you can get a tax write-off. I hope those suggestions help!

    2. Rebecca- I will look into good places to donate baby goods and report back. I have a ton of newborn diapers I cant use and am looking for a women’s shelter to donate them too along with baby clothes that are too small.

      1. Donating or reselling is great when you’re certain that you’re done with the baby years, but Erin may have more babies and need to use all of this again even after Henry outgrows them. Don’t feel pressured to donate the items until you’re sure you’re done with them!!! :)

      2. In Boston, I donate to Room to Grow, which is an organization that helps disadvantaged mothers of babies through 3yos get on their feet. There is a NY location as well. It seems like a great organization. I call when I’m 5 minutes away and they send people down to take my donations…

    3. Rebecca, I agree with you that many of the items here are EXTREMELY pricey. I’ve been really enjoying the new parenting posts but, as a first time mom-to-be, I just don’t find many items on this list that I would be able to afford. I thought my Baby Jogger was a real splurge, but I think the strollers on this list total around $2,000 alone!

      I, too, hope the items are regifted or donated; they could make a big difference (Especially the multiples!).

      1. Wow, so much judgement here ladies. I recognize some stuff is on the expensive side for sure, but not everything is. Everything is used a ton and we will store it in case we decide to have another we will use everything for that child too- and then donate it. I’m just sharing what works for us and it makes me sad that I feel like people are judging me based on my strollers.

      2. I don’t think people are judging you on your strollers per se, just gently pointing out that a lot of your items aren’t affordable for most moms/families and so passing on “nicer” items like these would be very helpful to those who struggle to make ends meet.

      3. I saw the judgment coming through too, and sometimes I wonder how you manage to put yourself out there repeatedly Erin when you’re bound to get some snarky comments (not referring specifically to comments in this thread since they don’t seem particularly snarky, more “miffed” that some of Erin’s most loved items are pricey). The post is called “My favorite baby gear” and she never promised or implied that the items on her list are inexpensive. If you can’t afford her favorite stroller then there’s a simple solution – don’t buy it! And for what it’s worth, I’m not sure Erin or anyone else needs to be told (gently or otherwise) that it’s a good idea to donate items. That seems fairly obvious compared to the alternative of putting them in the trash. This reminds of when you did your bathroom reveal Erin – some posters were miffed that your items weren’t within their budget. I suppose you can’t win sometimes!

      4. Thank you Nancy. I just had my baby 8 weeks ago so why is everyone talking about how I should donate my stuff? I don’t know if I’m going to have another so I will be keeping it in case we do. This whole donation thing is another way of saying I “shouldn’t” have all this stuff and is a product of jealousy. I need to have baby gear for my own baby, I use it (it’s not sitting in boxes in my garage) and yes, some of it is very nice and yes, someone else will benefit when I’m done with it and donate it all. But until then, I wish people would refrain from the underhanded comments.

      5. Erin- my post was nice (no judgment, snark, or miff)…. complimenting your blogging and the things that you post. I have been reading your blog almost every morning for 6+ years. please do not be “sad” over someone asking you to do a post about giving baby gear and maternity wear to those in need and to encourage your readers to do the same. It seems you and some others missed the point which IS sad.

        When i lived in Boston i volunteered at Cradles to Crayons…its wonderful.

      6. Erin–Thank you for this post. I’m due in June and found your post very helpful. I’m not sure why anyone cares so much as to what you plan to do with your baby items/maternity clothes when they are no longer useful to you. I highly doubt you will simply toss them in the trash and am certain you will donate them. Nothing anyone needs to worry over. I didn’t find a single one of your items overly expensive. They are very comparable to many things I have looked at already. It’s sad that people feel the need to pass judgment on you. Thanks again for the post!

      7. I was actually pleased that some items you posted are lower in cost than the ones I picked for my registry (your bottle warmer, for example). I’m due in March and it’s super helpful to hear from new moms about the products that have worked best for them. I’m sure that, like me, you put a lot of work into researching and selecting the items you will use for your baby. Baby gear is astonishingly expensive and I hope to use mine for two or three children before selling or donating once I’m SURE that I’m done with them. I was very torn between the Nuna Pipa carseat (due to the low weight) and the Uppababy Mesa. I went with the Mesa because I found it a little bit easier to remove from the base when we tested them. So many products to choose from is overwhelming! Thanks for sharing and keep the baby posts coming!

  2. Thanks! I’m on baby #2 and still like to know what’s new and great! Can you post the link to the underwire nursing bra? Thanks!

  3. Even though my babies are bigger kids now, it is fun to remember the baby years vicariously through you :-) The slings, Bjorn & Ergo were some of our most well-loved & useful items.

  4. I say this with love, you are totally that State Farm commercial. “I’m never moving to the suburbs..” Cue the suburbs. “I’m not having a baby” cue baby. “I’m not turning my blog into a baby blog” cue the roundup. It’s amusing, but happy to see you evolving and happy!

  5. An under-wire nursing bra sounds like a recipe for disaster! My lactation consultant was adamant that I avoid underwires while nursing to help prevent blocked ducts/mastitis. It is so much prettier than the usual nursing bra though!

    1. I switched to underwire nursing bras without issue after about 10 weeks – it just depends on how well they fit you. I loved the Anita brand (available via Amazon) and they weren’t hideous!

    2. I was getting blocked ducts even from too-tight nursing tanks early on! but now that things have leveled off (3.5 months pp) i can wear the tight tanks and underwire again, but agree that the first couple months it could cause some issues…

      Erin – love the entire list! And thank GOD for the Rock n Play, both of my babies love it and sleep SO WELL in it!

    3. When I went back to work around 12 weeks PP, I bought a couple Anita underwire nursing bras. They’re not pretty, but they’re the best bras I’ve ever owned. The underwire is positioned in a way that doesn’t press on milk ducts very much, and they got great reviews online. I only had clogged ducts once or twice, and never anywhere due to the underwire, and I never had mastitis. Some women need more support than a stretchy nursing bra, and there are some great options out there. They’re more expensive than a $17 Target bra, but they’re better than looking frumpy or having your boobs graze your belly button all day, every day for two years (or however long you nurse).

      1. I haven’t had any issues with the underwire yet! I switch day to day from non underwire to underwire though. Hopefully won’t be an issue!

  6. Hey Erin, thanks for posting. I really enjoy your blog and your baby-related posts. I have a 7-month old and I am always on the lookout for recommendations regarding baby gear. We received the Baby Brezza when my son was born. Since I was unable to breastfeed I was very excited about this product. We put it together EXACTLY PER INSTRUCTIONS ( I am very type-A and my husband is a mechanical engineer) and set it up for the exact formula we were using. After using it for a bit we realized that it was not mixing the correct ratio of formula and water as moisture from the water “swirling” was causing the formula to cake in the dispenser. This was not readily noticeable at first (especially at 3 AM). As soon as I had my suspicions, I mixed a bottle by hand and compared it to a Brezza bottle and sure enough the Brezza bottle was watered down. This may be a machine-by-machine (or formula brand) issue, as I know that many folks do not have problems and love it. However, I just wanted to relay our personal experience. We do have the Baby Brezza bottle sterilizer / dryer that I love and use everyday. Thanks again for the post and I look forward to more!

    1. We had the same issue with our Brezza, and to be honest, I’m not sure how that product passes quality checks in production. It repeatedly clogs, and then dispenses the wrong ratio of formula to water. Excess water can be a really serious issue for newborns so it’s really disgraceful that this product is still on the market. We returned ours to Target for a refund, and not shockingly, were not the first to complain. All of your other recos are great, Erin :)

  7. I know that request might be super specific to me (as we are expecting our first in 3.5 weeks!!!) but I was wondering if you could possibly do a quick follow up of things you brought in your “jam bag”? Or anything you brought that you didn’t think you would use that you were thankful that you had? Anything that you should have left at home? My hospital requires for me to stay at least delivery plus two nights. I have absolutely no idea what I am in for so any honest advice would be greatly appreciated!

      1. This! I looked through all the comments on that post and made a list of things to bring. I would love a follow up!

    1. I have also been referencing your Jam Bag post and am finally packed with just two weeks to go! That post has been one of my favorites among the endless supply of hospital bag posts available online.

  8. I love seeing what other moms find useful! I’m not planning on having any more, but this makes me nostalgic! also – the skip hop diaper clutch is the one thing I tell ALL my friends to get (and usually buy for them). I still use mine and my “baby” is 1 1/2! Have fun with that precious little boy – it goes so fast (says every parent ever, but its so true!).

      1. i got a becco (after using a friend’s ergo for a year). it’s recommended for tall ladies (i’m 5’10”) but i really think that it requires breaking in…mine hurt my shoulders after 5 min whereas i climbed the alps (literally) wearing the ergo. after about a month in, i’m finally comfy in the becco.

        anyway, glad you like the bjorn- for those who try the becco i think give it some time, if you’re willing.

      2. I’m 5’9″ and it not O lay hurts my back but the straps seem like they are right in Henry’s face (as a newborn). Am saving to see as a toddler if it’s better?

      3. Hey Erin! I’ve been a long time follower of your blog, and just happen to work for Beco Baby Carrier. We’re bummed to hear that it’s not exactly working out for you – can we do anything to help you and Henry get a better fit? (Ps it’s a Liz Lemon Double Hitler world out there… GODSPEED.)

    1. Loved our Beco Gemini, and I know a lot of other moms who did too. Funny how everything is totally subjective, both to mom and babies.

  9. That Target nursing bra is so cute . But anybody know where the skinny , busty ladies are buying their bras? I’m currently rocking a 32DDD (a.k.a. 32F).

    1. The Anita nursing bras come in large cup sizes, but I’m not sure about small band/large cup sizes. I got mine at Nordstrom, so you could check out their website.

      1. Yes! I’m a former Nordstrom bra fitter and this is great advice….they also turn any bra into a Masectomy bra.
        Natori, and Anita are both great nursing bras for a smaller band, larger cup.

    2. I had to go to Lady Grace to get my massive boobies bras once my milk came in. (34H here) and they are not as pretty as the bras Erin posted, but I will tell you that my back pain went away once I go them. And they were under wire too, and I never had an issue. Bring nipple pads when trying on bras, so you dont leak on the merchandise *wink*.

    1. Henry sleeps in the Rock and Play and the leaf chair we use more during the day when we need a place to put him down for a bit but he is awake.

    1. YES! Can we please have the correct link to the Tory bag? Thank you :) LOVE your list! I’ve been trying to creep on all your instagrams and figure out what was what, helpful to have in one place. Due in June :)

  10. It’s so hurtful to make someone feel bad for what they chose to purchase for their child, wether it’s more expensive (that’s relative by the way) or less expensive. Erin, I suspect you may have fewer items of high quality and that alone keeps costs down and stuff that lasts will get used again; either by you, a family member, or someone in need!

    I love these selections and I was excited to see a round up of new ideas even though I’ve already had two kids! My third was born Sunday night and I’m hoping the Rock N’ Play is the secret to sleep!!

    1. I agree completely! What’s up with all of the mom shaming? It’s so incredibly sad to read. Blogs are OPTIONAL to read. If people so passionately disagree why don’t they just move on instead of publicly jabbing? It certainly says more about them than the subject they are addressing. Bravo to Erin for staying transparent despite people constantly cutting her down.

  11. Thanks for sharing this list- I’ve been looking forward to seeing this!!! We are expecting our first in May and I have loved following along with you and adorable Henry. Is the solly baby wrap pretty easy to use?we have a friend that swears by it, but It looks a little intimidating and I’m just imagining myself getting tangled or stuck.

    1. I am due in June, and my sister got me a Solly wrap for Christmas. It did feel a little tricky, but we practiced with my yorkie (who seems to LOVE being worn!) and after watching the video a few times it actually seemed very intuitive. Plan on practicing again once due date is sooner :)

    2. Check! She mentions the Solly wrap a lot and uses it frequently (she’s a mother of three). Lots of good gear ideas there too and mostly really affordable stuff.

      1. It’s tricky at first and then after a few times you will be a pro at it! Takes practice for sure!!!

  12. Hi Erin – just came across your blog and love it! Love Mom’s supporting one another! I’m expecting baby #2 in March and love love love seeing which products work for other Moms – regardless of price point…it’s great to hear about and try out new products ;) Love your list… and by the way, Henry is an awesome name (also the name of my son ;) Thanks for the suggestions and hope you’re enjoying every moment with your little one.

    1. I have never commented before – but have read your blog for years. I am horrified by some of the above comments. You are a brand new mom! As if that wasn’t hard enough…. As a working new mom of an 11 month old boy, I know how hard and amazing this first year is! I just wanted to show my support.

  13. The little guy is just a couple of months old! But I don’t know why everyone is surprised by the pricey goods. Most of the items featured on this blog are higher end goods that cost more. That’s fine, my biggest gripe is the constant hustling. Affiliate links in the baby’s birth story for gods sake. I understand this blog is a major source of revenue for Erin, but it just feels like a disingenuous way of profiting off of this new chapter in life.

    1. I read blogs instead of buying magazines and fully expect blogs to be monetized one way or another these days. Should bloggers be volunteering? I imagine creating content takes considerable time and unless they are compensated for it, no one would do it! I’m not a blogger BTW just a fan of them and completely realistic that people should make money off of something I enjoy on a daily basis.

      1. I think how readers feel about affiliate and sponsored stuff is important. I don’t mind affiliate stuff if it’s not all the time (not saying Erin does that, before anyone jumps on me). I do think bloggers should explicitly state when there are affiliate links/sponsored posts. I love the way Cup of Jo does it – something along the lines of “thank you for supporting the brands that support Cup of Jo”.

        Decor8 had a really good post recently about how audiences are reading fewer and fewer blogs these days, because readers are becoming very tired/wary of sites that rely or focus too much on sponsored content or dislike how it’s done. And she runs blogging workshops, so her data is curent and accurate. So, as I said, I think it’s important feedback.

  14. This list is awesome, thanks for posting it! I am overwhelmed at how many choices there are for everything baby-related. It’s good to know what has worked and what hasn’t. Keep on posting these updates as Henry grows and you discover new things that help you out. If it’s helping you, it will most likely help others as well!

    Please don’t stop posting things because someone leaves an idiotic comment on how you should or shouldn’t do things. This is YOUR blog and I love it. Part of what makes it great is that you put yourself out there and I can relate. And your love of leopard print. That’s also great.

  15. Hi Erin… great post! My twins are a half dozen months ahead of Henry but I still love reading about what products you are enjoying. I wish I could unsee the previous comments I just read. It is so odd that people read your blog for your opinions and curated item posts , but then comment that the items you pick, and use, are too expensive or whatever. I am sure that, like me, you were in utter shock when you saw the prices of certain baby gear!! It is shocking, but, like you, we ended up splurging on some key items, like strollers, and I don’t regret it one bit. Just as with everything else in life, there are a million different products at different price ranges. I’m so glad you found baby products that you and Henry enjoy!! I would love to see a post on toy storage options.

    BTW – #9 is key! I tell every new mom I now to get a few of these and they all look at me like I’m crazy. But they’re the best and you can move them around your house!! :)

  16. Thank you so much for this great comprehensive list. My niece is due in June and I am so out of it when it comes to the “equipment” . I will send it to her to check out, and now I know some great gear to give. Can’t wait to see your other posts…when I had my shop, we did really well with baby gifts…especially plush and books….interested to see what you like!

  17. Erin, you’re doing such a great job balancing being a new mom, going back to work, and keeping up your blog which we know is a creative outlet for you! Thanks for being so honest and forthcoming about your experiences, and for sharing what works for you and your family; I’m expecting in the summer and I really value your advice. We all know you work your buns off for your clients and to provide us with wonderful, entertaining content and the success you’ve achieved is impressive and a real inspiration to me, so thank you!

  18. Jeesh. Some women are d*cks. Your blog is amazing. Henry is mesmerizing. Thanks for continuing to share and inspire.

  19. Love your post and so many of your items are my “tried and true” as well! One thing that was a total lifesaver with nursing was the Dairy Fairy all-in-one bra I LOVE it and is one of the most comfortable bras I’ve EVER owned and doesnt require you to have to put on and take off a corset hands-free bra. They always have coupon codes too if you just google it and they also make them as camis which I found especially nice for the winter. Henry is beautiful and keep up the good work – it is a balancing act!

  20. I think the key with the Brezza (a lifesaver for me) is to clean it regularly, something I wasn’t doing until I had a few episodes of the spout clogging. Just keep your eye on each bottle and make sure there is nothing left in the spout/nozzle once the bottle has been made. That machine is genius, my son is on Nutramigen (lactose free), and we could not make a clump free bottle to save our lives until we got the Brezza. Good luck!

  21. My only child is 10, and I my mind is totally blown by the idea of the “baby Keurig.” That’s so cool! Please don’t feel any pressure to donate Henry’s stuff yet. That’s such a weird thing for people to suggest to a parent of a newborn. It’s like telling someone to take the brand new couch they just bought and are sitting on constantly to goodwill. What in the world…

  22. Thanks for the list, Erin. I have a three year old and have some of these things, but a few great additions for our baby #2 expected this summer. A couple things I loved that you didn’t mention: the swaddle sacks that velcro close, so they can’t wiggle out of a swaddle at night time. I also loved the Mamaroo, but I think your Nuna Leaf is basically the same thing just a newer version. I also swore by the totally outdated “Happiest Baby on the Block DVD” to sooth my little guy when fussy.

      1. I saw several comments in your Jam Bag post about the SwaddleMe Swaddle Pods. Have you tried that? I’d love to hear how the Halo Sleepsack compares. I’m seriously building my Baby Registry around your posts and comments!

  23. Thank you for sharing these recommendations. Erin, you are someone who I think is super stylish and I really value your opinion on these baby items. I can’t wait to buy similar products for my future babies. No one else should tell you what to do with the items YOU purchased as a result of YOUR OWN hard work. It’s honestly crazy. (Long time reader, first time commenter.)

  24. Just a tiny warning: Keep an eye on the back of Henry’s head. It gets flat more easily on one side sleeping in the Rock n Play. (Because it cups the entire back of their head versus a firm mattress or bed). I know that sleeping in the Rock n Play and being in the swing so much is why my son had to have a helmet later. But he did constantly look to one side more.

    It’s just not something you’d think of. ‘Flat head syndrome’ is more common now with back sleeping. Hope the advice doesn’t come across as annoying!

  25. Just passing this tip along in case it’s helpful to anyone … you don’t have to warm the bottles as babies are just as happy to take them straight from the fridge. I learned this from Dr. Spock 34 years ago and it was one of the best pieces of advice because it was one less thing I had to worry about, especially at 2 am. My daughter, who has a 6 month old and is still nursing, feeds her son bottles straight from the fridge and he has never complained once ;) Too busy drinking.

  26. Ah, this post made me sad! We have 4 kiddos and are done-zo. I miss baby gear… so fun to shop for. I actually showed my husband the twist milk storage bags and said, “We need to have another baby just so I can use those!” He disagreed. ;)

  27. Erin thanks for sharing what works for you! Please continue to keep sharing your personal anecdotes! As my husband and I continue to struggle with infertility, your personal story and ultimate baby triumph have helped me way more than I can ever put into words. I’m rarely a blog commenter, but I feel really compelled to thank you for sharing so freely. I know it’s hard, especially with a lot of varying opinions. But thank you, truly! You do you, girlfriend. Internet high five. -AP

  28. Where did you get a changing table pad? And have you found a cute cover to go over the changing table pad?

  29. Thank you so much for sharing your recs! I’m due in June and found this list very helpful! Can’t wait for your next round of recs for clothing, etc.

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