Fashion Friday: Dressing HEnry

To say I’m having fun dressing Henry would be a vast understatement. I can’t even imagine if I had had a girl- I’d be teetering on bankruptcy, no doubt. But there are still lots of fun clothes for tiny fellas (teeny tiny blazers make me weak in the knees).  A lot of people have asked on Instagram for my favorite places to shop for Henry and so here we go!  Like everything else,  I approach it with a high/low attitude.  The bulk of his clothes come from affordable sources and I spurge now and then on things that really make me squeal (after all, it took us so much to get this baby and so I tell myself it’s okay to spend $60 on a baby t-shirt if I want to, which I KNOW is ridiculous!!!)   It’s so easy to get carried away- case in point:

“That Henry, he’s so hot right now” said in my best Zoolander voice
Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 6.42.29 AM Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 6.42.09 AM

(sheet from Rikshaw Design– striped shirt from Zara (no longer available-similar here) and sweater from Gap Kids (also gone), jeans from Old Navy)

Brands I Shop the Most:

Carter’s (most of Henry’s pajamas- also great basics)

Old Navy (basics, jeans, trendy outfits & accessories for less- 40% off all baby & kids today)

GapKids (all. the. things. 40% off all baby & kids here today too! Ruh-roh)

H&M (50% of Henry’s wardrobe- stylish, affordable, well made)

Zara (baby “high fashion” at lower prices)

Magnificent Baby (amazing onesies that close with magnets- awesome for bleary-eyed middle of the night changes!)

Some current closet faves:

I saw this Jacadi striped shirt and reversible puffer vest at Bloomies and freeeeeaked my face off. And it’s French, so that just sealed the deal. Jeans are Imps & Elf and booties are GapKids (but not available anymore- similar here)

Mac & Mia is a subscription kids clothing service where every month you get a box of goodies and keep what you want and return what you don’t! They sent Henry this AMAZING outfit with items from brands like Egg by Susan Lazar (a fave of mine) and the Imps & Elf jeans shown above and below.  I bought those baby Converse when I was pregnant and while they still don’t fit Henry, I can’t wait to see him in them!


I order a TON of his stuff from H&M Kids, as I said. Like, a ton.  I love the H&M Conscious onesies and basics but they also have some adorable fashion-y things too!  These are a couple of items I just picked up : star jumpsuit, henley, car onesie, army sweatpants (sold out).


Who says babies can’t wear black?  These insanely soft pieces from Nununu are super hip, adorable and somehow smell SO SO SO amazing. And the scent stays even after washing. It’s incredible- I want to just stuff my face in them on the daily. Skull suit, dot suit, star pants.


I mean, come on. :)

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 6.42.19 AM

And stripes. SO. MANY. STRIPES.  From anywhere and everywhere. Ralph Lauren, Splendid and Polarn O. Pyret  (LOVE this brand- as well as Hanna Andersson)


Like myself, I don’t dress Henry in ONE style.  One day a black skull onesie the next stripes and overalls. :)  Here are two looks I’m loving for him right now.


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. (bandana bibs- genius!) // 9. // 10. // 11.


  1. I’m only slightly embarrased to say I pinned a couple of those looks for me to copy in my size. Henry looks like he loves the attention. Probably because Mommy is smiling like a crazy lady about how adorable he looks.

    And he does look adorable.

  2. A few months ago, I’d probably have skipped this post but now I have a boy grandchild due in May and I’m so happy to have a bunch of great sources for great clothes ! I see bankruptcy in my future! First grandchild is going to be SPOILED! Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. One of the first posts I read on your site was on trying to get Andrew to wear stripes. This, I thought, is my kind of girl.
    Henry is adorable and looks fabulous in stripes (and skulls :)
    Sooo cute!

  4. What a cutie! Thanks for the great links for clothing for boys. Other favorites of mine — Tea and Mini Boden. Comfortable, cute, and long-lasting.

  5. You should check out a brand called Mini Mioche. A Canadian, mostly organic brand with some ridiculously cute pieces. The basics and onesies are amazing. I dress my 2 year old in their stuff head to toe most days. An even bigger bargain for you, as the Canadian dollar is low, so you’ll be saving money by ordering from Canada. Can’t go wrong, Erin! Henry is one cute, stylish little boy. Enjoy him!

  6. I have a 5.5yr old Boy, and almost 3yr old girl. And while girl clothes are to.die.for (especially Infant clothes!), boys can be such a blast too. I fall HARD for preppy boy in jeans, stripes & a puffer vest. Although, enjoy it now while he wears whatever you put him in, and then get ready to write off the 2 & 3yr old years where they’re as picky as an 8th grade girl who has “NOTHING TO WEAR!!!” and you send him to preschool in camo shorts and a spiderman t-shirt when it’s 38 degrees outside because you’re just done fighting the fight. #naturalconsequences Not to fear, 4-5yr olds will come back to the light and wear cute outfits you can pick out together. :-)

  7. I have three son’s and I use to love to dress them up, so fun, but I was always amazed at the size of the boys department compared to the boys department. Boys like to look good too. Maybe you should design a new boys clothing line, a new adventure for you!!! Love all the stripes, my favorite look.
    Happy Weekend,

  8. Those teeney boat shoes! Dying!

    Thank goodness you had this baby, now I can save my embarrassing squealing over tiny baby clothes for the privacy of my own home.

  9. Check out Mini Boden too. Great quality and the company is a partner of Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign.

  10. Some other brands you may like are Mini Boden and Janie & Jack. I could go all day about dressy Southern baby clothes, but those may not be up your alley…but you might take a look at Little English, which is a beautiful Southern brand that’s classic and not too over the top old fashioned.

  11. Henry looks like he is happy happy being the focus of Momma’s attention, even if it does mean modeling his vast wardrobe! So much fun with so many really cute choices!
    He’s such a great trouper!

  12. IMPS & ELFS my favorite brand for my boys! Seriously I have a ton and spent way too much. Gap is great as well, as is Boden when they begin walking. Have fun, baby clothes are my weakness too!

  13. Mini Boden and Tea Collection make really cute baby and kids clothes for boys and girls! Two of my favorite brands!

  14. He’s so cute – he always has a smile on his face! I remember when my first son was a baby – my mom went crazy shopping for him (which I am thankful for!). We loved to go to Norstrom to get him cute things. It always blew my mind at how the boys’ section was about 1/5 the size of the girls’ section!

    15 years later, and we aren’t buying Elefantin shoes and john johns and monogrammed clothes. I have three boys and their clothes come from Costco and Target, and they couldn’t care less! I loved the days of dressing them up cute, now t-shirts and athletic pants are all they’ll wear!

  15. Very cute. I must say little babies are not so comfy in jeans. And most important, you should consider putting onsies on your baby. Its best that their backs and bellies stay covered, especially when they’re that small and living in frigid weather.

  16. Baby Henry is just darling — what a sweet, expressive little face! Have fun dressing him, Erin. Thanks to your impeccable taste, he is as stylish as his beautiful mama!

  17. Hi Erin! Henry is just so adorable but I’m starting to get confused about the main direction of your blog. I completely understand baby overload for a first time mom. And I have loved seeing Henry and your new life. But is your blog now going away from design. It just doesn’t feel like a design blog anymore. That’s fine, but would love a blog post about it! Look to Lauren Liss–her blog always feels like a desin blog first and she does an exceptional job of creating that balance. (And she has 4 kids !).

    1. Hi Laura,

      It’s Fashion Friday, as it has always been on her blog. Style translates to baby clothes, too. This is also a lifestyle blog; Erin has shared many things about her personal life on here. Having a baby is a huge deal, especially for a first-time mom. Many other style and design bloggers do it, too. Have you seen Emily Hendersons blog? Brooklyn Limestone? House Tweaking? House of Smiths? Smitten Studio? Let her do her thing, don’t be critical, and cut her some slack.

      1. Laura-
        My blog has always been lifestyle oriented, never just interiors. And Fridays have always been fashion related. That said, having a baby is all consuming and this blog is reflection of whats going on in my life so naturally that is going to be part of it now. But last week was all interior design posts- so I don’t think this blog is changing all that much. I plan to keep blogging about what interests me on all fronts- including my son, baby stuff, fashion, design, pop culture, etc.

    2. I just wanted to point out that Lauren Liess posts only once a week, sometimes only twice a month. Erin posts every single day of the week. I think that changes the dynamic of the posts; Lauren catches up on lots of different things in a single post since she is an infrequent blogger, where Erin makes each post a single topic because of her frequent blogging. Both of these ladies are awesome and it’s fun to see how different people incorporate their design sensibility into their everyday lives.

  18. miniboden never wear out! even during crawling years….I’ve even bought boden on ebay with confidence it will still be in great condition…..Zulily sells Hanna Andersson (best jammies ever) at great prices- set up an alert for the brand- but carters jammies and onesies are great for the diaper years- someone gave me a tip to get all sleeping suits, socks and onesies in white ( along with bibs towels and burbing cloths)- means you can toss them all in the same load of laundry and bleach if necessary – you don’t have to match socks either if they are all the same brand and white is suitable for your little girl next time :) ….Zulily also sell obermeyer at huge discounts if you are spending any time in the snow they have great styles-that you can extend as they grow and the all in one suits are so so easy in the snow- my six year old little guy still prefers an all in one- speaking of snow my kids live in Bogs on their feet and they never wear out either- also just pull on and go….and I’ve seen some very tempting European kids clothes on Gilt… mentioned before Tea also has some cute edgy clothes for boys……

    1. PS -Old Soles make the best all leather pre walker shoes-the best quality and no outgassing like some shoes- leather like butter! I think it’s sourced in Brazil- I liked them better than Robeez……you can find them on zappos – I had the baby lace up converse too- but after trying to gently coerce them on pudgy baby feet and see them kicked off in an instant, they soon became a baby momento in my family…..

  19. That is one cute kid. As the besotted Nonny of a 9 month old grandson I agree that it’s a blast shopping for little boys. My little guy lives in Europe so I am forced to limit my purchases. I bought him several Hanna Anderson one pieces for Christmas and almost every time we face time with him he’s wearing one of them, so they must be winners.

  20. Am i the only one lusting over the camel colored rug under the sheepskin rug you are displaying the clothing on? Lol – Love it! Is it an area rug? If so, where did you get it ?

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