Golden Globes Red Carpet Review

Last night I was contently watching the red carpet with Henry asleep on my chest and a glass of red wine in hand.  However, I did go to bed about 1/4 of the way through the telecast of the awards because when he konks out, I konk out. :)  But I of COURSE have some opinions on the fashion.  It was true mixed bag last night with some people who normally kill it making big mistakes and those I expect to show up looking crazy (or those I did not know) strutted in looking amazing!

Kirstan Dunst SLAYED it. Like, how good does she look? Way better than I’ve ever seen her.  It’s a lot of boob, but yet looks elegant and not skanky. And the makeup, hair and accessories are so on point.  I also LOVED Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s sparkly navy dress with the deep plunge, smoky eye and simple earrings. So gorgeous. Plus POCKETS, y’all.

3001693A00000578-3389353-image-a-542_1452481564446 jenna-dewan-drupal

However, what int he fresh hell was up with Channing’s boy band gone wrong hair???? And the goatee?  Which really I have no business knocking since I let Andrew rock a goatee for our WEDDING (ugggghhhh, what was I thinking?)  Anyway, I forgive him after seeing his Beyonce lip sync battle.  But just this once, Magic Mike. Just this once.

Laverne Cox- NAILED IT. Holy Hollywood, classic glamour. Those emerald earrings made it.


There was TONS of white- Lily James looked ethereal and lovely (but I hated the undone hair- looks like she just woke up). Saoirse Roanan had a similar look that was simple and graceful.

lily-james-drupal saorise-ronan-drupal_0

Ok, Alicia Vikander. When I first saw her I thought “it looks like she just baked some (very sexy) muffins and decided to come to the Globes”- and then as I watched her walk down the carpet I started liking it. On her tan,lithe frame it looks cool. On me, it would look like Betty Crocker had a serious break with reality and needed to be carted off to the psych ward.

30013A0900000578-3389353-image-a-151_1452469261986 1EB2D92D

OK, so Taraji P. Henson looks great in her Stella McCartney (the hair too messy for my taste though)- but did anyone see her posing live on the carpet? It was cringe-worthy.  I’m all for confidence, but it made me giggle.  It felt like she was trying out for America’s Next Top Model.


Queen Latifah looked awesome in the light blue number- love the beading placement and cut on her.  And Emmy Rossum went with old Hollywood glamour in this red column dress and classic diamond necklace. Very pretty- not earth shattering- but pretty.  Nothing wrong with that!

3001AC9C00000578-3389353-image-m-31_1452488746678 rs_634x1024-160110152556-634-Golden-Globe-Awards-emmy-rossum

Speaking of red dresses- I did like Jennifer Lawrence’s red cut our gown with the big diamond choker/scarf thingy.  Her hair and makeup were great and this color is SO good on her (remember the red Calvin Klein dress she wore right when she became famous?) And I ADORED Amy Adam in red- who says red-heads can’t wear red? This dress was so fun on her!  One of her best, I think!

rs_634x1024-160110165134-634-Golden-Globe-Awards-jennifer-lawrence amy-adams-drupal

Onto the golden girls- literally. Rosie Huntington-Whitley is NOT HUMAN. Look at her! Insanity!  You almost can;t look directly at her for fear of going blind, like an eclipse.  Brie Larsen shocked me with this choice- I pictured her in something more avant-garde and artsy.  I liked the color and concept, I just wish the top was not so droopy.  I wanted to reach through the TV and yank the top up for her.

3001450800000578-3389353-image-a-164_1452469764833 brie-larsen-drupal

Another big color of the night- marigold yellow.  And not surprisingly, on these two women with the perfect skin tone to pull it off.  They were a little too close for comfort (I bet J.Lo was hella PISSED).  Jenny from the Block also went a little over the top with tanner- but even Andrew said “she actually can pull that dress off!”

3001263F00000578-3389353-image-a-121_1452468576599 jennifer-lopez-drupal_0

Can I PLEASE be Helen Mirren when I’m older? PLEASE? She is so freaking fabulous I can’t stand it. This dress is perfect, as is the hair, necklace, everything (I feel like George in My Best Friend’s Wedding– “Love, the bag, love the shoes, love everything...”)  Also, Judith Light was cool as a cucumber in her ivory tux (wish I wish was less wrinkled but I dig the concept for a “woman of a certain age”.

3001A18F00000578-3389353-image-a-565_1452482028685 300103B400000578-3389353-image-a-107_1452491253072

I also liked Jamie Alexander’s green and black ballgown.  The top was a TAD too low for me, I was stressed about the strength of her double sided tape, but I liked that it was different.  And I have no clue who this Portia Doubleday is but I dig her disco ballgown (see what I did there? Clevvvaaaaahhhh)

30010A1600000578-3389353-image-a-89_1452467654535 portia-doubleday-drupal_0

Does anyone else feel like Kate Winslet has worn this dress to six other award shows? She looks gorgeous, becasue let’s face it- she is- but this wasn’t very exciting.

What was exciting was Jack and Rose both WINNING!!!!



You both are totes king of the world now.

OK, now to the bad. YAY.

I literally could not contain myself when Amy Schumer stepped onto the carpet.  What kind of JEssica McClintock prom nightmare did she snatch this out of? I mean, I LOVE Amy, but come on! She’s on fire right now so you know every designer wanted to dress her and this was her choice?  Was it a joke? Maybe it was a joke? One I do not get….


Also in the Holy Disappointment category is Olivia Palermo.  I would never  have thought she’d be on my worst dressed list as she is one of my fashion idols, but this was a huge misstep for her! So unflattering, so strange, so not elegant. The world is not right today, I feel like we are in a parallel fashion universe.


Following that trend is Kate Hudson. Another person who usually looks great.  This is ill fitting, a bad color and reminiscent of 90’s prom.  And it kills me to put Leslie Mann, one of my favorite comedic actresses on my shit list too, but this dress was BAD- so baggy, bad color and so not “her”.  She normally is one I love on the red carpet too!

3001941900000578-3389353-image-m-308_1452474678740 3001485700000578-3389353-image-m-23_1452488555510

More odd choices on kick ass ladies- Cate Blanchett- the luminescent creature that she is- looked silly in this fringe thing. Eeegads! And Jane “Sold My Soul To Look Amazing Forever” Fonda in this ruffled, clown number (but from the neck up- holy hell- so, so good.)  I want to know who her plastic surgeon is.

30019BDA00000578-3389353-image-a-244_1452473052200 30019F2F00000578-3389353-image-a-554_1452481760922

Speaking of eternally youthful, did you guys see that classic Brad Pitt is back??? Like, Brad Pitt from 15 years ago?  No more  moody scruff! Let’s all celebrate.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 7.04.21 AM

This picture is pretty much perfect. #breaktheinternet


Ok, more bad looks.

Felicity Huffman and Bryce Dallas Howard pulled these from the Ice Capades/ Golden Girls playbook.  Bryce/ Blanche especially disappointing.

30013AB700000578-3389353-image-m-7_1452486863682 rs_634x1024-160110150022-634-bryce-dallas-howard-Golden-Globe-Awards

I thought Eva Longoria was pretty awful too- this whole Sunday best meets quinceanera vibe totally unbecoming on her.  And she’s SO beautiful! :(


I saw Katy Perry on a best dressed list this morning and was suprised as on camera it looked like she had on a Priscilla Presley wig and cheap mall dress.  Really did not like this on her. But did like that she admitted to wearing a Bump It to Ryan Seacrest, so she gets sassy points.


So who did you guys like/ dislike? I know I did not cover everyone- but there are only so many minutes in a morning with a baby/ photoshoot at 10 am! :) Let’s hear your thoughts!



  1. The chick you don’t know is a lead from the USA show Mr. Robot. This series completely messed with me, in a GREAT way. I watched several episodes three or more times to try to figure things out and I’m still like *WTF* is going ON!? It’s so good- brilliantly done. Also, Kirsten Dunst is the winner.

  2. I was anxious to hear your thoughts on Jane Fonda. lol.

    Best dressed for me were Gina Rodriguez (in that beautiful blue ballgown dress with pockets), Rosie Huntington Whitely, Lily James and Jamie Alexander…also thought Corinne Fox was so beautiful.

    I don’t normally notice the guys because I’m all “I want dresses! Give me dresses!!” but Eddie Redmayne’s jacket really got my attention.

  3. Favorite dress: Lily James, hands down! (I agree with your hair comment.)
    Favorite hair/makeup: Kirsten Dunst (No doubt, the dress is amazing, I feel there needs to be some more support though).
    I really didn’t like JLo’s dress on her, with her curves, it was too much. (I have those same curves and, no, just no.) That dress needs to be on someone a little more lithe because there is just so much material with so much tush.
    Kate Hudson’s stupid matching choker was what killed her outfit. Not the best dressed but she looked fab!
    Olivia: Sheer disappointment.

    Lastly, Jack & Rose. :)

  4. I am so glad in your sleep deprived state you did not lose any of your snark. You are spot on. One of my favorite moments was when America Ferrara and Eva Longoria (I said to my husband that she looked awful and his response “she can never look awful”) came out and did the “I am not Gina Rodriguez” bit and then they had the dry thanks “Well said Salma” “Thanks Charo” And god bless Brad Pitt for returning to his Thelma and Lousie looks!

  5. I agree on all counts except Jennifer Lawrence. Her hairdo was matronly and her makeup made her look old. I watched it with a bunch of friends and half of them thought Jane Fonda was Melanie Griffith!
    Taraji needs to get over herself. Her posing and preening on the red carpet was ridiculous!

  6. yep, my goal is to emulate helen mirren when i age. perfection. i also heard on the today show that she wondered backstage with dirty plates looking for the kitchen. she was clearing her table and didn’t want to make a fuss. (and…. WHY was olivia palermo at the golden globes??)

  7. I didn’t like Bryce’s dress either, but I give her points for saying she bought it off the rack at Neiman’s!

  8. Amy Schumer is wearing Prabal Gurung- he’s notorious for statement making fashion and worst-dressed red carpet fashion yikes!! Also her hair… hell no.
    Totally agree with you on Jamie Alexander- we just barely learned who she is, we certainly do not need to see ALL of her!

  9. A well written blog, with good sense of fashion and style direction.Sometimes you might wear the best dress,but its the person who has to compliment it as well, with the right styling. An accessory here or there can make a big difference to the overall look. A lot of stars tend to try to hard to look different, which is brave, but one needs to understand that a style needs to gel with your ensemble and personality.

  10. Love your list, as always!

    Don’t we care, though, that some very well known celebs on this list, whose faces are so iconic, are nearly unrecognizable–and not in a good way–on first (and second) glance? While others look, agreeably, not human, with mal-proportioned fem-bot facial features. What better evidence is needed that if they can’t get it right, no one can?

  11. Major trend for the night was cleavage. For the smaller busted, silver disco dress was about right. For the large busted, please keep the girls mostly hidden. Katy Perry’s push up bra was clearly working overtime.
    And I want to look like Helen Mirren now. She won it in my opinion.

  12. Thought Helen Mirren killed it. She looked fabulous.
    Agree that Taraji Henson is drinking her own kool -aid. She looked and acted ridiculous

  13. JLaw was hands down my best dressed last night but she can really do no wrong in my eyes. I also loved that Portia chick’s dress from Mr. Robot it was like liquid silver. And I know people are gushing over JLo but for me it was a total miss. It was way too much fabric for her when she’s usually so risque and holy bronzer, she needs a support group for that. Katy Perry – I mean what in the actual fuck? I’ve never understood when stars make huge missteps. They have a stylist and a glam squad and are more exposed to fashion and beauty than anyone else in the free world. How do these decisions happen?

  14. I am in love with Laverne Cox and the look she chose. Sooo perfect. And you’re 110% right, Rosie Huntington-Whitley does not look human at all – how it’s possible to look that good I’ll never understand.

  15. I thought Super Girl looked so good last night – I later saw the dress in pictures and it was pretty, but watching her move in it was so much better!

  16. Holy Smokes! Brad Pitt and Rob Lowe. I feel like I’m back in high school. Remarkable looks frozen in time.

  17. Here’s what I’d like to read in some of the Globes commentary: the only label that Kate Hudson continues to pull off is desperate. Yes, she’s got a killer body and the whole ditzy blonde thing happening, but the woman is a Mom of two and that ridiculous tube top and choker outfit was just another sad attempt of ‘Look at me and my abs!’ It wreaks. Girl’s getting too old for this.

  18. You did not disappoint! I love your reviews and snarky girlfriend approach to it all! My very favorite post ever was when you took over as the stylist and suggested gowns that should be worn by various stars. You were right on and did better than most of their stylists! Take care and know that we are all very happy for you, new Momma!

  19. On to journalists…loved Savannah Guthrie’s lace copper toned dress, and on the flip side, what was going on with Tamron Hall’s hair? Looked Iike she was emulating a Star Wars character , or maybe Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber?

  20. I had to IMDB Channing Tatum. It looks like just finished a movie set in the 1950s. Hopefully that explains the hair!

    Tamron Hall, who usually looks impeccable and gorgeous everyday, was my worst-dressed and styled. Yikes.

  21. Your recaps are my favorite!
    1) Emeralds make ANYTHING
    2) As soon as someone hooks you up with info on Jane Fonda’s surgeon, I hope you’re generous with your readers.

  22. I always come straight to your blog after one of these shows. I’m getting so bored with star style in general. A post on Friday about star style that is great would be welcome. Sparkly, low cut, slicked back or undone hair. Meh. I’d love to see something new. And as for Olivia, she is the most beautiful and that dress is not. Sigh.

  23. 1. J Lo was my favorite. It was perhaps because she actually dressed her age for once. The color was amazing, the cape was amazing. I just loved it.
    2. AMY – WHYYYYYYY – Are you a hostess at an upscale steak restaurant? Did you rent your dress off rent the runway? What happened? You’re a star, let them dress you.
    3. J Law looked awesome last night, that necklace was amazing and she does listen to her stylist team.
    4. Kate Hudson – Why??? Did you just come out of Spiceworld the movie? Let 1998 have it’s dress back.

  24. Was looking forward to this post, and you delivered! I too wanted to reach into the tv and pull up sweet Brie Larson’s dress. And Brad Pitt? Angelina must feel like she has a whole new hottie husband. I do disagree about Kate Hudson. Felt it was a dress only she can pull off with her amazing bod. And felt like she had to wear it since she is out there promoting her athletic wear line. While I liked J Law’s overall look, I was not a fan of her hair color or style. Felt like she and some of the other ladies went a little overboard with the blonde.

  25. The thing I noticed was ALL THE SHIMMER POWDER/LUMINOUS LOTION. I felt like everyone was glowing, but not in a “healthy, fresh air” glow, but an “I got this shimmer powder for Christmas” way. i felt like I was back in high school learning how to highlight my collar bones and decolletage.

  26. Loved:
    Jenna Dewan
    Laverne Cox
    Alicia Vikander
    Jennifer Lawrence (she looks amazing in red!)
    Taraji P. Henson

    Didn’t love:
    Kate Hudson (what the hell???)
    Jennifer Lopez
    Kate Winslet
    This is difficult but I have to say it – Cate Blanchett (How could this happen?)

  27. Second Michelle on everything, l love when you play stylist. Did anyone watch that grace and Frankie show on netflix? In an early episode (guardian says epi 1 when I tried to google) Jane Fonda takes her hair and face down after a night out and oh my, you learn her surgeon! Also great soundtrack

  28. disappointed that you can’t just leave it at your favorites. why the need to knock down other women? shouldn’t we be celebrating one another’s successes instead of trying to knock each other down?

  29. Am i the only one who hated Jennifer Lawrence’s entire look? i thought she was Helen Mirren at first. – the dress puckered in odd spots at her hips and i thought that was the odd cutout area – just looked off to me – her choker looked like it was literally choking her – hair was so severe and overall she just looked so middle-aged. she is so pretty an d i wish her look was just younger and fresher. all in all, nothing stood out as amazing to me . with so many absolutely beautiful dresses you see in magazines, blogs, etc it amazes me how prom-y everyone looks. take a risk ladies and look your age!

  30. When I saw Amy Schumer I thought, “Oh Erin is not going to like this, and she will be right”

    I love your award show recaps. They’re my favorite. Never stop ;-)

  31. Laughing out loud in my quiet house. So. frigin. funny. And…on point! Thanks — as always — for doing a fantastic job on the post-awards fashion. LOVE!

  32. a few more thoughts …

    – taraji was drunk for her acceptance speech, right? the cookies, the yelling, it was all a little (a lot) much.
    – loved jennifer lawrence’s dress, could have done with out the necklace. i think drop earrings would have complimented all of it much better
    – can’t believe i haven’t seen a side by side of angie & j lo with those weird “look, i have a slit in my dress and here is my leg!” poses ..
    – Rachel Bloom was another best dressed for me. don’t even know who she is and have never watched her show but, the cut and color were smashing on her
    – can we get a hell yeah for Denzel? love that he brought his family up on stage, what a class act.
    – lastly, rachel mcadams? loved her dress & the coordinated lip color. she is always the perfect amount of dewey :)

  33. I agree so much with your choices — the only one I liked was Bryce Dallas Howard — but it might have been her endearing anecdote about going shopping the week before and picking it out herself because she felt like Neiman’s had more six 6 dresses to chooose from than a stylist :)

    JLaw was probably my fave and I was so disappointed with Amy Schumer’s choice. I was half hoping it was a joke and that dress was a tearaway to something fun underneath! Haha!

    Lindsey I

  34. Totally thought Rosie was Joanna Krupa – and wondered what the heck she was doing there! Ha!
    Always look forward to this post Erin – thank you!

  35. Hands down, Helen Mirren is the queen of the red carpet. she is an ageless beauty. She hasn’t turned herself into a plastic Barbie doll. Instead, she has cared for herself and embraced every stage of her life. She is a HUGE roll model for women!

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