New Trad Designers 2016

So, this feels strange to ask but I’m hoping you guys will vote for me to be one of this years New Trad “Rising Star” Designers.  I feel kind of silly entering myself, but in this world of never-ending online media, there is still something very desirable and rewarding about being in print.  And I LOVE Traditional Home- in a time when I’ve stopped getting a few shelter magazines I used to love- I started getting this one (and Veranda, another fave!)

So please go here to vote.

A few portfolio images I picked as examples of my “new traditional” work!

Erin Gates Bronxville_132 copy

portfolio13 copy

_K8B3087 copy

portfolio7 copy

_K8B6903 copy

Photo credits top to bottom: 1.) Michael Partenio 2-5.) Michael J. Lee

Speaking of magazines, have many of you gotten the Texture app to read all your magazines online? I don’t have an iPad and it seems that is the best way to use this app but I am intrigued (and will be stealing Andrew’s iPad to give it a go).  Seems like it could be a real disruptor in the magazine marketplace.  Do you think print magazines will every become a thing of the past? I hope not but it seems like it may be inevitable!


  1. Yes I would love to vote for you. Your design talent is amazingly fresh but traditional.
    I do still get the same two magazines you love, Trad Home and Veranda but have let all others go. I do think print magazines are on the way out simply by judging what I have let go. If everyone does this we are a short time away. It doesn’t bother me. I find computer reading much easier and more enjoyable. My old tear sheets go right to Pinterest now. :)

  2. Sometime ago I read that print catalogs had made a comeback. Apparently having RH on one’s coffee table was a social signifier, that of having good taste and the means to shop. I don’t know if that’s true, a stack of catalogs looks junky to me. But a pile of design magazines? Yes! I rarely reread digital magazines but it is fun to flip through the pages of an old AD or Veranda. And Cabana is the best, it is an attention grabber and people always ask about it.
    Good luck with the voting. You have great taste!

  3. I love the Texture app! There are about 10 or so magazines that I read regularly and they are all included in the monthly fee. You can take a dozen magazines on a flight just by having your iPad with you!

  4. Voted!

    I’ve been using Texture (formerly Next Issue) for years and I LOVE IT!!!!! You can read every magazine you ever wanted and then some (ok, except Martha and Martha Weddings). They added a feature that lets you bookmark or save a page/photo/recipe which is awesome. For the past several years I’ve been taking zillions of screen shots, but this is a great way to keep everything organized. Now if only we could pin from the pages too… Try it!

  5. Honestly, I think there is room for both. I like the tactile experience of leisurely flipping through a magazine and clipping out items for later (namely, Garden & Gun cocktail recipes). Print feels like such a luxury these days when, as someone who works in tech, I am literally staring at a computer for 8 – 10 hours a day. Also, I treasure my back issues of Gourmet.

    But, I can see subscribing to Texture because it would eliminate my unfortunate habit of impulse buying magazines while waiting in the grocery line because a single article looked interesting. It’s an expensive habit and I find I’m throwing 50 pounds worth of magazines into the recycling bin every six months or so.

  6. Print magazines will never go away. Just like printed books are seeing a resurgence, so are printed magazines. There’s a place for both printed and digital publications, but the experience is completely different. If I want to see pretty pictures, I go to my favorite blogs, Pinterest or Houzz where I can get that content for free. If I want to read about how to achieve that look, I go to a magazine, where I can soak in details that you just don’t get on a screen. I enjoy both, but they are different experiences.

  7. Voted for you! Your design is so fresh and modern, but with a lovely traditional base. Love. Love. Love.

  8. I love that Buddha statue. Can you suggest where I might find one of similar size?
    I voted. Love your work and blog.

  9. Done!

    I love reading print magazines but the tear sheets get stacked up. Although I subscribed to both digital and print versions of my magazines, I never look at the digital version.
    Pinning my images rather than tearing sheets out would be SO much easier. And as an architect with a huge image file this makes so much sense. Maybe in 2016 :) I will check out the Texture app….

  10. Voted! You are my designer go to. I am so thankful I picked up your book ( read it cover to cover) and you have inspired me so much. I could relate to you on many levels and absolutely admire your taste qnd style!

    Go Erin!!!

  11. Voted!! I love your design aesthetic. I purchased your book and read the entire thing word-for-word. It’s nice to come across a design book that has both beautiful images and stories. You and your designs are an inspiration :)

  12. I LOVE Texture, have been using it for about 18 months, and I print out images that particularly appeal to me. I like that you can go through all the back issues too – way better than a stack in my office that I rarely look at! I still buy print magazines too, but only for English titles (that remind me of home), or special editions or titles here that I want to keep and refer back to. As an earlier commenter said, its particularly great for travelling, and as Henry gets older, you’ll need an iPad in your arsenal of ‘amusements’ for longer trips!

  13. Well done. It is a must to have a hardcopy magazine on your coffee table. I don’t know but a printed image is better than any screen. I hate when some guests are playing their phone. better to have them read a piece of paper you know.

  14. Voted! I admire your talent and really enjoy your wonderful book, Erin. (Bought 12 copies to give as Christmas gifts — everyone loved it!) Best of luck; I’m pulling for you. :)

  15. Of course I’ll vote for you! Love the spindle chairs in the first pic – I’ve got the same chair, but in a neutral beige – you’ve got me thinking about reupholstering . . .

  16. I’ve had Texture for two years now and love it. Being able to capture an page with a photo is so helpful if I want to Tweet about a museum exhibit or new book (@1qualitythefinest). I can load up on magazines I don’t normally get when I have a long trip. I can expand the page to read small text or view detail. Go for it!

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