InspirationJanuary 20, 2016

New Trad Designers 2016

So, this feels strange to ask but I’m hoping you guys will vote for me to be one of this years New Trad “Rising Star” Designers.  I feel kind of silly entering myself, but in this world of never-ending online media, there is still something very desirable and rewarding about being in print.  And I LOVE Traditional Home- in a time when I’ve stopped getting a few shelter magazines I used to love- I started getting this one (and Veranda, another fave!)

So please go here to vote.

A few portfolio images I picked as examples of my “new traditional” work!

Erin Gates Bronxville_132 copy

portfolio13 copy

_K8B3087 copy

portfolio7 copy

_K8B6903 copy

Photo credits top to bottom: 1.) Michael Partenio 2-5.) Michael J. Lee

Speaking of magazines, have many of you gotten the Texture app to read all your magazines online? I don’t have an iPad and it seems that is the best way to use this app but I am intrigued (and will be stealing Andrew’s iPad to give it a go).  Seems like it could be a real disruptor in the magazine marketplace.  Do you think print magazines will every become a thing of the past? I hope not but it seems like it may be inevitable!

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