Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

All Andrew and I want for Valentine’s Day is a bottle of wine and the ability to watch an entire movie on Netflix. The wine will happen, that is for sure, the movie- probably not. We have a tiny Valentine that may have other plans. :) But I do love me a good Valentine’s Day gift roundup- for everyone from fuzzy pets to fellas big and small…

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AND, lucky you- I am giving away a 12″ x 12″ original Kerri Rosenthal Drippy Heart painting (worth $450) to one of you!  Enter by leaving a comment about who you would gift this little painting to and I’ll pick a winner tomorrow!


If you want to give one as a gift she is also offering signed limited edition prints 30″ x 30″ for $500 and 42″ x 42″ for $850.



  1. I would love to gift this to my niece , who was born ( October 13, 2015) with Turners Syndrome. Even though she is only 3 1/2 months old, and has many challenges ahead of her, she has a beautiful heart already. Would love for this painting to hang in her nursery to always remind her.

  2. I would give the heart painting to myself! I have recently had 3 surgeries for breast cancer. The good news is that I have clean lymph nodes. The sunny heart will remind me of the sun that comes through the darkness!

  3. My son plans on getting engaged sometime in the next month or two. I would give it to my future daughter in law as an engagement present. I am so excited!

  4. I would give it to my 12 year old daughter. She loves art and 3 years ago we have started giving her a small piece of art from local artist here in San Antonio for her birthday.
    I know this piece is not local but it reminds me of her love of art!

  5. I would love be able to share this with my mom. My dad passed away last week and after 55 years of marriage, this will be a lonely Valentines Day for her.

  6. I would give this to my 84 yr.old mama–she is going thru heart issues at the moment and they can’t figure out what to do –after many tests they are still wondering what is the best to do. She would know she has captured my heart since i have been little if i would be able to give this to her and maybe it would be an encouragement to keep moving on!!!

  7. I would give this painting to my niece, my sisters daughter. We lost my sister to cancer. I want my niece to see this picture and know there are brighter days ahead and while her heart is in a million prices right now, one day it will be whole again.

  8. LOVE the yellow heart. My husband loves bright colors and modern art (lucky me!) This would be his Valentine’s gift….he’d be so impressed!

  9. I would give this happy heart to my sweet daughter in college far away who is struggling with depression and could use a little cheer.

  10. I would have to give this little beauty to my Sweet Mama who is dealing with early dementia. This would be just to trick to brighten her day……..and well as all the days to come.

  11. Hope I’m not too late! I’d love that pink one for my daughter’s bedroom- we are expecting baby #2 this summer, so we are transitioning her room from a nursery to a ‘big girl room.’ It is sweet but has a bit of an edge. It would be perfect!!

  12. I would be honored to give my parents a Drippy Heart painting. 2015 was an extremely rough year in our family…mom’s brother is fighting a sarcoma that seems to not want to go away, and my dear brother lost his battle against substance addiction. We are determined to celebrate love this year! ?

  13. I adore the yellow hearts and would love to share it with my son. My sweet blonde boy was born just over 12 years ago with a half a heart, but he has not let it slow him down, quite the opposite. He is my hero, my heart hero.

  14. I think I would give this to my co-worker. She is valiantly struggling to beat brain cancer and the battle is wearing her down. She could do with a little sunshine in her life right now…and this might just do it.

  15. I would give it to my daughter to remind her of her beautiful heart as she continues to care for her 8 year old paraplegic daughter who is also blind and her 6 year old with Downs Syndrome, and still manages the care of her other four children.

  16. I would gift this heart to myself…..2016 is the year to appreciate myself! this would be a beautiful reminder.

  17. hello! i would love to hang this drippy heart in my classroom. i am a counselor at an elementary school where 96% of the population is below the poverty line. despite their many needs, the children’s hearts are BIG as ever. the drippy heart symbolizes the power of resilience , love and courage. it’s a wonderful message for these young childen.

  18. I’d give it to my goddaughter. It’s perfect for her and would remind her to always listen to her heart.

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