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Yesterday was crazy.  Like one of those days where you physically feel your busy schedule draining every ounce of your energy.  And with a hubby away for the night on business, it left me running on fumes by the end of the day. So nothing too in depth to post today other than this AMAZING kitchen by Lori Paranjape featured recently in Domino.  We’re using the flooring in here as an inspiration for a project I’m working on in New Jersey, but the rest of the space is pretty amazing too! That range hood, upper glass cabinet detail, slab backsplash….


I love the way a vintage rug looks in a sleek kitchen. I still love the one I splurged on for mine!


So bright and clean- with those iron framed windows that are forever on my “dream home” wish list!


The devil (and delight) is in the details.

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And LOOK at this chevron floor in the entry.  And the doors. HEAVEN.


all photography by Alyssa Rosenheck

Also, I want to announce the winner (randomly chosen number by Andrew) of the Kerri Rosenthal Drippy Heart painting…. Anne Mulligan! I will e-mail you to get your address!


  1. Every current trend in one kitchen. Beautiful but so predictable. The rugs give the space some warmth and soul- but overall I’m left yearning for something more. More creative, more inspiring, and just different.

    1. I tend to agree. Beautiful kitchen, but we’ve seen so much of this white-on-white with marble kitchen. What’s coming down the pipeline in terms of kitchen design? What goes against the monochromatic grain but looks amazing?

      1. I think kitchens are a place to err on the side of classic, not trendy. While a high gloss navy cabinet IS amazing, many people would tire of it in five years. The kitchen is not a place that is easily re-decorated (anyone who has ever painted cabinets will tell you that) so I do think white and grey is here to stay, as classic is the safest bet when investing big dollars in a kitchen. But for the wealthy and adventurous- colored cabinets (blue and green specifically) and tons of cool wood tone cabinets are going to be popular.

  2. Love it! Erin, what are your thoughts on black stainless steel appliances in kitchens, such as GE’s ‘Slate’? Just another trendy finish or does it have some staying power?

    1. Ehhhhh, I’m on the fence. I think with specific style kitchens and certain cabinets (darker tones) it looks cool but for someone wanting a bright white/ grey kitchen I think they are far too heavy looking. Wondering if someone is going to come out with sleek looking white appliances soon?

  3. Oh you’re so right about vintage rugs in kitchens. I doesn’t even sound like something I’d like but these pictures definitely proved otherwise. So beautiful.

  4. Beautiful! I love that light and simplicity. Even if I love quirky and eclectic little things around me, I am more appreciative of calming spaces like this one.
    The only thing is that I’m kind of on the fence with is the carpet in the kitchen. I would totally destroy it on my first day there… it would have a zillion stains. Isn’t it unrealistic?

    On another note, would you consider making a post on a working space at home? Would also love to read more on your thoughts about work/career/working mom/ feelings on being an entrepreneur, etc. ;) Just my thought…

    1. Hope to be blogging about being a working mom soon- just need a few more weeks under my belt (and my first business trip) before I feel I can comment at all! :)

  5. Never tired of this look…love the foyer light fixtures !!!!
    thanks Erin for still managing to post for us…?

  6. This is a seriously beautiful kitchen and I love the runner! I just blogged about adding a runner to my kitchen today at :)

  7. This is such a beautiful kitchen – just gorgeous!!! The slab behind the range, the vent hood and the chevron floor in the foyer are spectacular. One thing I have a question about – is the dishwasher black? I can’t quite figure it out from the picture. I’m curious, because if it is black, I would like to know that design reason for having it different from the stainless steel of the fridge and range.

  8. I”m “on board” for a fabulous wallpaper in the entryway and LUV, LUV, those chandeliers!! Good one, Erin!!! franki

  9. Lori is a dear friend of mine and I am a huge fan of your blog, Erin! I’m so delighted to see her featured here. She’s a great gal too and worthy of accolades. The first time we had any extra money at all she was the person I found to hire to actually decorate our house. Now I have a newborn so she’s my right hand while we build a new house (who builds a new house with a newborn???) Anyway, it’s just so neat to see her come so far. Thank you for being gracious to highlight other designers! Love your blog and your sweet new baby. Come visit us in Nashville! We’ll take good care of you ; )

  10. That rug in the kitchen is gorgeous! As are – and here’s a strange thing to say – those red oven knobs. They’re by far the most eye-catching oven knobs I’ve ever seen, which I suppose isn’t saying much since oven knobs don’t tend to be very eye-catching at all. But regardless, I love them.

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