New York, New York…


I’m leaving this morning for a quick one night business trip to New York and it’ll be the first time I’ve left Henry so I am FREAKING OUT.  I know he will be fine, and I admit to being very excited at the prospect of a full night’s sleep in a hotel room, but it’s scary!  So I spent last night snuggling him, packing and breathing into a paper bag and not blogging. Hope you understand.  See you when I return/recover. :)


Photo by Brian Tulchaski


  1. You will always remember this day! The first time I did it was in February, too. My son was Henry’s age and I had to fly to Zeeland, MI to the Frank Lloyd Wright conference center for one night with a client. Woke up to a blizzard, had an insane ride to the airport with a woman/mom who was crazy enough to take me, and was a MAD WOMAN to the airline reps in order to get back home. Ended up driving half way across the country in the opposite direction just to get a flight back to Boston. Fell into the front door later that night with my son cooing in the nanny’s arms as happy as a clam. Lucky for you the forecast means smooth sailing! Try to enjoy yourself…I didn’t have Skype!

  2. You are lucky to have a loving supportive husband and a caretaker for your son that you can trust.

    My first work trip was to Malawi for 11 days and my pump fried when I woke up in London after my first overnight flight and I still had three legs and over 24 hours of travel to go! My son was happy at home and never missed a beat.

    It just makes coming home all the sweeter!

  3. You will both do great! My husband always says I’m giving him a chance to prove his masculinity when I travel for work. They will both be so happy to see you when you get home, and after a day, it’ll be like you never left.

    Enjoy the uninterrupted sleep!!!

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