Former South End Project For Sale!

_K8B7786 copy
Remember this fabulous condo from my book? Well it’s for sale and I wanted to let you guys know first because it’s sooooo awesome.  An amazing South End location, gorgeous windows with tons of light and that MANTEL (but that commissioned Amanda Talley painting is not for sale :) Sorry!)

_K8B7778 copy

We renovated the kitchen with a fabulous waterfall peninsula and all new appliances, cabinets, tile and lighting.

_K8B7768 copy

_K8B7754 copy

The custom curtains would probably be included in the sale (actually, almost all the furniture is up for grabs, like this pair of wingbacks,  as I’m designing an AMAZING new space for this client!)

_K8B7813 copy

We designed this great custom built in that conceals the TV and offers ample storage.

_K8B7839 copy

The dining area is cozy (table and amazing vintage chairs I refurbished are for sale too)

_K8B7818 copy

The guest bedroom has great beadboard, sconces and a custom blackout shade.

Bedroom 30 copy 2

See more about the property (including open house dates) HERE.

Email me at [email protected] to make any offers on the furniture!

Photography by Michael J. Lee


  1. Seems affordable for a place that nice. Where I live, that place would be at least $1 million.

  2. UGGGGGHHHHH WE lived in Boston until 2 days ago and bought a place in NYC for this price that is a total gut and one bedroom. Wish we could have scooped this place up!!! LOVE LOVE LOE

  3. Hi Erin-
    I’m too far away to buy anything – but can you tell me where that pink lamp is from? Would love the source! Thanks!

  4. Oh, I hadn’t even noticed how close it was to BMFA! That makes it even BETTER! I live in VA, but my grandparents took me to Boston in 2014 and we got to go to the BMFA and Newbury st. and I ADORE Boston :)

  5. This was one of my very FAVORITE projects of yours, ever! I remember when it was first published online. I was so smitten…especially with that pink couch. Seriously needing to move to Boston now :)

  6. Oh my gosh, that price! I’m not in Boston so I don’t know the market, but that seems fantastic! Is it priced really well or is Boston real estate not as expensive as I had assumed? Oh man, that’s tempting. I have friends in graduate programs at Tufts, and my husband and I visited in October, and we absolutely fell in love with your beautiful city!

  7. Wish I were in the market for a condo! Is the mirror in the dining area for sale? If not, can you tell me where it is from? Thanks!

  8. Gorgeous! Do you recall the name of the living room wall paint color? It looks like the perfect gray/taupe I want for my living room.

  9. Erin,

    Can you tell me more about the curtain rods and how they were installed? I love that solution to the curved wall that does not break up the wall with separate rods. What was used for the rod? thanks! great space…

    1. They’re Ikea, so the quality isn’t the anywhere near custom, obviously, but Ikea makes rods and then silicon and metal attachments that are pliable, so you can create a gentle curve–Racka Curtain Corner Connector. I used the black rods with the bendable attachments for a 3 window bay window of mine and once the curtains are up and cover the curved corners, they look great. Nothing special, but simple black rods with round ball finials at the end. Was a super affordable solution for me!

  10. Love that daybed. Is it Ballards or perhaps Pottery Barn? I need something like this for my next home (downsizing soon).
    Lucky people; get not one but TWO Erin T. Gates designed homes!

  11. This is my favorite project you’ve done. I love how feminine it is, and that pink sofa is to die for!!

  12. Erin, I bought your book specifically to learn more about this project after seeing it listed for sale! I LOVE it! Can’t wait to see it in person at the open house.

  13. And it is right down the street from Tremont 647! And a new icecream shop FOMU is going in on the corner of Tremont and W. Brookline. Beautiful work Erin!

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