Palm Perfect.

I had pulled this Cole & Sons Palm Jungle paper to use in a client’s bathroom last week and just found these great images of it in use in Sue de Chiara’s guest bathroom (you can also shop her great site here) Palm prints have seen a huge resurgence, particularly the bold green versions a la the Beverly Hills Hotel and Dorothy Draper. And while I love my Greenbrier Palm pajamas I think a lot of my clients (and I) prefer a toned down version of the bold print in their homes. Crazy print papers done in a neutral tones allow you to have fun without feeling “trendy”, per se.

See how this makes a statement without screaming?



Grey and muted palm prints pop up in a few places- like India Hick’s new collection (the scarf below). Loving how these pieces add a dash of tropical delight without feeling like you stepped into a tiki bar.


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  1. Is wallpaper ok to use in a bathroom? I know it’s ok to use in a powder room, but the picture above shows it in a bathroom with a tub. Wouldn’t the moisture present a peeling problem down the road? I ask, b/c I would love to use a wallpaper in a small room, but am afraid of the maintenance challenges!

    1. Yes – I have the same question for the same reason! Also, staring at that first pic with the mirror hung above the toilet makes me wonder if the designer questioned the placement of the mirror – should it be centered on the wall or centered over the toilet? My symmetry-loving eyes wants it centered on the wall so that it also lines up with the flush mount overhead.

    2. We have wallpaper in our 18 year old bathroom and its peeling at the corners. It’s also peeling terribly over the tub. I would not use it in a room with a shower or tub. But a powder room, definitely.

  2. This is beautiful! I love everything! I’d love to know more about those mirrors and their knobs! :)

  3. Love this look!! This is one of my favorite papers ever—I find it difficult to stop myself from using it in too many client’s homes. I just did a home in Houston and we put the green version in their bar—They actually featured it on SMP Living today!

    I love the muted version—perfect for someone who wants personality in their paper but has more neutral sensibilities or doesn’t want to commit to a specific color. That bathroom is gorgeous and very you!!

  4. Erin – can you do a post on waste baskets?? I have hard time finding pretty options that are functional – i.e. something that has a lid, and can easily accommodate a garbage bag inside, while keeping it hidden ?? Thanks!!

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