Doormat Roundup: Welcome Home!

After the snow and harsh weather of winter my doormat is looking naaaaaaasty. Replacing this hard-wearing accent to your entry is key to a fresh spring look for your house, so here is a roundup of doormats for all style homes.

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  1. I love #13 and #24! Thanks, Erin.

    I remember one doormat in particular from my childhood. Our neighborhood was awash in “WELCOME” doormats, but one neighbor bucked that trend with a doormat that said “GO AWAY” — it always made me laugh (and yes, it was my favorite). That neighbor wasn’t a sourpuss, by the way — just someone with a droll sense of humor.

  2. I used to have a doormat that said “Ask not for whom the dog barks. It barks for thee.”

    It was ugly, but it made whomever came to my door laugh. When we bought the house, I bought prettier mats, but the paint has since worn off and I’m debating on stenciling “Go Away” or our monogram on them. Balancing good design with a dry sense of humor can be tough at times.

  3. Hi, Erin! Last summer you featured an artist named Karin Olah who is based in Charleston, SC. My family and I spend our vacations near Charleston, and I completely fell in love with her work. I’m in Charleston now, and I tracked down her work at the Corrigan Gallery here… and now I’m going home with two small originals! Hooray! They’re so lovely. I just wanted to say thank you for showcasing her, your blog is wonderful! :)

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