My Top 15 Shows to Binge Watch

Everyone is binge watching shows these days, and we certainly participate in this. SO much so that we feel we’ve run out of shows to watch! So I thought I’d share our top 15 favorite shows to binge on and ask for your recommendations for others and perhaps we can help each other out! :) With the lack of sleep I’m getting these days I need something GOOD to keep me going!


1.) The Killing

I love, love, loved this show. The premise is dark but we were SO hooked on it. Especially the first two seasons. If you like mystery/suspense/ cop dramas this is SO for you.


2.) Friday Night Lights

I never in a million years thought I would love a show about football so much, but during the finale I was boo-hooing like a fool. And one of the most satisfying endings to a long series there has ever been.


3.) The Good Wife

Another one that sucked us in somethin’ fierce (but I admit, has lost me a little since THAT BIG SAD THING HAPPENED- if you’ve watched you know what I’m talking about).  Another case of me ugly-crying from a show (and I’m not a big sentimental crier, Andrew thinks that I have ice water in my veins)


4.) Damages

Our most recent favorite. Holy hell this show was good.  Full of good vs. evil and tons of legal drama. We were sad when this was over, Glenn Close is incredibly scary. Dare I say scarier than boiling bunnies.


5.) Arrested Development

One of the first shows we binged watched ON DVD (ages me somewhat on par with “walking to school five miles in the snow…”) So hysterically funny and full of some of the best one liners ever that Andrew and I still crack ourselves up with.


6.) Broadchurch

We just finished this one and it was excellent- a British show (that was re-done by American TV- but watch this version) that only was two seasons but well worth the watch.


7.) Suits

I resisted watching this one when Andrew originally told me about it- but when I gave in, I gave in big. I even did a little dance to the opening credits every time they played, and the last time I did that was when Sex and the City was on, so that tells you something. Plus Gabriel Macht…. #yowzas


8.) Lost

Such a given, but it bears to be said. Another one I thought I would totally hate, but ended up loving.  This was our first Netflix streaming experience and man-o-man did we lose entire weekends to this one!


9.) New Girl

Here’s one Andrew thought he’d hate but ended up LOVING. It’s SO funny, especially the guys.  If you want something light, this is perfect.


10.) Veep

A timely watch right now with all the madness that is the current election. I love me some Julia Louis Dreyfus, and she is pitch perfect in this role that just skewers the political process with humor and wit.


11.) The Newsroom

A fantastic show that makes me wish it had continued! A great mix of drama, humor and captivating storylines.


12.) Dexter

This one may be obvious, and certainly not for everyone but it was another one of our original obsessions.


13.) The Mindy Project

I liked this show more than Andrew, that’s for sure, but when you have had enough of dark thrillers ( just realizing that a lot of these images here feature blood- yikes), this is the kind of silly, funny stuff to lift your mood.


14.) House of Cards

Most of you probably have seen this, but it is also worth mentioning as I remember when we first watched the first season I would be giddy to get home, settle in with a glass of wine and watch episodes. And makes you wonder if politics could possibly be this evil (my guess is yes).


15.) The Jinx

HOLY HELL. This was such a creepy, amazing, addictive show. I can’t even put it in words.


16.) Bloodline (forgot this one earlier)

A bit slower to get into but ultimately really good. Plus it has Coach Taylor from FNL as a bonus :)

Obvious Others We Love: Mad Men, West Wing, Friends, Seinfeld, Homeland, Scandal, The Office, Modern Family, 30 Rock


Andrew’s  Extras: Game of Thrones, Sopranos, Silicon Valley, Ray Donovan, breaking Bad (which I did not like)

Erin’s Extras: Sex and the City (duh), The Fall, The Affair

Shows we tried and gave up on: Empire, Transparent, Sons of Anarchy, Parenthood (but that was before we were parents…), The Americans, The Wire (I know, everyone loved it- totally could not get into it) I actually really disliked Girls.

Shows we have not seen yet: Weeds, Shameless, Justified, Boardwalk Empire, Broad City,

Shows we have no interest in: The Walking Dead, anything sci-fi (beyond Lost, of course)

So…what should we watch???


  1. Parenthood! Amazing show, a lot like Friday Night Lights and you will relate to every single thing as you raise your son.

  2. I felt the same way, but got sucked into b/c my family was watching. You really should give The Walking Dead a chance….it’s so much more than zombies, the living are the ones you really have to watch out for.

  3. How I Met Your Mother (an older series, I still rewatch episodes and I smile the whole time!)
    Togertherness(newer, relatable and sometimes crude comedy with female lead characters)

  4. I am on the same page with your top 15 so with that said, you [capital, bold, italic] NEED to watch the short series on Amazon called Catastrophe. It’s dry british humor with a splash of irreverent rude american humor. Awesome. Only 6 episodes but so so funny. My fiance and I were both cackling throughout it.

    Also watch Mozart in the Jungle! Seemed really too artsy and weird for me from the preview but it was just right. Maybe not for the hubby.

  5. Thank you for saying you “really disliked” Girls. I do not care for it either, but I feel it makes me the most uncool nerd on the planet for saying so.
    Loved Friday Night Lights and Arrested Development, too. And Parenthood is really good. You should give it another shot :)

  6. Outlander!!!! It’s on Starz and only one season has played and the next season starts on April 9th….sooooo gooooood!

    1. I third this! The Outlander TV series does an outstanding credit to the books. The whole team has captured this historical, dramatic, romantic, suspenseful, time travel adventure beautifully! And…..that opening song is hypnotic.

  7. Orphan Black is a must see. Tatiana Maslany is amazing in it playing several different roles and giving each a distinct persona. The premise seems sci fi, given that it’s about clones, but it’s really more suspense, drama, relationship oriented. I like many of the same shows you do, and highly recommend this one!

    1. I swcond this for season one. One of the best shows I got talked into warching. Anything after season 1, ehhh

  8. Oh, you HAVE to watch Sherlock with Benedict C. on Netflix! Oh my **, so cleverly written and well acted by Mr C. and Morgan Freeman…. a must!

  9. Another vote for Orphan Black! Also, I binge watched Ray Donovan over the course of two weeks. The Boston accents may be bad, but the show is addictive!

  10. one word… riggins.

    hmmm, noticed the walking dead on your no interest list. i fought watching it at first because i KNEW i wouldn’t be interested in zombies. and i gave in and watched it and now i’m obsessed …. it is out there. hands down. the character development, plot and writing are superb. (the zombies are just scenery.)

  11. I highly, highly recommend Justified. Note that Season 3 can seem a bit off, especially after the brilliant Season 2, and I’d advise skipping most of Season 5 (really bad storyline in general – only my opinion of course). Season 6 was incredible and the final line of the last episode sums it all up beautifully. I’ve watched it 3 times and I get misty-eyed each time. (Seasons 1 and 4 were very good with just a few off episodes.)

    If you like raunchy cartoons and stupid spy stories, I recommend Archer. The first 2 seasons are my favorites.

    The first year of Boomtown is brilliant. It is unusual in that it shows the story from multiple character’s views. Wonderful acting, great storytelling. Neal McDonough is heartbreaking in this.

    I agree with the recommendation for Sherlock with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch – although, I personally only like the first two seasons.

    The Closer (with Kyra Sedgwick) is good. If you decide to give sci-fi a try, and don’t mind gruesome scenes on occasion, I recommend the first four seasons of Fringe.

    Happy Watching!

    1. You and Andrew should watch…
      True Detective, season 1 —Brilliant
      Orphan Black — DEFINITELY!!
      Downton Abbey

      …my other faves are Dexter | Lost | Orange New Black | House of Cards | The Midwife (BBC/Netflix I think)

  12. If you liked The Killing and Broadchurch you have to watch Spiral!! OH my goodness it’s French, it’s dark but it’s insanely good and you will love the lead actress. Also The Bridge, equally creepy but addicting.. the Swedish one is better but the American one is good too. And Luther if you haven’t seen it yet. I’m a European mystery/ detective series junkie, looks like you are too!!

  13. Gilmore Girls is one of my favorites. Right now I’m binge watching Parks and Recreation. My husband and I finished The Mindy Project last month, and love the West Wing. There are so many great shows!

  14. Mr Selfridge on PBS!! About Gordon Selfridge and the drama of London and his store. So great in every way. The set and the costumes evolve over a time from the turn of the century to the 20’s and are gorgeous.

  15. I second Outlander (like a bodice-ripper on TV, but with more action and suspense. Super steamy!), Catastrophe (but there are only six! Pace yourself!) and Orphan Black (I only let myself watch this on the elliptical, and it may kill me.), as well as Downton (which is having a lovely last season, so no worries about being betrayed at the end with a crap ending), Gilmore Girls (am assuming it’s just too old to have hit this list, as it’s the best comfort TV?)

    I also loved Grace and Frankie (more so than Kimmy Schmidt, but I did like that too).

    I had to binge Parenthood and How I Met Your Mother (in order on that one!) to get into them. But now I love both.

    Although I used to like The Walking Dead, the only reason we watch it is because we watch it socially! I don’t feel like you are necessarily missing a lot there. You have to pay a lot (gore, nightmares, bleh) to get a little (resolution).

    I have heard amazing things about Master of None.

    Lastly, the fiance and I really liked Halt and Catch Fire. (He gets to nerd out, and I get Lee Pace!)

    Happy bingeing!

  16. Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions! I’m currently watching Gilmore Girls, and LOVE it! The writing is so clever, even if some references are a bit dated. How to Get Away With Murder also sucked me in awhile back. Can’t wait to start watching some of these!

  17. You have to give Downton Abbey a go. Story, set, costume design..

    My hubby even got into it.

  18. We have very similar taste in TV shows. Except that I hate New Girl. Girls I dislike too, it is just disgusting! I’ve just binged on The Killing and Broadchurch too. You have to watch Occupied on Netflix. It’s a Danish series…really, really addictive! I’m just starting The Bridge, a Swedish series, looks like a good one too.

  19. Parks and Rec. My husband claims to hate sitcoms but we both loved this show so much and quote it all the time. It took a few episodes to figure it out but it’s heartwarming and makes you feel like you want to be best friends with the cast. A must watch!

  20. I’m with you on Dexter, Lost and Bloodline. Bloodline was actually a show my brother suggested to me, I hadn’t even ever heard of it, and I agree, it was a slow start, but still sucked me in. AND I live in Florida, so the scenery of the Keys was an extra bonus :)

    And I totally hear you on The Wire. People RAVE about this show. My brother swears it’s the best show ever, but I tried to start watching it twice and both times couldn’t get past the first episode…..MEH.

    I was a fan of Sons of Anarchy, but only for the first few seasons, and Charlie Hunnam is my total celeb crush. Parenthood was great, but I stopped watching because every single episode had me crying….one night my husband looked at me bawling on the couch and said “Why do you even watch this show if it makes you bawl like that every time”. Good point. EMPIRE is quite cheesy, BUT I drank the kool-aid and got into it. Probably because I just watched it recently while Scandal and HTGAWM were on hiatus.

    Speaking of, if you don’t watch ‘How to Get Away with Murder’, that is another GREAT show by Shonda Rhimes (creator of Scandal). Scandal kinda of lost it’s lustre for me this last season, but after the break I’m getting back into it….so far, so good. #TEAMJAKE! ;)

  21. I remember during my teenage years, my parents always watched Frasier. I thought it was just an “old folk” kind of show. I was sick a few months ago and perusing Netflix when I ran across Frasier. I have been HOOKED on it. It’s so EASY to watch!! It’s very witty and funny, with lots of dry humor. It’s the perfect show to turn on when there just isn’t anything else worth watching on tv. Love it!

    And I second everyone else who recommended Downton Abbey. It’s a must!

    True Detectives season one is fantastic!

    And who doesn’t love Scandal, right?

  22. You will love Jane the Virgin! Season 1 is on Netflix and season 2 is airing right now. You will totally relate to the pregancy/newborn storylines!

    I also loved Catastrophe (Amazon) and Casual (Hulu) because they’re funny rom-coms with a darker spin. If you haven’t watched Parks and Rec yet, I’m so jealous! It’s the best!

  23. The Following on Netflix is super creepy but amazing – on par with Dexter. Only one season but it is worth the watch. Also, the best show I’ve ever seen is Six Feet Under – brilliant in every way. Other good ones on Netflix are Narcos, Battle Creek, Hell on Wheels, Call the Midwife (maybe not for Andrew). Thanks for your recommendations too! We’re always looking for a good series to binge watch after we get the kiddos to bed.

  24. Adding to the list
    -Gavin & Stacey (top sitcom)
    -Greenwing (broadchurch lady is distracted secretary in wacky hospital)
    And agreeing with
    – Six Feet Under

  25. Doesn’t get a lot of mention but Episodes makes me laugh out loud. Fargo is brilliant with get acting.

  26. I second Orange is the new black bit have to say Jane the Virgin is well written and hilarious. Also izombie another one I sidnt want to watch but actually love…

  27. Luther is a must. Like a dark British House MD if house solved crimes.
    This is gonna sound odd but Scrotal Recall. Hilarious Brit Rom-Com. Don’t let the title fool you. It’s worth a watch and there are only a few of them.
    The Returned (the French version) incredible!

  28. no offense to y’all but I almost took your opinion seriously until “couldn’t get into the wire”. do you also not like the beatles? we can’t be friends.

  29. Sherlock (the BBC series on Netflix) has my husband and I craving the next season. If you haven’t watched the first two seasons you should give it a try. Another oldie but great one we finished was Leverage. Insurance Broker gone rouge with a team of con artist to right all the wrongs in the world
    I would recommend Modern Family over Parenhood any day!

  30. How I met your mother is one of the best ever – so light and clever. Girls gets really good around Season 3, I swear. I am pretty much the only person in America who doesn’t like House of Cards. Predictable and none of the characters are at all likable. Overall, great list. #texasforever

  31. Late here but you could try:
    Mozart in the jungle (a young, brilliant conductor takes over the NY symphony)
    Manhattan (about the physicists who built the h-bomb and their wives and children have no idea)
    Side note: my lobbyist friends tell me that politicians think their lives are like House Of Cards, but in reality they are all characters in Veep. :)

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