One of Our Favorite Happy Fabrics

I love it when we get to use bright, fun fabrics- usually in a beach home or kid’s space.  And one of my all time favorites is Quadrille’s Henriot Floral (which we are getting to use right now in a kid’s room AT a beach house!)  I’ve noticed in a lot of rooms using this pattern designers have done multiple items in it in the same room- kind of an old school throwback to Southern preppy/ Granny chic decorating (or like my childhood bedroom that had matching Laura Ashley everything).


All the colorways are lovely.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 3.53.28 PM

The blue versions seem to be the most popular- and are my personal favorite too.


DIE over this bedroom below. My dream beach house would have a room just like this.


A perfectly awesome pink little girl’s room.


This minty green colorway no longer is on their site- but I wish they would bring it back.



Meg Braff killed it in this room. The bold pattern is balanced by monochromatic walls and bedding so it doesn’t feel like TOO much.


Wallpaper? Yes please.


Just a coupla pillows would do just fine for me too.


One of my favorite decorators Rachel Halvorson redid this vintage chair in it to much success.


Another designer used it here on a single chair in a living room.


It also works in offices ( I mean, where wouldn’t it work?)


You can find some Henriot Floral pillows (HERE) and drapes (HERE) from vendors on Etsy if you too want to add a little happy punch to a room or two!

Do you have a favorite fabric that makes you super happy and you would use over and over again?


  1. This post reminds me… have you seen the Carleton Varney for Frontgate outdoor furniture collection? So colorful and happy!

  2. I appreciate this fabric, but it’s definitely not my taste. A little too fussy, I think. I like a cleaner look (like your kitchen). Speaking of which, can you update us how you handled losing that window in your kitchen? My neighbor is putting off a reno to avoid losing a window, so it would be great to see some ways to handle it.

  3. I don’t usually like florals, but this pattern & color options hits just right! A bit of it in a room is perfect. Love the chair & pillows. Def happy!

  4. Like you, my wife loves using bright, fun fabrics as well. She has just started learning how to sew and our house can definitely show it. One of the rooms in our house now looks like a beach house, which is pretty fun! One thing that I was unaware about was how many fabric options there are. It’s pretty impressive! Thanks for the fun read.

  5. Love this post – really appreciate you showing how one fabric looks in so many different uses. My favorite is the Rachel Halverson chair.

  6. Can you show us the kid’s room at the beach house you are working on when it is finished? Would love to see it!!

  7. Totally digging this print!!!! I have a client currently who has an old school room done in a turquoise chinoiserie…matching panels, matching headboard, matching pillows and coverlet. We are redoing her entire house in lighter neutrals, blues, etc.

    I am LOVING this post and will have to snag a memo of this fabric to show her. We are hoping to add another guest room with the blues and using two twin beds. Should be a fun room! :)

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