A Q&A with Brooklyn Decker & Her Austin Home

Last week Domaine featured a little tour of actress and model Brooklyn Decker’s Austin home with husband Andy Roddick. I’ve been a fan of Brooklyn for a while (she once tweeted me that she was psyched to see herself on one of my Fashion Friday blogs and I about died). Her sense of humor is just awesome and that “life should be fun” approach certainly shines through in her home. She’s a big fan of interior design and took this project on all by herself and I’d venture a guess that she’ll keep her toes dipped in the waters of design for a while after seeing the results! You can read the article and see more pics  here– but I shared my favorites along with a Q&A I did with Brooklyn and some suggestions on how to get her look:
Her kitchen is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.  Between the beams, the blue cabinetry, the gasp-worthy marble and all that brass (specifically check out the sink- looks like one of these-be still my heart.)



The open and airy living room is totally comfortable and livable.  The denim sofa is hard-wearing for families with dogs and babies (Brooklyn had a her first baby a few months before I had Henry!)


Love the painted built-ins.



She creatively re-upholstered these brass framed dining chairs with Mexican serape blankets at a table hand made by her brother.


Her closet is bright and charming but not overdone, much like her!


Brooklyn Decker’s Favorites

Favorite City for Inspiration: Charleston or New Orleans

Favorite Home Store: ABC Home in NYC or Uncommon Objects (Austin)
Favorite Online Resource: Etsy. Ebay. 1st Dibs. It’s all about the hunt!
Favorite Design Books: Things We Made– Roman+Williams. A Colorful Home by Susan Hable. I want to go all Reading Rainbow and jump inside these books.
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Favorite Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore Blue Note. Farrow & Ball Stone Blue.
Favorite Room in Your House: My powder bath. It’s the sexiest. Everyone looks incredible in that room.
Fabric You Are Currently Crushing On: Kravet Minuet silk velvet fabric in “Lacquer”
Next Item You Are Dying to Add to Your House: Canopy Designs Ship Chandelier. It has the perfect amount of whimsy!
Best Splurge in Your Home: Eskayel Wallpaper. Biami- Waterstone. Remember how I said my favorite room was my powder bath? This wallpaper is the reason.
Best Bargain in Your Home: My homemade dining room table. My brother made a beautiful, solid, 10 foot long table for me and all I had to give him was a six pack of beer.
Best Antique Score: An Arne Norell sofa that I have in my entry way. I found it on Etsy for much less than it’s worth! I don’t think the seller knew what they had…
Favorite Flowers: Hydrangeas. “You can take the girl outta the south….”
Favorite Candle: Hands down Le Labo- Santal 26. I just wish they weren’t so darn expensive. I feel guilty burning them!
Favorite Cocktail to Serve: A White Russian. It’s my guilty pleasure.
Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 8.38.39 AM
Favorite Dishware: My favorite ceramic artist Keith Kreeger makes the most beautiful plates, serving platters, vases, etc.
Best Advice for Someone About to Renovate: Have all your selects made and ordered before you start construction, it’ll speed up the process exponentially. Also, measure three times.
Favorite Baby Items: My Ergo Baby 360 carrier. I swear it’s a game changer. You can finally have your hands! To make a coffee! Or put on deodorant for the first time in 4 days! Also my Medela breast pump. Hot damn we are so lucky to have breast pumps in this day and age.
Dream Project: A social club/inn in Austin. Think “Soho House,” but a little more down-home, a little more rock n’ roll. A secret little nook to drink cocktails and share stories by a fire until the wee hours.
Here are some items to help you get the look of Brooklyn’s eclectic Austin home:
1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13. // 14.
All photos courtesy of  Casey Dunn for Domaine


  1. Great post! But dang- now we all need to track down a picture of her amazing powder room- need to see it!

  2. Amazing. So inviting, personalized and colorful without being busy. All this talk about the powder bath, but I don’t see it here or on Domaine! Need to see this wallpaper she’s speaking so highly of…

  3. Hot Damn! If I buy her brother a case of beer will he build me one of those tables? Love that house. Am wondering how she did the serape upholstered chairs. I made pillows out of serapes and the weaving just pulled apart along the seams. I think I’d have to fuse the fabric to a stronger backing … unless she’s got a source for upholstery weight serapes…

  4. I love how Brooklyn took on this project and absolutely nailed it! Loving how everything feels very cohesive yet every room feels distinctly different. Her kitchen is beyond amazing. I’m loving the floating/open shelves and that sink! And my favorite part of any fabulous kitchen is when the range hood is a statement piece on it’s own. Thanks so much for featuring this home!

  5. Here’s what I love about her home. It’s got some trends, but does not look trendy. It has a very one of a kind feel. Great job Brooklyn!

  6. Obsessing over the serape dining room chairs! The marble hood looks beautiful but scares the bejesus out of me. A slab of marble covering a fireplace all the way to the ceiling came crashing down on an episode of Property Brothers because of a poor install and good Lord I’d hate the thought of getting crushed while slaving over spaghetti and homemade sauce on a Sunday afternoon.

  7. Any idea where I can buy the bulldog statue to the left of the couch under the “That’s all folks” artwork????

  8. I’m SO thrilled that there’s an Austin home being featured that’s not solely a mix of mid-century and southwestern! I mean, those are both great style (mostly just the mid century) but I promise there are so many beautiful homes here with varying design.

    Let us be known for more than just our SW modern design and tacos!


  9. Erin, this was a fantastic Q&A! You recently asked what we’d like to see more of on the site and this is a perfect example. I know it’s probably a lot of work and that all Q&As wouldn’t feature someone quite like Brooklyn Decker, but this was such an enjoyable blog post. Thank you, really, for sharing this!

  10. Ack! This is GORRRRRRRRRGEOUS!! My absolute favourite part is the dining room….those chairs, that table and that LIGHTING FIXTURE! Wow, just wow!

  11. ERIN,
    You did a fabulous job of creating a similar look. I’m obsessed with your intrepretation and want it all!!!

  12. Overall, really nice. And appropriate for the type of home they’re in and being in Austin. It’s a good mix of rustic and pretty. Those Moravian star light fixtures-wow! The only think that throws me off are the bottom kitchen cabinets-the mix of paneled fronts and 2 pulls/drawer feels like a lot going on. A single, larger pull that coordinates with the upper cabinets may look better.

  13. Lovely pictures. The kitchen and the blue colour are brilliant. I prefer the red colour, but still this mix is amazing. You can feel the strong and calm atmosphere.

  14. For once I can’t agree – while I like the rest of the house, the kitchen is just too busy & a bit (design) schizophrenic for me!

  15. Hats off to Brooklyn- wonderful job. I’ve enjoyed following her on IG to see snippets of the reno

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