Fashion Friday: Spring Wishlist

Since I was pregnant all last spring/summer I didn’t get to buy anything amazing that I can wear again this season- so it’s time to add new, fun springy items to my closet (which I currently wouldn’t mind lighting on fire). So here’s what’s on my radar right now to pick up- a whole lot of red, white blue and linen!


  1. I love this lace up neck blouse with white jeans and leather slides. Also dig the dress version.
  2. Big tassel earrings that would set off a light tan quite nicely.
  3. Leather slides like these are THE shoe of the season for comfort and style.
  4. My favorite Racer jean from Citizens. I need yet another pair.
  5. A classic white sundress never hurt nobody.
  6. This bright off the shoulder blouse would be such a happy piece for a hot, sunny day with white jeans (everything looks good with white jeans…)
  7. I have a much loved camel and white striped J.Crew tee that is four years old that now has holes in it I’ve worn it so much. Finally they made one again!
  8. Every spring I get a fresh pair of my favorite Converse Shoreline slip-ons!
  9. This gingham suit is bananas. Also loving this striped one.
  10. Another off the shoulder top- this one with a boho feel.
  11. Wide leg white jeans are a necessity.
  12. These suede lace up wedges are the perfect height for comfort and a bit of lift!
  13. I already bought the shirt version of this beach coverup I love the print so much!
  14. An adorable swingy sundress.
  15. I’d pair this linen blazer with a white silk cami and my favorite jeans and the suede wedges for a perfect work day look.
  16. Kind of obsessed with this Tory dress.
  17. A big raffia tote perfect for containing my crap and Henry’s diapering necessities (and toys. and bibs. and bottles.)
  18. The perfect suede espadrille wedge for dresses. LOVE.

And in closing- everyone go take a bubble bath and sing along to KISS by Prince in honor of the passing of one of our time’s greatest artists. All the sounds of my childhood are leaving us and it makes me so sad….



  1. I love that white dress–classy, flattering, cool, comfortable. It would look great with the Converse. I’m looking for a shirtdress, probably not white (I’ve ruined too many white dresses with sunblock, which makes a yellow stain), that has 3/4 sleeves–again for sun protection.

  2. About to have my 2nd baby in a few weeks and CANT WAIT to get back into “normal” clothes this summer! Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Hey Erin, how have you liked your Tory Burch Marion Messenger Baby Bag? I bought it after seeing it on here and am due this Thursday! Wondering if you like the cross body function – figured it would be easier than a tote with baby :)

  4. I feel the same way, Erin! We are losing way too many of our childhood sounds (you and I might be the same age), and way too soon. It’s really sad! I still remember my adoration for Michael Jackson and my childish wish of marrying the guy ( I got over it, but still… ) Whitney Houston, Prince and so many others R. I. P.

  5. I love all the fun off the shoulder boho tops this season…but I tried on a few and they look so ridiculous on me ? Womp womp

  6. I love your comment about Prince and how true that is. It is the sounds of our childhood and those distinct memories. Thank you for saying that and helping to identify the feeling of sadness in not just loosing a great artist and various others we have lost but the chipping away of these memories way to early.

  7. I need a stripe intervention before I buy another striped T shirt. Yes, i’m living proof you CAN have too many stripes (could build my own zebra). Everything you posted looks so fresh and clean for summer. Possible tip for new moms and white clothes; scotchguard the hell out of everything. You’ll thank me later.

    PS I love Fashion Fridays!

  8. Dear Erin,

    I LOVE you, your blog, your incredible design style, your ADORABLE little Henry and everything about your lovely life. I applaud you for having the courage to speak out those who don´t love everything you do, like your loyal readers do.

    I lived in New York and in Houston and was DYING when you were on your book tour, because I currently live in Ecuador! Very challenging here now since Saturday´s earthquake. So, so sad. We were blessed and were spared, thankfully.

    Many times I have wanted to leave a comment and failed to do so, but with all of the world´s weirdness and Prince´s passing, I figured I had better do it now.

    All the best,


  9. I have that J. Crew deck striped shirt and I love it so much that I bought a second one. Possibly my favourite spring purchase!

  10. Hi Erin – I’m pregnant (due in August) and looking for some comfortable shoes that I can just slide on this summer, that are supportive but easy to get on without having to bend over. I tend to wear dresses mostly and I know a lot of people are into the dresses with sneakers look, although I’m afraid I’m just not able to pull it off. Any other suggestions, or things you found really comfy last summer? Thanks!

    1. Hi LB – I know they’re not for everyone, but I LOVE Birkenstocks. And while I skew a little boho in the summer, I’m mostly a classic/somewhat preppy dresser, and I honestly think they look so good, especially with dresses! Have worn then for years. For a long time I only wore the Gizeh style, but now I like Arizonas too, at least in gold. Choose gold or silver and I promise that they will meet all your comfort and ease needs and still look really stylish!

  11. Erin…
    Seriously I WANT EVERYTHING IN THIS POST!!!! Would you consider being my stylist;) LOL! Your style is EXACTLY mine….Thank you for these posts…it makes shopping a bit easier;) I’m off to blow up my closet and start anew!!!!!

  12. On point. Love this selection. Also, have been meaning to tell you — good on your for paring down your posting to a sustainable level for you. Motherhood is like 75% balancing time, and you’ve made a great choice. Tell the internet to go %&$# itself — I wouldn’t blame you for ignoring the posting all together. Anyway Erin, you continue to be a brilliant wonderful smart business woman that so many of look up to for advice in our homes, fashion, relationships, etc… Thank you for everything you’ve posted aleady

  13. Hi Erin!

    If you’re looking for suggestions for blog fodder, you know what I’d really like to see? Outdoor chairs! (or just general ideas for an outdoor space.) We have a lovely new brick patio and a great wrought-iron table but are in dire need of chairs for the table! (Affordable ones would be most appreciated….)

    I love your blog and am so sorry for all the hating weirdos out there…and I love seeing pics of that adorable little guy of yours! :)

  14. I love your stylish spring selection – stripes and linen are always a winner! Right now it’s snowing up here in Kennebunkport, Maine, so wearing summery clothing like this is simply wishful thinking right now. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be 80 and sunny?

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