Some of my Fave Etsy Shops!

Etsy asked me to partner with them to share some of my favorite home decor shops on their site and of course I jumped at the chance because it is one of the BEST resources out there for unique, custom and vintage decor currently available to everyone and anyone!  We use it a lot as designers, especially on e-design projects, when we can’t use our normal local vendors.

So here are some of my favorite and often used shops:

Spark Modern

Amazing selection of pillows made of to-the-trade fabrics from vendors like Peter Dunham, Schumacher and the like.
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Modern Artifax

We are currently working with these guys to make  fantastic light fixture for a New York City client!  A great way to get the look of super high-end designer lighting for less.



Like William Studio

Gorgeous, soft abstract prints and paintings.


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Old New House

These guys have the most amazing selection of antique and faded Persian style rugs.  Pricey- yes- but truly works of art!






livenUP Designs

We have worked with these guys to make grasscloth wrapped tables and love the quality for the price!  Plus you can get really creative and make items unique to your home from any fabric or material you want.  They also make amazing x-benches and upholstered beds.






Fig House Vintage

I love the selection of vintage items from these guys- from incredible chandeliers that look like they were plucked from a flea market in Paris to brass decor items and Bergere chairs.




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Wallflora Shop

An interesting shop that makes removable wallpaper (great for renters or those with a fear of commitment!)  Some funky floral and leaf prints sure to liven up a bathroom, nursery or any space.




OrientalTribe 11

These guys have the best priced batik and hmong pillows out there- a fraction of those sold in designer shops with far more variety.

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Lauren Adams

A long time favorite of ours for small scale watercolor abstracts that really sing on a gallery wall (or look great in pairs hung stacked vertically).  She is now also making alrger scale giclee prints!

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Curious Prints

Pretty and fun chart-style prints (also available in regular prints for framing) of botanicals, nature and such.






Do you have a favorite vendor you can share?  There are SO many on the site you can lose hours searching through it looking for good ones.  Sharing is caring, people. :)

*This post was sponsored by Etsy.  Our sponsors allow us to blog daily so thanks for supporting them and us!


  1. Have you ladies at EGD ever used removable wallpaper? I am so curious and want to try it but have never heard of any success stories with it (haven’t heard any horror stories either to be fair!) Just wondering if it is something that I can install myself of if it still needs to be hung by a pro, and how do you really know its not damaging the walls until it’s too late?

  2. I love this post! Etsy can be so overwhelming. A couple things I’ve bought really didn’t live up to my expectations. Thanks, Erin!

  3. I am new to the design industry and have not yet used Etsy for my clients… I too find it can be overwhelming when I want to shop for them on there. So this helps a lot! Thank you so much for sharing! XO

  4. I have some of the same favorites, but also stumbled upon a couple more from this post! Thanks!
    I’d also add that I have a massive custom pillow obsession, and Katie at PopOColor has always come through for me. Great fabric selection, and she’ll add welts, which makes her my Etsy fave.

  5. Just purchased the Brass Candle holders!!!

    Thanks for sharing your Etsy finds! I purchased from some of your recommended vendors and they have not disappoint! And I agree, Etsy is so big now and sometimes its hard to navigate to find the real goodies!

  6. Can anyone recommend an Etsy seller for custom roman shades who will use customer’s fabric (or even non-Etsy, for that matter)? I used windowsbymelissa recently and was very underwhelmed with the quality. I searched Etsy this weekend looking for someone else with good reviews but am coming up empty. Thx for any recs!

      1. Thank you Elle! I just checked them out and love that they offer different options/price points for fabrics. I appreciate the rec!

    1. Hey, Jo! This is Melissa. I wondered if you could contact me about your experience with us. I’m sorry to hear you were underwhelmed by your item and I wanted to see if it is something we can fix for you or improve on. I’d love to hear from you so we can make this right by you and get you the quality product you expected. I can be reached at windowsbymelissa at Please contact me ASAP. I would love to work this out with you. Thank you! looking forward to hearing from you!

    2. We’d love to help you out Jo and do accept COM (customer’s own material) without any upcharge. Our #1 goal is to provide our customers with top designer quality shades at affordable pricing. Definitely convo us and we’ll see if we can offer you something within your budget.

      Julie and Jen

  7. I love love love buying floral cotton robes from Etsy. They market them for bridal parties but you can usually buy just one as well. Embarrassingly, I’ve had to take my dog out to potty and my neighbors saw me and complimented me on my robe, declaring it was “cutest dress ever!” Hahaha!


  8. Thank you for giving Etsy some love! This shop has cute onesies and notecards with dog silhouettes: We have a Lab, and our son’s newborn going-home outfit was from here!

    These folks have gorgeous lucite pulls, curtain rods, hooks:

    And here’s my shop! Vintage home decor–Chinoiserie, lucite, brass, art.

    I’m convinced that anything you want can be found on Etsy! And you’re buying from real people; so far, I’ve had only good experiences with great customer service. I’ve purchased lots of pillows, cool vintage decor, baby clothing and mobiles, wallpaper, fabric, art and jewelry. A little bit of everything!

  9. How about a post on old silver. I love using my silver flatware but more than that I love using (and seeing) trays, bowls and pitchers used as decorative pieces.

  10. I just adore Etsy, It really gives you acess to the worlds largest flee market. I love filling my home with such unique treasures you can find on there. I did a post similar to this a month back, but the beauty of etsy is it’s vastness, I’d never heard of any of these shops before! Awesome post!

  11. What an awesome round up….and that wallpaper! I’m buying some now, thank you for finding them for me. Full disclosure :) I’m also and Etsy seller and would love for you to check out my shop We have tons of fabulous vintage home accessories, lighting and furniture with a focus on chinoiserie and mid century modern pieces. Thanks!

  12. This is incredibly helpful! I worked for many high end designers in Boston for years and now that I no longer do, and am currently decorating my own home, I’m pulling my hair out trying to source fabrics in particular, and it is so hard! I’m drooling over the Spark Modern shop. Thank you!!!

    PS – Henry is so sweet. I have an 8 month old son. Man, is it hard work. You are doing a great job!

  13. Recently ordered one of those gorgeous chandeliers from FigHouse Vintage. I am so disappointed in the misinformation from Stephanie. Before purchasing I asked specifically if it was ready to be hung and if the wiring was good. I was told yes to both; however, it is not. Having already spent what I consider to be a significant amount on it, I’m disappointed to know now I will have to spend even more to have it “ready to hang”.
    So long story longer…love her shop but disappointed in my outcome from purchasing.

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