Fashion Friday: Brand Crush- Ulla Johnson

Last weekend one of my friends was wearing this amazing poncho (and basically the entire first outfit I pulled together below) and I was OBSESSED with it.  I tackled her to look and see who made it and found it was by Ulla Johnson, whose designs I’ve seen a couple times in passing at Barney’s.  But when I went online to find said poncho, I fell madly in love with almost every single thing she is making for spring!  It’s glamorous bohemian in the best way possible (and so. many. tassels. y’all.)  Unfortunately, on me -who is taller and broader in the shoulders than my friend who wore it best- it gave me the silhouette of an overgrown, vaguely ethnic SpongeBob SquarePants. Sadness. But there are other items I will be snapping up for summer (a few really good ones on sale too!)

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cleo Dawn

Nell Lila


Viola Milo


Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.04.34 AM alice_pearl

The poncho outfit as described above, adorbs on petite gals and those without the shoulders of a linebacker.


poncho // raw hem jeans // tank // sandals // bag // necklace

And a cute dress (on super sale) perfect for just about any kind of occasion this summer!


dress // jean jacket // sandals // bag // sunglasses // earrings // water bottle

More items I have my eye on!

504266884_5_detail 504231770_1_topcropfront

504037907_1_topcropfront img


504540021_1_topcropfront 504504848_1_topcropfront


Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 6.32.37 PM 504381211_2_shoefrontqtr

Also, Ulla is on the cover of the new Domino Magazine!  I haven’t seen her house yet but I’m sure it’s as delicious as her designs!




  1. Ulla is on the cover of the latest Domino magazine… Her home is about as amazing as her clothes! I think I just want to be her!! ?

  2. So very terrific. Love her pieces
    But alas, I am one of those people that would never in a lifetime be able to purchase a top at these prices. And the other half would have cardiac arrest if we even had the money for a purchase like this. I need to remember this blog is not for the masses! Off to Target…

    1. I so used to feel the same way (as an average, middle-income girl) but I realized after numerous trips to Target buying stuff I don’t really need, I instead put off some of those purchase and splurged on that black off-the-shoulder maxi above. That’s not the norm for my budget for sure, but that dress is so me that I knew I’d regret not getting it! I plan on wearing the heck out of it and getting my money’s worth. Definitely not something I’ll be getting rid of next season, like so many of my Target purchases, but I feel ya. It’s hard to pull the trigger on something that feels like a big splurge!

  3. Gorgeous! I fell in love with Ulla Johnson when I saw some of her pieces in person at Hampden Clothing in Charleston…they’re even better in the “flesh.” Cannot wait to pick up the new domino, what a pretty cover!

  4. Styles are lovely but 99% of the planet would NOT be able to afford it. $495 for a pair of high heel sandals- not in this girls budget. And as lovely as the styles are they really are for a certain body type- tall, thin…again I am neither of those.
    But like I said….lovely to look at.

    1. Not everything is for everyone- never said it was. But everyone CAN be inspired by various fashion designers and then interpret those styles within their own budget.

    2. I’m tall, but more athletic and curvy (baby got back…and thighs) but there are definitely silhouettes that worked on me, and I bet some that would look better on a petite frame!
      I am also not even close to being a “one-percenter”, but I’m starting to realize that I feel better about buying less but with more intention. My closet thanks me, and I think I’m actually spending less than I did when I bought tons of items at $20 a pop!

  5. Lovely pieces, but sorry, but I’m so over the boho look….And yes, this look can easily be achieved from a less expensive source.

  6. love this post! Great style. Will be purchasing the tassle earrings and a pair of the sandals! which ones??

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