Fashion Friday: Packing for ACK

I am packing up this morning to jet over to Nantucket (a.k.a. my happy place) with a bunch of girlfriends for the Nantucket Wine Fest!  I could not be more excited (and yet will probably ugly cry over missing my tiny Henry numerous times).  But momma NEEDS this and I am so excited.  I’m packing a mix of things, mostly blue, white and red, and a mix of preppy and…PREPPY, because it’s Nantucket y’all.  But these items would work just about anywhere.


1. This tee is very French girl meets New England prep.

2. Classic Chucks.

3. I LOVE these earrings, just bought them.

4. Yup, more tassels! A necklace to pop on with anything.

5. Love this bohemian blouse.

6. A classic Barbour jacket for when it gets rainy on Sunday!

7. A simple cream sweater (great with white jeans!)

8. A cute but classic clutch (say that five time fast).

9. A print scarf.

10. This skirt is adorable with a fitted white tee and jean jacket. In my bag!

11. Such a cute little dress.

12. & 13. All you need- white and distressed denim.

14. I just posted these sandals last Friday, but since then I’ve gotten them and I LOOOOOOVE. So comfy and cute!

15. An eyelet off the shoulder top, perfectly awesome with the distressed denim

16. My favorite sunnies.


  1. I’m so excited for you! Yes, you will miss Henry , but live in the moment and enjoy the quiet , fun and sleep.

    Great post–I’ve already earmarked several items!

  2. I ‘ve wanted those cool sandals since you posted them last week. Now i REALLY want them!
    Enjoy your much deserved weekend away. As a mama to a 3 month old, I totally get how much you need a bit of fun with the girls. Enjoy!!

  3. I love that skirt and the texture of it. I’m on the fence about it though for myself. I’m only 5’1″ and even though it does come in petites I’m not sure I could pull it off. I hope you’ll post pics of you and how you wear it.

  4. I just arrived in Vienna. In my suitcase I’ve got three pair of tassel earrings, two stripe T shirts a cream v neck sweater and jeans of course. There’s a reason why classics are so popular. They just wotk.

  5. I was wondering if you could post a review about the Sezane sandals? I’ve been wanting to order shoes from them but I can’t seem to find reviews for them.

  6. Hi Erin, the link to the sandals isn’t working. Could you provide the style/brand? Have a great time and as my mother-in-law says – missing your children is the best feeling in the world (because it means you are out having fun and while being reminded of just how precious they are)!

  7. Erin, you nailed it, had to pin twice, once for Spring looks and once for packing tips! I love your packing post, it is so helpful! Keeps the luggage down to a minimum when well planned out like you always do!! YOU my dear are the MASTER!!! I did a pot today on off the shoulder looks for women of a certain age and YOU were my inspiration, if you have a chance would love your opinion on my post!! Have a great trip!!……

  8. Good luck! I’m taking a girls trip to Austin this summer and I cannot wait. I can’t say I’m going to wear anything other than that tassel necklace and a swimsuit because it will be damn hot.

    1. I normally don’t comment, but to a mom of a toddler myself., I find the amount of time you have already spent away from your baby appalling. There are plenty of women who are SAHM and never get a break (I am not one of them so no I’m not bitter), yet somehow you call it ‘hard’ and need a ‘break’ ever other week? That is all.

      1. You should live your life and let Erin live hers. She’s not asking your permission and she doesn’t need to. Who do you think you are?

  9. Love the ACK post but you forgot the towel! Next time you go to your ‘happy place’ pack a hand-loomed, organic cotton towel from Marmara Imports – we have just the one for you red, white and blue. Erin, send us an e-mail and we’ll pop one in the mail for you.

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