An Epic Maine Home

I haven’t been reading Architectural Digest that much recently as I felt it really wasn’t showcasing homes that intrigued me that much- too over the top, to fancy, too….MUCH. But this current issue has one giant spread on this family “compound” in Maine that just blew me away. Not only is it decorated by Suzanne Kasler, a favorite of mine, but in copious amounts of blue and white and the kind of traditional style that appeals to me so very much. In other words, while it’s still over the top (I mean, the pool house kitchen is nicer than 99% of real kitchens) it’s done so beautifully and so “family feeling” one can’t help but gawk, in a good way. THIS is good style in my book.
I love the patterned drapes in this family room mixed with the graphic rug.

The architecture is to die for here, but so is the simple sisal runner bordered in blue and the drapes with the little bead detail.


ADORE this casual dining bnaquette looking into the kitchen in the main house. #blueand whiteforever


Another view of the kitchen featuring two tone cabinetry and a view of the ocean.


The master bedroom is soothing and simple


I want to curl up on the settee and read for hours.


A very “manly meets feminine”den.


LOVE this kids room. Graphic and fun but timeless and ageless.


A powder room done in one of my all time favorite papers from Galbraith & Paul (using it in to homed right now is different colorways!)


The “pool house” (holy sh*t)


Featuring the most perfect pool ever.


This is the inside of the POOL HOUSE, y’all.  I. can’t. even.


And the poolhouse kitchen! WHAT? Crazypants.  I had a pool house when I was little and I was scared to go in there because it was full of spiderwebs and scary insects hiding underneath the pool floats stored in there.


A welcoming patio with fireplace. S’more anyone?


The barn. Because of course it has a gorgeous barn.  What lives int here you ask? Wait for it……


LLAMAS AND GOATS!!!! That’s who!!!!!  As if this place couldn’t get any more perfect, they have friggin’ llamas and goats (my version of #squadgoals). *Sigh*


Here are some great finds to bring the look of this magnificent house into yours!


1. // 2. // 3. (sold as a pair- great deal!)// 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13. // 14. // 15. // 16.

Photographs by William Waldron for Architectural Digest


  1. And they’re all dressed in blue to match the house. I love blue and white. If I promise to dress only in blue, do you think they’d let me come stay in the pool house?

  2. Yes this house inspires envy on so many levels! The architecture says Maine in every way, and the view from the pool is priceless . I too am addicted to the blue & white overload done in timeless ways . I have already saved these pics to my look book. I would love that pool house kitchen in my everyday life – but the main living space of their pool house, furnished as beautifully as they did , is for me just too formal for the space . I want to feel a more casual vibe poolside. Thanks for sharing this gem!

  3. I showed this to my husband and told him that this was their vacation home. He asked for their last name, which I gave him, and he responded with one word: “Aflac.” (Which is apparently doing very very well.) They must have a slew of full time caretakers for this amazing home that they probably don’t use that often given that they live in Colombus, GA!

  4. I was having the same sensory overload reaction to AD mag.
    This house is just magnificent!
    Thanks for once again for spotting inspirational places for us to enjoy !
    BTW those gurgling sounds that Henry made on Instagram… having raised 4 boys, I am happy to tell you that they are the brilliant precursor to his playing with planes, trains, and automobiles… and only boys come equipped to do that!

    1. I know lots of girls who like to play with trains, planes and automobiles. They also grow up to drive and fly them…just like boys.

      1. Wow! And we wonder why feminism is struggling, and sexism and misogyny still reign unchecked. Its 2016 people!

  5. Um, are those model children? The last photo of the perfect children with goats and llamas put it a little over the edge for me. Just a little – it’s still a gorgeous house with lots of drool-worthy elements!

    1. I agree with Taste of France- the home is obviously stunning, but there is just SO much blue. It’s a little too themed to me.

  6. Great post! I have been considering the Serena & Lily feather wallpaper in blue for my son’s toddler room and am totally sold now!

    Side note, the other day my hubby freaked out a bit because we left the house (him, myself, and our son) to visit friends and we were all dressed in blue, two of us with stripes. He complained about how all we own clothing wise is blue….so I might show him this post just to see if his head explodes lol. Thanks!

  7. Erin I am so glad you did this post and that you are wanting more BLUE in your life!! My home is in black and white and blue all over, yes, the color of a bruise and I love it so this post is pure eye candy for me. We just moved into our retirement home in a lovely area and I am enjoying adding my own touches which are aligned perfectly with this post. Not the grandeur of it all but the feel and colors. We have a small cottage and we love it. If you are ever interested in seeing our progress come on by to my blog,, would love your opinions and comments!!

  8. I live in the Maine and I feel like this classic nautical style is very common here.

  9. I love that Galbraith & Paul wallpaper and wanted it for my powder room until I found out the price. Do you know any cheaper options that have a similar look & feel?

  10. Hi Erin,
    Can you do a post on choosing the right hardwood floor for a home?
    We are feeling overwhelmed with options- walnut (beautiful, but not durable for dogs), hickory, oak, etc. What stain? Yay or nay to knots in the wood? I know I want to do a wide plank and that’s about all I’m certain on

  11. totally agree re: archi di
    the house is stunning, but after looking at the first group of pictures, my eyes were longing for some relief. like an accent of yellow. or orange or just a pop of something else here and there. a big comtemporary painting or a room all in cremes…just something to break up the formula in house that size, it is needed.

  12. I couldn’t expands the photos on my cell, but I think those are emus in the photo with the kids. Also, I learned never to turn my back on a Llama.

  13. Whats mind blowing is how much money some people make. I could work 70 hrs a week for the rest of my life and never come close to owning something like this. I even have a freaken masters degree in engineering. It is very beautiful. Its probably used 4 weeks out of the year. Don’t mean to sound bitter, but its such a joke that people who work for an insurance company make this much money. This is why its hard to get money out of insurance company’s because they spent it all. They literally spend other peoples money. No need for comments. I’m just one of many underpaid and underappreciated engineers that designs and builds your roads, storm and sanitary sewers, water and wastewater facility’s, bridges and buildings. Insurance company’s just take your money and spend it on themselves. You get nice pictures though. Again ignore me. Just a little bitter today. Freaken Aflac.

  14. Ugh dream house. Agree with the other ladies — I would gladly suffer with just the pool house! :P

    I think the blue & white is soothing, but I wish it veered a little more navy… easier on the eyes sometimes!

  15. Erin, Great post — I agree — this AD piece seemed somehow more accessible (though I know just as expensive and out-of-reach) as the usual spreads. Question: in the pool house living room, it looks like the diamond sisal rug is layered over the exact same diamond sisal rug running the other way. Is that right? I can’t figure out why. I love layered rugs (we have some going on in our house) but it seems unnecessary in a neutral floor covering… any thoughts would be appreciated. I think I must not be seeing it right. Many thanks!

    1. I don’t think it’s rug over a rug, maybe its banded together for some contrast? Very cool looking!

  16. I absolutely agree with you about AD. There have been some houses that, no matter how expensive the inside, they just didn’t feel warm. Those were just a house, not a home. I like to see beautiful homes, with details and accessories that I can find and buy for my home…well, my apartement…houses are too expensive were I live.

  17. This is a great post!! Thank you for sharing it with us. I agree that the architecture of the house is already so fantastic (Well, all the featured homes in AD are….). I feel that Suzanne Kasler’s decoration/design made it more livable — classic yet fun. It feels balanced to me when good 30-40% is colored and patterned, and the rest is textual and natural.

  18. I love the colors and style. Noticed there this Parquet Coffee Table. Gorgeous! Thought the whole home is on vintage style.

  19. Absolutely lovely! I do think I would have done the binding on the stair runner in black. The blue binding jumps the shark on the theme…IMHO. I did laugh when my second thought after “how beautiful” was “they do not have a dog”.

  20. So stunning and chic! The blue floral decor and dusty blue decorative accents are giving an enchanting look. Moreover, Adding a blue floral mandala tapestry will compliment the other accents. Perfect decor ideas!

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