Father’s Day Gift Guide


  1. These are Andrew’s absolute favorite polos. He now has five he loves them so much- great fit, great material.
  2. I think every traveling guy wants one of these new suitcases that has USB phone charging ports and can be located via GPS. This set is super awesome too.
  3. I got these for Andrew and we refer to them as his “Dress Flops“- they are quite nice looking, better than your average flop.
  4. Kaufmann Mercantile’s new book– because every guy needs to know how to do these things, right?
  5. Such a classic, great looking watch for under $150!
  6. Andrew really wants an Echo. I think my brother has one in his house. I think it would be annoying- but men seem to love them!
  7. A super amazing driver (or so I read)
  8. For the dad who runs, this new Thule jogging stroller. A win/win since it means some quiet time for momma!
  9. To be honest, I don’t know how this smells, I just LOVE the name and the packaging. :)
  10. I also hear from fellas that Yeti coolers are the shiz. I at least love this light blue color.
  11. A gourmet s’mores kit and roasting stick– a cute activity for dad and the kids!
  12. For the chef dad- a bad ass knife.
  13. Upgrade his casual footwear game with these white leather sneaks.
  14. If he loves to play chess, this set is also a work of art!
  15. Because bourbon helps.
  16. A sweet little box for his trinkets/change.
  17. I am pretty sure Andrew would love me forever if I got him a ping pong table. (Especially if it were this crazy one which doubles as a fancy dining table.) Also perhaps because I gave birth to his son. Same/same.
  18. I saw this little piece titled “Dad’s Car Collection” on 1stDibs and loved it- art is always a good gift- also these car prints and this limited edition print by Donald Robertson of The Royal Tenebaums (obsessed).
  19. Father/ son swim trunks (squeeeeeee!)
  20. Why do I have so many shoes on here? Oh well- I love these chukkas with jeans. :)


  1. We love our Echo! I use it to set timers for cooking (well, and time out for the toddler). I could see how it could get annoying, but for us it has been awesome. The sound quality is pretty great for when you want some Spotify or NPR on in the background. I would definitely try it out!

  2. Thanks for including Hari Mari (#3)!! We just pushed to our Facebook page, but for some reason your page, @ElementsOfStyle was not taggable. Either way, we hope to push some traffic your way & thanks again!

  3. the echo is great. We also have special outlets that work with it for our lighting. So easy to say “Alexa, turn on the lights” and not have to deal with a baby in arms and turning off lamps. Use her for timers, music, weather, sports, traffic, and on and on.

  4. I love canvas shoes!!!!!

    I wearied that kind of shoes and i know it was to much comfortable for me so want to give it to my dad , i think he will try it and feeling too much comfortable once he will wear it.

    Thank you i will share your blog and pin it also.

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