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I am currently desperately seeking a new office space.   My business is growing and changing and we are busting at the seams (literally) with samples, client stuff and files.  We really need a new home.  I have always wanted a retail space, but can’t possibly add that to my plate right now, but would love something with a cool vibe, bright light and space to spread out.  This collection of workspaces from Atlanta Homes Magazine both inspires me and makes me feel depressed about the current state of Erin Gates Design.  Your work surroundings, especially when pursuing creative endeavors, really makes a big difference in morale, attitude and focus.  So if anyone has any good leads, please let me know.  In the meantime, check out these office spaces for inspiration:

Bobby McAlpine & Susan Ferrier

This space is beyond cool, especially the “cubicles” made of gorgeous draperies. The soothing, monochromatic palette is the perfect backdrop for design work. Who wouldn’t want to work here?






I’ve blogged about the insanely amazing work of D. Stanley Dixon before (check it out here), and no surprise, his office is a wonderful combo of antiques and clean lines, just like this work.



Love these files!



We keep our blueprints in baskets too!


Suzanne Kasler

I love the work of Suzanne Kasler, she’s someone whose business I’d like to emulate with her great product lines and beautiful homes. A big, open, white office space also would be on my wish list!



100219_EGDines_KaslerOffice_13 100219_EGDines_KaslerOffice_11


Amy Morris

Amy Morris’ offices are a wonderful mix of dramatic and soothing.  I love the stylish vibe in the client meeting area and then the streamlined organization in the work space.






Rollins Ingram

I love how these guys took a windowless (!!!) space and made it feel cozy, bright and funky.  Paint color can change EVERYTHING.






  1. Wow! I’m very happily retired but might be tempted to come back just to work in those cool inspiring spaces…

  2. I just LOVE the drapes and cubicles idea. I’ve worked in cubes/ offices and open floor plan work spaces and I have to say I appreciate the cubicle work space as you are definitely more productive when you can see/experience less distractions. But then when you want to bring people together and collaborate as a team you can just push them back and have the best of both worlds- genius!


  3. OMG, so fabulous. thank you for the great images. I work out of a home office and I am biting at the bit to go back to a real office.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I remember seeing the office/work space of Candice Olson’s office and thought it was great. I guess it depends on how extensive you want to be with samples, and work boards, etc. Perhaps a separate “studio” behind your home? I like the Atlanta Homes office with the island and the giant rectangular light fixture above it. Love the raw functionality of it, but perhaps a space needs to be set aside with a beautiful seating area like the picture above it for meeting with a client and going over the ideas. Looks like fun to me!!

  5. Great round up Erin. The curtains are genius! Acoustic fabric would be fantastic – especially some with a little translucency so each desk still gets good ambient light. What a clever privacy fix and way to disguise the inevitable desk clutter. Even if my desk is clear (it needs to be for my current drawings) my flat file, layout space, and other storage is still cluttered. Samples, trace paper, and old prints all need to be within reach so when the phone rings I can grab what I need while tethered! I’d love a way to hide all that desk clutter from clients in the office, and not have to look at my co-workers piles of crap!

  6. Love the Amy Morris ones but that blue office! Hubba hubba. So happy for you that your business is sky high!!! I’ll be getting back to work in September after getting settled in Marblehead so feel free to throw any clients you don’t have time for my way… Kidding!! Unless they’re insane… I love crazy clients ;)

  7. Garden and Gun magazine has beautiful offices. They are located in an old cigar factory, which is a big part of what makes them so amazing, but they are definitely worth checking out. Best of luck finding the perfect space!!

  8. I am a huge fan of Susan Ferrier and would love to work in a space designed (or inspired) by her.

  9. What about the Atrium as a location for your new office space? Seems like the developers are still looking for great tenants (and perhaps would offer some really good discounts/build out the space to your specs). There are also a couple of buildings in Newton Corner that aren’t quite as elegant but super convenient for access to Boston and other MetroWest areas. My husband rents office space there and loves it. Good luck!

  10. This is such a random question, but do you remember the color name and brand of the natural wood shades you have in your master bedroom? I love them! Also love your blog, it’s becoming a reference for me :)

  11. Absolutely wonderful post!
    I could work in any of these offices. Surroundings are everything to being creative and productive.
    I have left the world of design after 23 years to pursue a career as director of new home sales and after working in a beautiful design studio for many years, this post made me slightly tempted to regret my decision to change what I do everyday.

    Love your blog and read it faithfully…….I also love your book.

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