Sag Harbor Dream Home


Last weekend we were in Sag Harbor, NY, which I think is the most “un-Hamptons-y” village in the Hamptons.  It’s small but interesting and not as flashy as some of the other parts.  The houses are ridiculous (and the real estate prices even more so).  And as I was looking at some listings in a agency window I saw that Steven Gambrel’s latest Sag Harbor home is for sale…for a mere $10.5 million.  I need to figure out what kind of design work gets you a home like THAT.  And while the price tag is completely absurd, it is SO DAMN GOOD- the perfect blend of modern amenities and historical design- not to mention the guest house, pool and perfectly situated lot. If I could pick anyone to designa home for me, it would be him.



GAH! This is amazing.



I can barely deal with the paint scheme in this house. It’s so good. That glossy door is everything.



Peep those floors people. Amazing.




This kitchen? Yeah, I’ll go ahead and take it.



Stunning light and color.









The guest house is beyond charming too.


While none of us will be buying this home,  we can attempt the look of it.  Starting with an interesting but continuous  paint color scheme that runs throughout the house and mixing in antiques, streamlined but classic pieces and lots of interesting art.


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Paint colors: Walls- Farrow & Ball Borrowed Light // Trim: Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue // Doors: Farrow & Ball Hague Blue


  1. Wow! Stunning. But what really got me was that huge double sink… in marble! Your mood board was great.

  2. Wow !!! Can we start a rule that all homes should have a dutch door, wide plank wood floors, and double marble sinks?

  3. Hi Erin – I’m from Boston but we are lucky enough to also have a home in Sag Harbor. You are correct – it is definitely the most “un Hamptons” of all the towns. We love it. I hope to one day be able to use your services to help me complete my “dream home”. I think both you and your work are fantastic!

  4. I’ve always thought of Hampton Bays as the last Hamptons-y Hampton, myself–but Sag Harbor is a pretty special place! I could spend all day in that bookstore.

  5. The color scheme in this house is to die for. Would you consider writing a post about different trim colors in the same house and how to do it right? This house has blue trim in some rooms and white trim in others, but I didn’t notice any awkward transitions. How do designers deal with doorways that connect rooms with different trim colors? I’m facing this on my upcoming remodel, and I’m stressing!

  6. Wow…what a beauty of a house…dying over that kitchen! I’ve always loved Dutch doors but then I think of all the flies in the house!

    I have the PB beachcomber basket! Go me…Hahahahaha

    Linda in San Diego

  7. As I scrolled through here and saw that beautiful glossy blue door, I thought “Hey! That looks just like my built-in bookcase!” (That we recently had done and I’m obsessed with). Then I scrolled down to your get-the-look paint colors and saw you had Hague Blue and I thought “Hey! That’s exactly the color I was obsessed with choosing for my bookcase!” But…I was unaware of what high-gloss does to the perceived color. In other words – it looks nothing like the flat paint chip. After the first coat of Hague Blue went on, it was reeeeaaallly greenish-turquoise and waaaayyy brighter than the beautiful, intense, deep, sophisticated Hague Blue paint chip. The gloss highlights the undertones like crazy and makes them way brighter. We next tried a different color I can’t remember on one of the drawers, but it was too gray. Ultimately, we ended up using Farrow & Ball’s Blue-Black for the final coat. It looks completely black on the paint chip, but on my bookcase – it looks nearly identical to this gorgeous dutch door!

  8. Love that huge fireplace…but I got to say, I am NOT a fan of that teal color throughout the house. In fact I really dislike it. Ah well, the outside is gorgeous!

  9. Just sighing over all the detail here! Love that the lamps on either end of the couch are almost matched in style but mismatched in color. So difficult to get lamps that go without being twins if you don’t want a symmetrical look.

  10. I love everything Steven Gambrel does and this house makes no exception! And what a coincidence, this Monday I wrote a post about it but it’s great you had the chance to see it in person…

  11. Wow of all the beautiful inspiration you share in this space…this might be my absolute favorite. The color palette combinations are so unconventional. That large piece of artwork, that kitchen! that sink!! And you can tell that all the finishings are super high end, looking at the moldings, hinges, door sets.

  12. I feel like I’m relaxing just looking at the photos. Can’t imagine actually lounging in that house. Mostly I’m blown away by all the architectural details: the transoms over the interior doors, all the mouldings, … but mostly, the enormous fireplace in the great room. I think I could stand in it. If only I had many spare millions lying about unused…. ;)

  13. Sag Harbor makes my heart sing. So does Steven Gambrel. So handsome and refreshing in his designs and approach.
    This is such a beautiful home, uniquely furnished and of course intelligently designed. Yes, how does an Interior designer find the right client so as own a home this fabulous? When you figure it out, will you let us know?

    Thie kitchen is my dream room. A great place to gather and look out to the water. I just enjoyed this post, thank you

  14. So crazy to see his design work. His mom was my second grade teacher at Forest Edge Elementary. So amazing to see his work, especially since my daughter wants to be an architect too.

  15. Can you give me a clue as to the dutch door hardware? We are moving into a place with a dutch door and would love something more elegant than what is there.

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