Fashion Friday: Welcome M. Gemi!

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I’m happy to share a fabulous company with you guys today that is bringing a new angle to the shoe game (which we all like to play, right?) M.Gemi (who also happens to be based in my hometown of Boston) is named after one of the founding members, Maria Gangemi, a longtime devotee of Italian craftsmanship and artistry. Growing up in Sicily, Maria learned the luxury footwear trade from the best in the business. She recalls a time when she would wander Italy’s cobblestone streets and discover goods created with the most exacting attention to design and quality. Each week, boutiques would display new, limited-edition shoes handmade by neighboring shoemakers. They were always fresh, always rare, and always reasonably priced.


That same sense of uniqueness and discovery inspired the creation of M.Gemi.  They have partnered with the top family-owned factories in Florence, whose skills have been passed on generation after generation, to produce both timeless but on trend shoes of the highest quality.  But by selling them direct to the consumer via their site, they can keep them at a reasonable price point.


I’ve had my eye on the Stellato, refined loafer/ dressy flat hybrid (and best-seller) for a while now.  It’s hand-stitched in Italy, has a cool little raised back for flair and is comfy to wear all day (fits true to size!). And they just launched new colorways for fall that are delicious.  I snagged the matte pebbled gray ones that I am psyched to rock this fall with jeans and yummy sweaters or black cropped capri pants. Yes, FALL. I am not ashamed to admit I want summer to end and fall to come! And since I’ve found myself only wearing flats as a busy mom and designer on the go, I need all the cute versions my closet can hold!

I also am obsessed with their Felize driving mocs.  May need these too in a fun bold color like orange.

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Here’s a sneak peek of how I’ll style my Stellatos:


1. // 2. (NEEEEEEED this monkey print blouse like, now.) // 3. (LOVE the way these fit!) // 4. (monogram it for an extra special touch)// 5. (the Gates tote in grey matches well!) // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10.

Check out all their styles here and sign up for alerts when new styles are released!

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  1. I love M. Gemi! I bought a pair of their loafers this spring to wear at High Point and had a size issue. Their customer service was fantastic and I love the loafers! I’m tempted to buy the hot pink ones. For me they’re a bit pricey but the quality for the price is incredible.

  2. I have the Felize in grey suede and they are dreamy! Love the orange pebbled leather ones, but I am so pale I don’t think I can pull them off. You totally could though!

  3. I have four pairs of M. Gemi shoes and they are fantastic! Everything from flat boots to high heels and I have found that the fit is excellent and the craftsmanship is impeccable.

  4. I have been wanting a pair of these for a while and I might just have to dabble in those loafers, they are so dreamy! I am curious about the sizing, if anyone has any insight, that would be awesome. I have heard they sometimes run small, and I am just curious if that’s always the case or just in certain shoes. Thanks for a great fall post, I’m so excited too!

      1. I have a couple pair of M.Gemi shoes and they are fantastic but I have found the sizing to be all over the place. It’s best to order 2 sizes and return what doesn’t fit as they sell out very, very quickly.

  5. I have the orange Mocs from last fall. The online support helped with sizing. The packaging is lovely too!

  6. Have you seen the Gigi handbags in person? Or, perhaps own one? I’ve never heard of them before and several of their designs are similar to major luxury brands, such as Chloe. How did you come across them?

    1. I have a Gigi bag. It’s a different style than Erin’s. Beautifully made with the quality of a much more expensive bag. Problem is, like many designer bags, it’s heavy. It puts a strain on my shoulder. I was stupid to buy it with my initials because now I can’t resell it.

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