Fashion Friday: Workout Motivation

I’ve decided it’s about time to stop using the “but I JUST had a baby” excuse as to why I’ve been so lazy about working out.  Henry is almost 9 months old and I’m just about done weaning (running/jumping with nursing boobs is NO fun- also one of my excuses) so it’s time to get back into a healthy routine.  Not necessarily for aesthetic reasons, but more for the mental benefits and just feeling healthy.  I’ve found that it can be too time consuming to get to the gym (time is precious when you are working and have a nanny on the clock), so I’m trying out some workout apps (Sweat with Kayla) and YouTube videos (Tone It Up) so I can workout at home (or on the road).  If you have any YOU love, please leave a comment so I (and other readers) can check out various workouts!  To help motivate myself to get moving, I plan to treat myself to a new workout outfit- so here are some cute ones I pulled together for various activities!

RUNNING: 1. // 2. // 3. (great support for big boobs!)// 4.

HIKING: 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9.


YOGA: 1. // 2. // 3. // 4.

TRAINING: 5. // 6. // 7. (my personal fave hoodie that is extra long!) // 8.


GYM: 1. (Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga collab!) // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8.

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  1. There is a barre3 outside of boston (not sure how close it is to you) but they offer childcare during their classes. I have worked out at barre3 in dc for 3 years and love it! I definitely recommend checking it out :)

    1. I agree, Abby. If you don’t have a studio near you or your schedule is tight, you can also do Barre3 online. You can subscribe to rotating weekly workouts or their workout library (10, 30, 40, and 60 minutes). I’ve been following Barre3 for a year and love it, as well. It’s the only workout that has been easy for me to remain consistent with. I daresay it’s (almost) addicting!

      1. I thought barre3 as I read this post too! I don’t live close to a studio and do the online workouts daily. I love them so much and make time for them, even if only 10 minutes. Kate, I AM addicted-lol!

  2. I love your posts Erin! I used to be a 5-6x week yogi, but now with kids and work it’s hard for me to carve out 3 hours in the day. I love this podcast, which has dozens of free 20 minute yoga sessions in different yoga styles (vinyasa, Forrest, Baptiste, etc.) and themes (e.g. pre-bedtime, post-run, good morning…). The classes are excellent and being able to choose one from so many to fit your needs is great:

  3. I bought the Beachbody (makers of P90X) home fitness program “Brazilian Butt Lift” after baby #2. Awesome results from a set of DVDs I could do in my living room with a few small pieces of equipment.

  4. The workout new mama struggle is real! Lol I love Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube and Kayla Itsines Bikini Body workout. Great for at home workouts that are effective and time efficient.

    1. I second Yoga with Adrienne. Not an extreme sculpting work out, but good bang for your minutes at about 30 mins. I try to do it in the mornings before my daughter wakes up, otherwise, exercise doesn’t happen. Mine is 5 yrs next week, and finding time does get a tiny bit easier, but you are smart to start now.

      1. Yoga with Adrienne!!! She has loads of free videos on youtube (and keeps uploading too) so I don’t get bored playing the same video over and over again like it happens with other home workouts. The workouts themselves are good (although I’m not an experienced yogi), but most of all I appreciate the atmosphere she creates, it’s like my brain does some much-needed yoga of its own! :) Highly recommend it!

      2. I *Love* Yoga with Adrienne. I did the 30 day challenge in January and still love her videos. I ‘talk’ back to my laptop – am sure we would be friends in real life!

        Considering I feel the same about you Erin, I reckon you might like it too.

        I am aware I sound crazy. Too much internets!

  5. I’ve done bar method during and after both kids. They have a studio in Boston but they also offer great online classes. The local studio here has a great daycare and it’s only $3 not sure about the studio in Boston but worth checking out

  6. Just a thought. If you just put the outfit on, soon you will feel motivated to do something as just sitting around in it can make you feel silly!

  7. Cute (& functional, high-performance) workout clothes motivate me to keep a regular workout routine. I have a serious question about the very first sports bra – the Moving Comfort one. I have tried one like this (that goes over the head but clasps in the back) on before and found it almost impossible to put on. Since I work out at 5 a.m. , I knew that trying to struggle putting on a sports bra while half asleep would be a bad idea. Do you, or any of the readers, know a secret for how to easily put these on that I’m just missing? Thanks!

  8. I love the Tone it Up series and a couple weeks ago downloaded the Sweat with Kayla app which I’ve found has been easier to follow. It’s hard too! But I like the food/menu option right on the app and I can pull it up to do a workout anywhere even if I’m already in my pjs watching the train wreck of the bachelor.

  9. Not sure if you’ve done any Kayla workouts yet, but don’t give up! The first week leaves you more sore than you’ve ever been…but it gets better. And it takes just 30 mins to get your ass kicked and feel great about getting it done.

    1. Second that — Sweat with Kayla is amazing, but kicks your butt the first week or two. Push through it & you’ll love it! Sad to admit it was a little hard on my knees, so I fell off the wagon, but it’s the only workout I’ve really loved…

  10. Great workout clothes! We all reach a point where taking the time to drive to and from a gym no longer makes any sense. A few years back I moved an old widescreen TV to the basement and bought Les Mills bodypump and Brazilian Buttlift (or something like that) from Beachbody. The strategy was a life changer. I workout more often now, and I’m actually in better shape than before. Even when I’m crunched for time (which is always) I can manage to scoot downstairs for a workout while keeping an eye on dinner. Home gyms are the way to go! I think it’s also good for kids to see their parents working out each day.

  11. Since you showed yoga outfits, I think YogaGlo is the absolute BEST! You pay a monthly subscription of $18 for unlimited classes, and you can filter through dozens of styles, many teachers, and lots of different durations as well. So if you only have 15 minutes to spare, you’ll be able to find something great. I could not recommend it more.

  12. I came of age in the “Flashdance” era, when wearing nice clothes to work out meant you weren’t serious. Real athletes wore old, faded, ripped clothes and didn’t care one bit. I still can’t quite shake that and almost intentionally look shabby when working out.
    When mine was small, I depended a lot on an exercise bike (in the basement, which was cool in our no-A/C house during summer….and not heated in winter). If my little one woke up, I could hear the crying, and, later, if there was an escape from the crib, I left the light to the basement stairs on, and I’d hear “MOM!!!!!!!” bellowed from above. With the bike for cardio and some arm exercises and abdominals upstairs, I got a workout without being too far from duty. I’m a reader on the bike, not a listener of music, so I was able to hear.
    There’s also “passive” exercise, where you aren’t doing a formal WorkOut, but you’re getting in exercise. Like parking at the far end of the parking lot and hoofing it into the store. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Etc.

  13. I have been doing Kayla Itsines BBG for 9 months. It is the perfect workout for myself a mother of two boys under 6. For 30 minutes a day you can’t beat the results. The workouts aren’t easy by any means but they are 30 minutes! I’ll be 33 next month and am in better shape then I ever was in my 20’s. I highly recommend!

  14. I love Tone It Up – these girls are super motivating!

    FitSugar also has some great YouTube videos if you’re ever in the mood to try something different – pilates, yoga, hip hop, etc.

  15. I like the Fitness Blender workouts that are free to stream on You Tube. They have a good variety, are about 30 minutes and the focus is on strength and health. Sure we all want a flat tummy and toned booty, but functional fitness is what matter most. Being able to put your own overstuffed carry on in the overhead compartment, for example. =>

    1. Seconding Christine on her recommendation. If you go you on the Fitness Blender website you can also chose what type of workout you want to do (time, intensity, equipment, and area of focus). BeFit is also good but not as consistent.

  16. I’m a big supporter of Pure Barre! But for at home take a look at Ashy Bines! $7 for a 30 day booty or ab transformation program! The app is awesome and has a video to demo proper form for every move. I’m doing Pure Barre and Ashy’s FBW for now!

  17. Check out the website…”doyogawithme” it offers various levels from beginners to advanced, meditations, etc.

  18. I ordered a pair of the “Features” socks (blue ones) from Athleta and buyer beware, these suckers are super tight. They cut off my circulation. :(
    I spotted the Nike Flyknit shoes yesterday at Nordstrom…they are so cute! Didn’t try them on though. I’m having an issue with trying to find trainers/running shoes lately, the toe boxes are all getting so small!

    Cute work out wear is definitely more motivating…great picks here!

    Linda in S.D.

  19. I’m a HUGE fan of the bar method in Wellesley. You can take early am classes while your husband is home, or weekend classes… It’s totally changed my body in 8 weeks.

  20. As the mother of a 10 month old, i totally understand where you’re coming from! Our bodies have been someone else’s for the last 18 months, I’M DONE! I love my babe, but I am looking forward to having my body 100% back to me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Down Dog is a great yoga app. I didn’t see anyone mention PiYo . It’s a Beach Body product – a challenging low impact workout with great music that works every single part of your body.

  22. I am right there with you! Have found that working out at home is the only way I can get it done with a little one. Actually love and am super into the Shawn T. DVD workouts — T-25 is great because it’s super challenging, but it’s done in less than a half an hour. I know the whole BeachBody thing is kind of a pyramid scheme, but I swear this one really works. I bought the DVDs on eBay and got a great deal.

  23. Oh thanks for the inspiration and the app tip! Any one know an app that you can use with a treadmill or eliptical? Ie one that tells you now increase the incline or speed up to X? Most of the cardio ones i have found are just ones that help you log your time, not programs.

  24. I’m hooked on sweat by Kayla! Did you know it was the workout of choice of college girls? Ha. I still love it.

  25. Sweat with Kayla or her old school PDF workouts FOREVER. I’m a convert. Also, I second what someone said above–put the clothes on and just tell yourself to start. Once you’ve started, you’ve already won.

  26. I decided to join a 21dayfix challenge group in January – it’s been my first truly dedicated effort at weight loss since my son was born (he turned 2 in June). Amazed to say that I am down more than 15lbs, my arms are looking toned for the first time in YEARS, and I just really feel AWESOME. It works for me because I stream it on demand, so I can either watch and do it at home, or stream it on my phone or laptop when traveling. It’s so great to get a serious workout done in 30 minutes, and be able to do it at home, when traveling, wherever. Decided to run my own challenge group and this is our first month. A few friends convinced me, after they started the program too and have had some positive results. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and still drink wine and have cheat meals. It’s a group of all young working moms, who like you, are trying to do and have it all… I’ve found it helps me to have a group of work out buddies/peers/friends I can really relate to. Totally worth checking out. Happy to send you more info if you’re interested!

  27. I’m a mom to a 5 month old boy (so I love all your baby related posts!). I did the 7 minute workout to get in shape for my wedding a few years ago and got back into it recently. It’s amazing!

  28. My favorite is You pay an annual fee and get streaming access to classes ranging from 10 – 65 minutes and at all levels and a variety of styles. The teachers are hands down the best yoga instructors I’ve ever encountered.

  29. I love yogaglo for yoga at home! So many great teachers and fun classes. I am also totally obsessed with Tracy Anderson. It is super fun and I have been blown away by the results! I’ve never been someone that liked working out at home but these two things have changed my mind :)

  30. I too am in the new baby zone. Number three is 6 months and getting to the gym has become more of an endeavor than anything I do at the gym. I decided to make a bet on myself. I mailed 4 friends $50 checks. I set a workout goal (30 sessions by 9/1). If I complete the goal I get my cash back. If not, I’m out $200! It has been really motivating and my friends are holding me accountable. I’ve been doing videos-currently a Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in 30.

  31. Barre3 online and other barre classes have online options I believe (Dailey Method, Bar Method, Physique57) – you don’t need a barre, just a sturdy chair and optional light handheld weights.

  32. Download skyfit …9.99 a month from iTunes and offers great variety of workouts that can be done anywhere. Spin, running, yoga. Different class length options and coaches to choose from. Totally worth $10 a month. I love it!!
    Baby is beautiful!! Hi to you and sweet Lindsey!

  33. Tracy mallet “get your body back”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t emphasize it enough. I got back in shape and was strong again( including strengthening my shoulder which was injured) with her each time after 3 babies!!!!!!!! The segments are short so you can do whatever you have time for, and the kids join in. The kids see you modeling working out and that’s as important as playing with them!

  34. I really love Body Fit by Amy. I do her kettle bell workouts. She also just had a baby and has posted some post-baby workouts which would be great for you.

    Here is her website:

    And her YouTube channel:

    She has me hooked on the kettle bell which is almost unimaginable as my workouts have been strictly yoga based for the past 18 years. I feel a lot stronger and really enjoy her approach.

    Good Luck!

  35. If you don’t have a studio nearby, Physique57 on demand (online) is amazing. Unfortunately it’s not free–$57 a month for unlimited or $5 a class for 24 hour streaming (so if you workout at 8pm then 7pm the following day, 2-for-1!) If you have a sturdy piece of furniture and an inflatable ball for thighs, you can do it anywhere! Also, they offer a first week free trial :)

  36. I find these HIIT workouts are great. 11:50 minutes. I was trying to fit in 45 min workouts with working fulltime and being a new mom. I found I could find an excuse to not do a 45 minute workout, but couldn’t with a 11:50 minute one. New one every day, so could even add on previous days workout if I felt motivated. Plenty of apps for HIIT timers. I just have one saved for each time I do a workout. These are short enough where you can do a few a day as well.

  37. I have loved the Fe Fit DVD series. It’s geared towards moms and they have about 28 different work outs (cardio, upper body, lower body, barre, etc.). They are only about 30 minutes each and helped me get back to pre-baby weight in about 3 months.

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