Emmy’s Red Carpet Review

You asked and so here I am…. with an Emmy’s red carpet review.  I have to admit, I did not watch any of it (proof that this baby has eaten my brain) but I of course ate up the images yesterday of all the fashion. So here we go….

Best dressed? EASY. Priyanka Chopra. So good.

68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Runner up is Kristen Bell. It’s a daring choice, and not for everyone, but I LOVE it on her.  It’s fun but elegant and yet sexy.

Kristen Bell

I think  Felicity Huffman is an under-rated red carpet star. She always looks great and I loved this dress on her (plus her accessories, hair and makeup were spot on!)

rs_634x1024-160918145932-634-felicity-huffman-cm-91816 screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-12-53-10-pm

Ok, Emily Raja-whatshername-owski really bugs me in a Kardashian kinda way. BUT, she killed it in this Zac Posen.  Sculptural and cool and that color is amazing.  Not totally in love with the hair, but no one is looking at her hair- OBVS.


I LOOOOOOOVED Sarah Paulson’s Prada dress- the cut, the amazing texture, the color. So fierce and SUCH a tricky dress to pull off but she really did.

Sarah Paulson

Also on team green was Tina Fey, my hero.  Proof that this color looks good on brunettes AND blondes (see: above).  However, someone get this woman a cuff or a clutch. Something. A tad too plain (but her genius and personality are hard to compete with, so perhaps all said accessories were like, Tina girl- you got this. You don’t need us.)

68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Totally random, but I also loved this deep green number on Natalie Morales!  The clutch has GOTS to go- but that dress looks like it was made for her (obviously, it probably was).


OMG, someone find me Claire Danes spray tanner so I can have a word with her.  This dress is SO amazing, but the orange face just ruins it.

Emmy Awards 2016 - Arrivals

This is EXACTLY how I feel about the tan.


I was totally feeling this coral column on Regina King.  It’s so Old Hollywood and yet modern. Simple, sleek and classy.

68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

I can’t tell if this is a jumpsuit or a really tight dress (too tight?) but I do love America Ferrera’s whole look. The red earrings are unexpected but awesome and her hair and makeup have never looked better!

I could not find any good full length pics of Molly McNearney, Jimmy Kimmel’s wife, but she looked so great.  I typically HATE the sheer skirt trend, but she looks edgy and yet adorable in this look.


Talk about embracing your pregnancy body… Kerry Washington brought the house down in this black number.


The kids from Stranger Things win everything! They are so damn cute and that show was so oddly addicting (I HATE sci-fi and I was so into it!)


Yellow I love (Angela Bassett- chic, understated, radiant) and yellow I don’t (Taraji P. Henson- looks inexpensive/ prom-like, trying a bit too hard).


 Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 18 Sep 2016 Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

Okay, whose ready for the bad?

Now, the fact that Anna Chlumsky took on the red carpet seven weeks after giving birth is a feat. And I totally get that she didn’t want to wear anything fitted (I still don’t want to and I’m 10 months post-partum). But this dress is just BIZARRE. Like a flesh colored matelasse coverlet that caught some kind of infectious disease and then swallowed her whole.  The gathered hem is really the killer.  There are many more ways to style a post-partum body comfortably, this is not one of them.


This Oscar de la Renta would have been so fun and sweet and she could have worn a bra (so important after having a baby!) and loose enough to not have to worry about lumps and bumps but the bow waist would have given a little definition.


It pains me to put Amy on another worst dress list as I worship her, but her current stylist needs to be canned.  She is such a glowing, wonderfully talented woman and this sparkly pea green sack does her no favors.


I would love something feisty and fun (but still loose and comfy) in a print on her like this Alberta Ferretti (plus POCKETS Y’ALL).


Gwendonline Christie is so statuesque and would look so amazing in a jewel toned column gown and yet she ended up in this goth Lisa Frank 1991 middle school dance ensemble. :(


I think this Givenchy dress is both different and yet elegant and I think this color would be pretty amazing on her pale complexion.


Sofia is funny and charming but I am tired of these booby-licious Versace dresses on her. I want someone to update her look to something more elegant and interesting.


I would have preferred something sexy but so unique and gorgeous like this Elie Saab


Another one who needs a stylist change is Heidi Klum.  Fresh from the “I’m dating a 28 year old” playbook, this dress looks cheap and a tad desperate.  Don;t get me wrong, she is a gorgeous woman, but this dress made me feel sad.


I think this silver Marchesa is still overtly sexy but also a tad more grown up and classy (the tassel belt is everything).


Kerri Russel chose this odd gown out of all the gowns in the world? WHY?


She is SO beautiful and would have slayed int his amazing buffalo check Carolina Herrera!


Who were your faves and not faves?


  1. My only quibble is with the Anna Chulmsky suggestion. I totally agree that what she wore was awful. But the dress you suggested has too high of a neckline for anyone with boobage. She would end up looking like she had boobs that start at her chin. It’s not a god look. I should know…

  2. You are SO good at this! And I love the alternate options for ladies who missed the mark. Your taste extends to all things!!!

  3. These are my favorite posts of yours, Erin! I love how you suggest other options–so many red carpet reviews are just mean spirited (though true), but yours feels like actual constructive criticism. I wish these ladies would show their stylists your suggestions!

  4. Always a joy reading your fashion reviews! You are spot on every time :) Someone seriously should hire you as a remote fashion advisor. They could just text you photos – and you could “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”.

  5. Why oh why didn’t anyone slap a bright (or deep) lipstick color on Claire Danes?! It would have helped, at least. As always, love your red carpet round ups Erin. Your alternate picks are always fantastic. Some day, one of these stars is going to take you up on your offer to dress her :).

  6. As always you are SPOT on!! I am obsessed with Felicity Huffman, she won the night for me. And Claire Danes’ makeup artist needs to be fired. Obviously.

  7. Erin…you might curse me because your plate already over flows…but I see Fashion Stylist in your future. You are dead on with Brienne of Tarth aka Gwendonline Christie. And with Kerri, yes awesome choice.
    You are on the money as always.

  8. Heidi, Heidi,Heidi…she’s always a fail on the red carpet. What’s up with that?! She must have loads of designers begging to dress her. I’ve never seen a pregnant woman slay the carpet like Kerry Washington! As usual, you’re on the mark with this post!!

  9. Great post Erin, I agree with most of your choices and how you handled the flops without sounding mean. I have a similar list but what about Tatiana Maslany … or Olivia Culpo? Adored Olivia’s silver dress :)

  10. Spot on! Agree with all other commenters that your reviews are constructive (not mean) and love that you provided options for the worst-dressed. Ugh I feel for Anna Chlumsky…hugs to her. Picking a dress was probably the last thing on her mind.

  11. Spot on! Totally nailed it. I don’t follow fashion so closely myself, so it’s a treat to see what you choose as alternatives for the misses.

  12. I do agree except for Amy Pohler. I think the dress would have worked with a different hairstyle and accessories.

  13. Great job Erin. Your blog has not suffered a bit since you had the adorable Henry! I find some bloggers lose themselves within their baby (sarahfit). Even your content on Henry is just darling! But your content is still relevant and you still have a great sense of humor. Thanks for all your hard work. WE do appreciate it!
    PS please have a daughter because we want to see all of her outfits!

    1. Thank you so much. That means a lot since some days I feel like I’m not as “up to snuff” as I once was. So thank you. :) If I have a daughter I will go broke.

  14. I also liked Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Constance Zimmer (in some photos and then others not so much), and Padma Lakshmi.

  15. You’ve got a gift! Every one of your “better choices” is stellar! I am always stunned at the incredible fashions you find. My only slight disagreement is that I would have put Kristen Bell first; that dress was phenomenal! (Poor Amy. Was that an attached cape?!?) Love the heck out of your Red Carpet Recaps. Keep ’em comin’!

  16. Such a fun post, Erin! My favorite dress was Regina King’s (though I’d prefer it in a deeper color). Also love Angela Bassett’s choice.

    And totally agree that Kerry Washington makes pregnancy look stylish. Her gown was both edgy and elegant, and she wore it so well. Two thumbs up!

  17. I loved Kristen Bell’s dress, but her commentary on Instagram was even better. Check out her photo ‘showing’ how she wrangled her chest in that dress. Hysterical.

    And I LOVE the buffalo check dress!

  18. Hi Erin,

    Wow, I got surprised to see Priyanka Chopra here. She is my favorite actress in Bolywood and I’m a huge fan of her dressing style. She is well known for her dressing and acting. And therefore, people are eager to get a glimpse of her always.

    Thanks for introducing us with stunning collection of women fashion wear. Each one have a perfect combination of color, size and design, and looks more trendy too. Kids are looking so cute on a perfect a matching dress.

    Really, I haven’t seen such great review on fabulous collection of fashion wear. I think, it is going more populare among fashion lover.

    – Ravi.

  19. That Elie Saab dress you suggest for Sofia Vergara is out of this world. Wish it was in the budget and I had a place to wear it ;-) And Kristen Bell looks the bomb in that dress. Great article!

  20. Yesterday I was rewatching “Enemy of the State” and realized that Regina King looks exactly the same. Eighteen years later. How’s this even possible?

  21. Yesterday I was rewatching “Enemy of the State” and realized that Regina King looks exactly the same. Eighteen years later. How’s this even possible?

  22. Great round up! Love that you play stylist and pick an alternative for the badly dressed stars. That Carolina Herrera is to die for!

  23. You should seriously consider being a stylist… You choices for what the worst dressed ladies should have worn and perfect! Someone needs to send this article to the celebrities and hire you!

  24. I typically enjoy your blog, and think you have a great eye. Was very disappointed to see you disrespect Emily Ratajkowski’s name. You may not be be a fan, but no reason to be ignorant on how to spell her name.

    1. Agreed. I assume it was supposed to be a joke, and I believe it’s ok to make it in a private chatter with friends/family (I admit I’ve done it sometimes myself), but there might be fans of Emily (or any other celebrity unknown to the author) among the readers and she might make an effort to respect these people too.
      I mean, Erin Gates is not the only one to write that, but she’s not Perez Hilton. She strives to be refined and stylish and gracious: she takes off contoversial posts; writes long posts to explain her point of view when she thinks she was misunderstood, etc. And this is great.
      Considering all this, these kind of things look, I don’t know, strange. You spent at least a couple of hours to write this post and didn’t bother to spend approximately 10 seconds to google her name?

      Again, I believe it’s OK not to know (and respect!) every celebrity out there, but it’s not necessary to state it in this (slightly arrogant) way.

    1. Seeing a NonSequinzer here.
      Asssuming you were talking about Erin.
      I agree.
      To You Erin,
      I send big beams of XOXOXO’s.

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