Fashion Friday: Trending Now- The Striped Turtleneck

The fitted striped turtleneck always kinda made me think of grade school. Folded over at the neck and layered under your best Oshkosh B’gosh overalls, it was a staple of many of our childhood wardrobes (there are so many pictures of my husband wearing a favorite red and white one as a little guy!) But now it’s all over the place– on adults! From tissue weight tees to cashmere sweater styles- the striped turtleneck tee is BACK in big way. Just take a peek at Pinterest and you’ll see it on lots of street style fashion folks. I’m popping a couple in my cart right now!

via Viva Luxury


(available on Boden)


via Atlantic Pacific


via Simple et Chic


(available on Tuckernuck)

Here are three great ways to wear this trend right now:


turtleneck // blazer // jeans // heels // sunnies


turtleneck // leather leggings // vest // glasses // heels (obsessed with the pink version of these too!)


jacket // turtleneck // jeans // booties // scarf

Some more options:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


    1. UGH! Brittany…PLEASE stop using Erin’s comment section to promote your own blog! It is tacky and rude not to mention opportunistic.

      1. Um that’s kind of how blogging works- you find out about other blogs based on other similar ones. If Erin doesn’t mind why do you?

      2. How on earth is that rude? ?Most bloggers have their own blog in their signature when leaving comments- I usually do but won’t here!

        You need to relax lady!

    2. I would advise against the leather leggings, Brit. I am a Manhattanite, an Upper East Sider, specifically. Born and raised here. So my preferences tend to be more classic/chic. This morning while out for a walk in my neighborhood and I saw a girl wearing black leather leggings and she really looked awful. Everything was styled correctly and high quality but the ridiculous leggings just ruined the whole look. Tacky Tacky!

  1. I pinned almost every single look!! I am all over this look, stripes, I am IN!!! Turtlenecks are a fav. of mine for winter!! I guess I need a camel blazer too!! Love your fashion post!! I sent you an email, did you get it? Would love to know what you think?

  2. I’ve been secretly wanting one for the upcoming season but since I promised my husband about 5 years ago that I would never wear another turtleneck (do you remember those turtleneck fitted sweaters that were big a few years ago….well, I probably had a few too many) I think I may have to work him into loving me in a different type of turtleneck….perhaps the tissue weight ones from JCrew are a good option. As always, thanks for a great post!!

  3. Crap. Now I need a camel colored blazer.

    I used to have ribbed (solid and striped) turtlenecks in college. Does anyone remember those tight, ribbed turtlenecks that had crotch snaps so they stayed tucked in?? I’m really dating myself but I totally wore those in college back in the mid 90’s.

  4. This is a style that doesn’t work for a short person with a chest, right? Are there any options or should I sit this one out?

  5. Ha. I love it when one of my personal staples is “on trend.” Striped t-necks for the win. (Umm, not convinced of the ribbing, though…)

  6. I have a few tissue weight turtlenecks I got from Target a few years ago and will see if they do it in a stripe. They’re great for layering under a sleeveless dress or a chunky sweater.

  7. Did you see Sam Ponder on SAtudays College Game Day? The cutest one I’ve seen so far! Wonder where she got it. Great post!

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