Fashion Friday: Block Head

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As we approach fall (yay yay yay yay!) so much new stuff is coming out and fall trends are coming into focus- for footwear that means the block heel.  We saw some of this during the summer, but it’s even BIGGER for fall. Which is fantastic since it makes walking a whole lot more stable (can we all agree there is nothing more cringe-worthy than watching a woman walking like a foal on new legs in expensive, painful 4″ stilettos?)  Be it boots, booties, pumps or even flats- a chunky heels of any size will make you look of the moment this coming season.  I’m still on the fence a little with the new trend of “lady who lunches” style small block heels on flats a la Ferragamo, but I’m sure I’ll come around!

Here are some great selections from this trend (CLICK EACH IMAGE TO SHOP!)




  1. So glad this is coming into style, because try as I might, I cannot walk in heels! Chalk it up to years of thinking I was too tall for heels, thus never getting any practice in wearing them. Definitely need to get a pair of these!

  2. I just cannot get into this look. I want to so badly… it’s so practical. Too clunky or something? Maybe I’ll come around! :)

    (I do love the booties though!)

  3. I wore block heels many years ago. They are easy to walk in and make a lot more sense to me than spike heels. But I can not wrap my head around jean hems that look like a close encounter with a weed whacker. Help me understand the appeal.

    1. Yes, exactly! I can’t get behind that shredded hem either. I have some old black suede booties with a block heel. Almost donated them but now I’ll take them to the cobbler to have them freshened up.

    1. They are Schutz Quesadilha Slingback Mules. They were available on shopbop, but as far as I can find, they are sold out everywhere. There are some similar styles available is you look for “slingback mules” but nothing as fab as those.

  4. Does anyone recognize and have a source for the slingback black/brown booties in the 2nd picture? They are amazing! I want them!

  5. Another reason that I need to remember to always keep my old clothes and shoes, because these look EXACTLY like the 18 pairs I had in 2000/2001 era (which were thrown away or given to Goodwill many moons ago). Sigh.

  6. Great choices! I bought the gray suede pumps up top but in black leather- great every day shoe for work. I too only like a block heel with a pointy toe.

  7. I went back and forth and back and forth about buying these Stuart Weizmann heels (in part because of the price) and I have been surprised how much I wear them. Wear them to work all the time (and they are the only pair of heels I wear from my door to my office – no need for flats on the train), wore them to a wedding, and have worn them out at night. In short, I LOVE.

  8. Love the red suede pumps in the bottom left hand picture. Does anyone have a source for those shoes? Thanks.

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