Fashion Friday: The Classic Sweater Everyone in the Family Needs!

I know it’s nothing new (as Miranda Priestly would say “Cable knits for fall? Groundbreaking.”) but the fisherman style sweater is where it’s at for fall– for everyone. For you worn shrunken with high-waisted pants or a feminine skirt or oversized with skinnies and heels it’s the perfect way to stay warm and look cool.
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Here are some of my current faves (a lot of them on sale right now!)


1. // 2. // 3. (dying to get this for weekend wear!)// 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. (for you pregnant mamas-on sale!)// 8. (on sale)// 9.

I am basically wearing this exact outfit today…. because I get really overly excited when it feels even the slightest bit chilly.


sweater (I have in size small- super cute!) // jeans (I have, flattering and comfy and on sale!) // heels (on sale) // bag // bracelet // earrings // sunnies


If Steve McQueen rocked a fisherman sweater, than my husband certainly can (although the chances of me getting him in one are about 1 in a bajillion).  Little Henry can’t fight me the same way (yet) so for now I’ll put him in as many tiny cable sweaters as I can!


1. // 2. // 3. (on sale) // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. (on sale) // 8. (Henry has two- on sale!) // 9.


Also, if you are looking for a great read for the weekend and love a funny memoir, pick up You’ll Grown Out of It by Jessi Klein.  She writes for Amy Schumer and I daresay her book is WAY better!  I was rolling, and am now completely convinced she’s my long lost twin.


  1. I love cable knits. But they only work for those who are very thin and long. Every time I try to wear one I look chubby. They are not flattering on 5’3 and 130 pounds. All of my friends have the same issue. But a girl can dream.

  2. I love a cable knit but really struggle finding one that doesn’t look like I’m wearing an afghan is a bit of a challenge since I have a larger frame. Ironically, the best fitting cable knit I’ve ever owned was an old boyfriend’s wool sweater that he accidentally shrunk in the dryer – but it was so warm I could wear it for two days in the dead of winter. But those were two glorious days…

    I might try out the Max Mara one, love the new interpretation on a classic!

  3. Love your style and this post. Even better is that it led me to perusing L.L. Bean’s site for way too long and finding $30 sailor shirts! Winning!

  4. I am crushing on your outfit today. Love love love a chunky cable knit (Amanda Priestly be damned). I have one in cream I love and want one in black just because. I’m eyeballing the LL Bean tunic style with the funky brass zippers for my wish list.
    The cropped style with the high waist pants and leopard heels must give you legs for days.

  5. I can’t pull off the chunkier look, but I do have a lighter weight cable knit sweater that is a favorite. It’s still wool and since it’s less heavy, I can layer a button down underneath.

  6. Love them too – I have one from Ireland, and one from Madewell.
    You have to watch them though, if you are under 5’6″ or so – you can look like a woolen apple on a thick stick…
    And I might have to get one of those little ones for my little man Henry too.
    Now, I have to share this with you from Man Repeller, if you have not seen it – I have been reading you long enough to know you might relate! It’s funny…Sue shared it on The Zhush…

  7. Women’s sweater #1 – from LL Bean = amazing. It’s long (tunic style) and semi fitted. Its cozy without being bulky. I’ve found many fisherman type sweaters are too boxy and short, this one is not. Like a lot of warm weather LL Bean item (I’m talking to you Bean Boots!) it will sell out ridiculously early. This one was sold out all last winter so buy it while you can. My boyfriend thought I was crazy when I bough this on an 80 degree August day but I am thrilled to pull it out of my closet on the first day of sweater weather.

    ps – LL Bean in general is upping its style game lately, worth a look!

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