Bookmark These! Etsy Shops I’m Loving

I try not to give away all my best sources, but sometimes you just gotta share.  It’s so hard to find exactly what you want on Etsy due to the massive amount of shops available- so here are some of my favorite shops to look at for great home decor and accessory options.  From vintage rugs to fine furniture and incredible original art- there is so much to love about Etsy! CLICK IMAGES FOR LINKS.

I’ve been doing TONS of shopping on Etsy for rugs lately- here are a few shops I’ve used!

Old Vin Shop:



Rugzy Rugs:




MPW Rugs:




Loving the work of Weston Hobdy, a plein air landscape painter from Minnesota.




I also discovered the fabulous ink drawings by Lucy Auge in  the UK.  Original art for $80 a pop.  I’d love a series of these all framed the same and hung in a grid.


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Elizabeth Mayville is known for her portraits of girls with buns (adorbs) but she also has some fantastic still life works and landscapes!

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I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about Kai Samuels Davis before, but these pieces are SO stunning they are worth mentioning again.


il_570xn-663595306_cl5p il_570xn-671479168_pshf


Not all furniture of Etsy is crazy affordable- there are fine antiques dealers too if that is your thing.  I am loving these pieces from Full Bloom Cottage.





We use Etsy vendors a lot for pillows in designer fabrics for e-design clients who can’t use our workroom.  Fortuny1 has some really great fabric selections front he likes of Peter Denham, Jasper by Michael Smith and Brunschwig.

il_570xn-861519373_g8xd il_570xn-1026151688_n9xs

il_570xn-836216217_qfa4 il_570xn-1035850654_nlbl

I also adore the striped and tasseled throws and pillows on Atelier Boemia’s shop!

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And speaking of throws, these handmade beauties from BOTEH.

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And how about these magnificent modern baby quilts from Second Stitch to the Right? What a special gift this would be for a baby shower or special little child! You can customize the colors and fabrics too.




Forge Hardware Studio has you covered when it comes to good looking cabinet and furniture hardware.

il_570xn-901434744_kfzn il_570xn-902555203_a5qx


This Israeli pottery studio, One and Many makes amazing bowls, cups and vases in modern patterns.


il_570xn-1027190341_6f0p il_fullxfull-472758005_5w1s


I love these acrylic floater frames from Highland Hardware for framing silk scarves, memorabilia (like this little dress!) and art.



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  1. THANK YOU! I buy from Etsy fairly often, but I tend to tread lightly when buying unless I’m certain the service is representative of the post – so I love to hear others’ recommendations. When you first recommended Elizabeth Mayhew, I snapped up three of her originals and still love them a few years later (and am actually still kicking myself that I didn’t buy a couple others).

  2. Check out RugExVintage on Etsy. I just bought a oushak runner from him, and it’s beautiful! Plus amazing service.

  3. Interesting. I bought five vintage rugs today from the French equivalent of craigslist, so this caught my eye. They seem a bit faded for the price. Or else I got a really great deal. But they are far cheaper than a lot of the rugs I’ve seen online. I’m bookmarking just in case!

  4. These are good shops on Etsy but there is another great shop on Etsy they don’t sell rugs or paintings but they do gift baskets for every occasion and party favors such has bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays etc. The shop is called KeiNell Baskets she does beautiful work : )

  5. The artist who does the girls with buns is “Elizabeth Mayville,” not Elizabeth Mayhew.

    Great article – thanks for the recommendations!

  6. Thanks for the new sources! Have you actually purchased a rug from Old Vin Shop? I found one that I love but the feedback/reviews seem to be mixed. I want to ensure I am purchasing from a reputable source. Thanks!

  7. My wife is always on etsy. Its amazing. For one of a kind gifts and art she buys from ColorStyleDesign etsy shop. That’s our hidden gem! Enjoyed your post.

  8. These are very cool Etsy shops. I recently bought a nice essential oil rack on Etsy that was all crafted by hand and was blown away by the work that went into it. Do you worry about the fact that Etsy has allowed in more vendors recently that source elsewhere? Has it driven any of the quality down in your opinion?

    Great post and great shops I’ll check them out.

  9. I hope you’ll check out thebookmarkk ( for more people’s favorites. Several Etsy vendors are mentioned, especially for bachelorette parties, showers, etc.!

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