Elements by Erin Gates Collection Release Day!

** 3:20 p.m.  So obviously this has been a frustrating day for me (and those trying to shop the collection)- the products are still not all live but I’m told by tonight they should be.  I will continue to keep you posted.

** 12:25 You can shop some items here, but there are still more to come (candles, throws and more pillows).  Hope to have a complete update for you soon!

I’m so excited for this day to finally be here- it’s been a long time coming and I am so hopeful that you guys will not only like what you see but feel there is an item or two you want for your own space.  At 11 a.m. EST once it’s live I will update this post with links to everything!

Here is the lookbook I created for the line that shows you all the products in one place (and in some nice vignettes which suggest styling options!)

Thanks for being such wonderful cheerleaders not only for this project, but all my projects! Love you to bits, my EOS clan!



  1. Congratulations on some great pieces, I love them all! Am just reading your book (recent birthday gift, finally obtained in the UK) and am feeling very inspired. Will we have access to any of your line in the UK e.g on the wayfair site we have here over the pond? Failing that I need a trip over there just to shop!

  2. Very happy to see leopard pillows. I didn’t think you’d let us down! Stripes, leopard and Greek key; love them all. And all the other stuff too.

  3. Hello from Athens (Greece!) Loving all the Greek key designs! ;-)
    Congrats – everything looks beautiful.

  4. Congratulations on the “birth” of your newest baby! Perfection! Such an elegant combo of Classic and modern will make all these products feel comfortable in any home! Including mine!!!

  5. Best wishes for your new venture! Your offerings are lovely, indeed. Love your lookbook and how you styled each item. Classy, accessible and just GORgeous.

  6. Congratulations!! What a beautiful line. Excited to order some pieces to update our living room for the winter.

  7. Pillows are great, a little disappointed by the lamps…kind of look too similar to Target Threshold styles.

  8. Congratulations Erin. I am particularly pleased to see that you got the leopard fix in. How could it be your collection without the signature leopard. Done very right and tastefully so. I want everything and wish I could have those baskets and the leopard pillow shipped to Europe.


  9. Already placed my order of what was availalbe! I have Scalamandre Le Tigre lumbar pillows on my living room chairs and have been on the hunt for the perfect green pillows with greek key trim for our sofa and you literally answered my vision to a tee! Beautiful work! Thought I’d mention that Wayfair needs to update that they are down-filled on their site, as I had to scour to find that on your .pdf. Also would be nice to know if they have removable covers and what the fabric consists of?

    Congrats, Erin!

  10. I am so thrilled for you – your talent & hard work coming together in an inspirational way. Thank goodness I have in you a decorating muse who loves leopard as much as I do. I nabbed a couple of pillows for now!

  11. Hello, Erin!

    I’m really excited! I’m trying to purchase the Currant Rose Candle, but for some reason, I’m getting this message:
    “We can’t seem to find any products that match the term “ELET1288″ on our site.”

    Are these the ones we can’t buy yet? I’ll be patient because I love you!
    (But I anticipate that everything will be gone! soon! And I’ll end up without my candle -I’m totally going Veruca Salt over here!).
    Congratulations on this! I love it! You are such a role model!


    1. There will be plenty of stock, so don’t worry. It’s been a tough day waiting for them to fix the site. Check back in tonight/ tomorrow morning and hopefully it will all be sorted out!

  12. Thanks, Erin! I was getting the same message as Luzma, but I somehow managed to order 5 pillows! :)

    I can’t wait to receive them!!! I got the grey greek key and two leopard, of course!


  13. The site doesn’t seem to indicate what type of fill the pillow are and if they have a zip closure. Any info appreciated!

  14. Everything that I can see so far is STUNNING! And thank you for such incredibly reasonable price points! Don’t stress yourself out too much over the issues with the site — It’ll all still be absolutely gorgeous tomorrow :) SO excited for you and have loved following your journey!

  15. You’re probably pulling your hair out over the technical glitches , but – and I’m just go ahead and speak on behalf of all your loyal readers here – it’s okay! We’re all super excited for the collection, and are going to love it and shop it no matter what time the site decides to cooperate! This doesn’t reflect badly on you at all, though I’m sure it killed your buzz a bit – you’re a rock star, and the collection looks chic and amazing. Congrats again!!!!!

  16. Will there be more navy greek key pillows? they are out of stock and I got the last 3 of the 4 total I wanted to get :(

  17. Although I am sorry that your day has been frustrating – we all hate when a project does not go off as planned, I may be secretly a bit happy. I have been in back-to-back meetings nearly all day and was worried that there would not be anything left. Can’t wait to do some shopping! Congratulations to you – it’s a lovely line products. I am really looking forward to buying things for my home and presents for some friends and family.

  18. Congratulations Erin! I am sorry that technical difficulties frustrated your big day, but I know it will be worth the wait! I can’t wait to receive what I am sure will be only the first of many orders!

  19. Love the greek trim pillows! I was so hoping there would be a pale blue color for those. Sadly, I don’t think the available colors work in my living room :-(

  20. Super bummed that the throw I wanted is now out of stock. I checked ALL DAY from the west coast. I have been waiting since you announced to order it for a friend for her birthday which is on Friday & specifically didn’t order the candle I also want to get her due to the throws not being available. Now her present is going to be incomplete and late. Feels like a Target release.

  21. Erin, is the broken strip throw grey or tan? On the wayfair site it says it comes in Blue or Tan but most of your pictures show it looking grey. Also it is out of stock – sold out? or just not available yet?


  22. Have prices gone up since yesterday? The diamond pillow I bought yesterday for $58 is now listed as $91…

    1. I saw this too. I tried to make a purchase yesterday, I had trouble with the site, and I came back today and the price on the pillow had gone up by like 40%.

      1. There are two different sizes.. the lumbar size is $59 and the big square is $91. Be sure you are looking at the right one!

      2. Yes. Prices definitely went up since yesterday. Was going to order the Greek key throw pillow but was waiting for the rest of the items to get posted. Now, the pillows I’d put into my cart have gone up to $71. A bit more than I’d planned on spending.

    2. I will ask the team at Wayfair about the pricing- yesterday the site was completely messed up so I believe the prices today are the right prices, but I could be wrong. SO SORRY about this.

  23. Your taste is impeccable, Erin. Is it just me or it there a hint of pink in that more neutral palette? I have this shade called Brandy Cream (BenjieM.) in part of my home (lovely neutral with a hint of pink). I’m thinking that all of the palettes that you selected might work with that shade (or would that non-navy palette be more of a near miss?)

    I also have this wonderful shade–a warm ivory color with a hint of yellow called Mannequin Cream (or Creme) in another part of my home. I’m thinking the white and navy might be terrific there. What do you think Erin and/or others who love to decorate like me?

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