Fashion Friday: I Just Want to Be Comfy!

It’s been a long but short week- I’ve been bananas all week at the office, culminating in being out last night until 11:15 y’all (officially the latest I’ve stayed up since getting pregnant) while judging the IIDA New England’s Coutourism Fashion Show (I hope to post a recap next week- it was incredible and so inspiring!)

So I woke up this morning tired, behind in my schedule- hence the late post- and needing to get dressed.  And as I have most days since becoming a mom- I just want to be comfy and able to move!  However, I never, ever want to look like a slob.  You never know who you will run into in the course of a day, and should always look somewhat pulled together (in my opinion- this also goes for while traveling!)  I cringe when I see people running errands in actual Ugg slippers and pajama pants.  There are so many easy ways to be super cozy and comfortable but while looking relatively chic and like you tried a little!

My formula for fall- stretchy skinny jeans (try these or these), leggings (obsessed with these from Spanx because, well, mama needs a little compression and that tiny ankle slit is perfection) or faux leather leggings PLUS a big comfy sweater, cardigan, poncho or vest paired with a nice long sleeve tee.  There are even sweatshirts with nice structure and design that look for like jackets than the ol’ college hoodie you have stuffed in the back of your closet.


SWEATSHIRTS (pair with nice, thick leggings and cool sneaks like these, or flay black suede booties!)l to r: 1, 2, 3, 4

SWEATERS: Wear with stretchy skinny jeans and flat boots, ballet flats or slouchy suede booties and a funky piece of jewelry ROW 1: 1, 2, 3, 4  ROW 2: 1, 2(washable cashmere you guys!) 3, 4

VESTS/ PONCHOS: Pair with a fitted long sleeve tee and skinny jeans or leggings and booties or boots! l to r: 1, 2, 3, 4

Shop this post (including some fun other finds not shown here!)


  1. I seriously type this comment wearing a similar outfit- my newly one year old decided not to let me get dressed without holding her today so something easy was necessary! Comfy is the best.

    Happy Friday Erin!

    I’ve got some weekend links + steals on my blog today-

  2. This is one thing I LOVE about living in the Pacific Northwest – women here really have their “elevated comfort” game on point around here! I also love that, because of the grueling hills, there is absolutely NO pressure to wear heels – they’re just not do-able here!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Any suggestions on long sleeved tees is appreciated as well! I have found the perfect short sleeve shirts but am still searching for a long sleeve one!! Thanks as always…;):)

  4. Yes to this! I live for comfy but also want to look like I give a damn. Plus, having a little “formula” makes it easy. Skinny pant, tissue weight ls tee or turtleneck, longer sweater/jacket and a boot. Maybe add a scarf if the sweater is on the slim side.

    I’m looking for a good faux leopard vest right now. I am with you in the “leopard is a neutral” camp and love how it looks with burgundy. So rich and pretty.

  5. If it’s comfy you want (and who doesn’t) then I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Cuddl Duds! Great for layering too. Especially in the winter because I’m always cold. Warm, but lightweight. I’m telling you you’re going to be blogging about them and saying “I had never heard of Cuddl Duds until a reader mentioned them.” Seriously. They’re that good. So, so soft and comfy….like wearing buttah. Check them out. They have tops, leggings, socks, you name it.

  6. Okay that red sweatshirt is EVERYTHING! I need it immediately. Everything is so beautiful and looks so cozy. I’m also obsessed with Spanx leggings I think they are the best. Thanks for putting this list together!!

  7. You are speaking my language! I’m wearing stretchy straight leg jeans (yay team stretch!), a GAP Breton stripe t that is maybe 10 years old but still looks perfect and a zip front cable cardigan with leopard print canvas slip-ons. I’m in the equivalent of wearing pj pants and Uggs but look a heck of a lot better.
    Not only have I seen women in pjs at the grocery store (mid day so you know they’re not just dashing in for milk for breakfast), they were wearing actual bedroom slippers. Even Uggs would be an improvement on that. I thought it was just our Seattle grunge thing but if they’re doing it in Boston, it’s everywhere.
    Thank you for helping everyone up their style game. Out till 11:15 pm, you night owl.

  8. Hi Erin,
    I love your suggestions but was wondering if you have any ideas for a lower price point. I have a 2 .5 year old son and these days I feel like all of my money is spent on him which leaves less for Mommy’s few and far between shopping trips!

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