New Wallpaper Obsession

Even though Henry is only turning 1 in a few weeks (side note: how did that happen so fast?) I admittedly have been thinking about his “big boy room”. And you know that means WALLPAPER.   A client introduced me to this line, Sian Zeng, and I am straight up obsessed.  Not only is it a darling modern take on classic toile and scenic papers, but many designs are magnetic!  And she sells these darling magnets that go with the paper to create fun playful scenes for kids!

I just adore this Dinosaur “toile” pattern (loving it with the green trim, btw)


Or the pink Woodlands paper


I can’t EVEN with those flying pig magnets!


This olive green and blue combo is really speaking to me (sans yellow flying pig- many are available as plain ol’ wallpaper!)



The Dino paper is classic grey….


This Hua Tree paper is gorgeous (and reminds me a bit of Henry’s nursery mural paper) and could be used in adult spaces as well.



The pink would be just DARLING in a baby girl’s nursery.


This cloud paper would be awesome in a small space that wouldn’t necessarily be and expected spot for paper- inside a closet, or the ceiling of a study.



They also made the Woodland pattern in bedding and it’s so cute I feel like my head might explode.



Shop all Sian Zeng stuff here!



  1. Oh my goodness- those flying pigs! And the pink trees- so dang good.

    I’ve got actually cute nursing clothes on my blog today if you’re interested!

  2. Love love that Dino paper! Thanks for sharing this new resource!!! Side note- OBSESSED with my new Elements lumbar pillows! Such great quality! Any chance you’ll do the euro velvet Greek key trim pillows in black?!?

  3. Erin this is bananas – I spent half my morning googling wallpaper that would approximate the gorgeous mural in your nursery. You are just the best!

  4. I love learning about wallpaper sources. Would you consider sharing some wallpaper choices for kitchens? That would be much appreciated.

  5. Magnetic wallpaper?! I had no idea this was a thing! How fun and perfect for kids’ spaces! (Or those of us that still feel like kids) :)

  6. This wallpaper is so amazing, thanks for sharing! I’m definitely going to let my sister know; I think her kids will totally flip ~ and she was thinking about re-wallpapering anyway. Beautiful pics, and great post!

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