I Want To Go To There: Greydon House

I have been patiently (ok, not patiently) for the opening of Nantucket’s newest boutique hotel Greydon House for months now. I’d seen sneak peeks and it looked to be right up my design alley.  And now that it’s open and the interior pictures have been circulating I’m delighted to say HOLY SH*T I’M FREAKING OUT.

This place is perfection. Total, complete perfection. Designed by the famous Roman & Williams (architecture by Emeritus Development– also fantastic), the interiors could not be more on target with the classically preppy look full of antiques and yet with modern touches.  I think this is a magical project and I am counting the months until I can go spend a weekend here (I tried booking a room for Stroll a couple days ago and that was hilarious because of course every room on the island is already booked, especially these.)

Here’s a peek at the fabulousness that is abound at Greydon House:


How charming- this was a doctor’s office building in years past.


The logo and signage is so on point.





Adorable. Just adorable.  I feel more relaxed already just looking at these rooms!


Oh, and there is a cocktail cart that roams the halls int eh evenings. A COCKTAIL CART YOU GUYS.


The bathrooms may be my favorite part….


The scenic delft tiles! I would have never thought to use something so traditional in a space like this but it is pure genius.  With that bohemian striped shower curtain and the brass accents it’s seriously brilliant design.


I love the color on the woodwork in the restaurant (which is apparently amazing)


I wish this was what my Thanksgiving was going to look like :)


The moody bar is incredible- from the scenis wallcovering (or perhaps mural?) to the modern/rustic wood stools and the rich woodwork.  “Cozy” doesn’t even begin to cover it.


The hotel also has a signature scent created just for them–it apparently has notes of “sunrise fog, ambergris, cedar, sunbaked canvas, fern, driftwood, iris root, coiled rope, violet, and midnight bonfire.”  Yup, that sounds about right, although I’m not sure how coiled rope smells….


An installation of what I can only assume is a collection of antique ship artwork.


The exterior is charming as well (worth mentioning- the location is PERFECT- right in town and walkable to all the fab shops and harbor)



So yes, as you can tell this is my jam.  Has anyone been (I know it JUST opened recently off-season but please share if so!)

I want to also wish all of you a wonderful, happy, healthy Thanksgiving.  I know this is a unique holiday in that tensions are high and people are feeling uneasy, so why not cut to the chase and post this sign outside your door tomorrow above a basket to let everyone know that this holiday is about gratitude and love and we should all focus on the blessings we do have and not our feelings of unease.

Download and print :)




  1. Wow, amazing detail in the hotel, I want to go there too! Also, LOVE the door sign…much needed at both my Thanksgiving gatherings!! Wish me luck! (and to you and all others as well!)

  2. Yes, there will be some very awkward Thanksgiving dinners this year.

    Beautiful place! The woodwork in what I assume is the lobby is so damn GORGEOUS!!

  3. You make me wish I lived within driving distance of this wonderful inn. Sigh and repeat sigh. Agree with you on the “no politics” ban. We’ve stated that anyone who wants to talk about the election has to go sit in their cars. And talk to themselves.
    After our Turkey dinner, we’re all off to the movies to see “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”. We can argue about the best Harry Potter movies afterwards instead….

  4. Wow this looks amazing.

    On the eve of Thanksgiving, I want to tell you I am thankful for you. You are without a doubt one of the best bloggers out there – so real and engaging, and with substantive content. Do you know how rare that is? Your eye for detail has help me improve my own. And because you are so real and so truthful, I put a lot of trust in your recommendations (just received the Crane & Canopy bedding I ordered after your post and I do in fact love it!). Thank you for all the hard work you put into this. All the best to you this holiday season.

    1. I want to chime in here too – there are truly a handful of bloggers out there
      who are the best and you’re one of them! Thank you for your tiredness efforts
      to bring order and design into our homes and closets too (I’ve ordered some of
      the clothes you recommend on Fridays). Now seeing you with little Henry,
      brings everything full circle. You deserve every bit of it! Happy Thanksgiving to
      you and yours!

  5. The bedding! When people say they’re afraid to mix patterns that’s the picture to show how beautifully and simply it can be done.

    Here’s a thought: write some fun conversation ideas on slips of paper to pull out of a bowl when things get tense. Call a time out and then try to move the discussion over to things like: best meal you had in a restaurant this year, best Christmas present you ever received, song you found yourself listening to on repeat, career/college major that in another life you might have pursued, the story of how you met your spouse/significant other–positive things that might spark conversation. Hopefully it says to your loved one that while you don’t agree with their politics, you still care for them and take in interest in them.

  6. We went for drinks in the cozy bar during a girls weekend this fall. It was amazing, fireplaces going, comfortable seating, cocktails and bar snacks on point. You are right, location can’t be beat. I’m excited to go back and see what it’s like this summer.

  7. what a lovely post! I downloaded some pictures for my screensaver…. and then someone just couldn’t help herself and injected her politics. dayum.

  8. Erin, I’ve been obsessing about the bedding since you first posted it last week. Any idea who makes it? Thank in advance!

  9. I am on island for Thanksgiving/Stroll and went by the Greydon house for cocktails the other day… Insta-worthy perfection! (Plus the drinks were oh so delicious.) The detail and quality is out of this world. If the bar is any indication of the rest of the hotel than it is definitely worth the wait!

  10. I have not been inside but i saw the outside this summer it is stunning! The flowers were amazing, they had a crazy water system to get to the second floor flower boxes.

  11. I was there over Thanksgiving. Even the bathrooms in the bar are on point (an incredible custom carrara sink bowl in one, and both full of unlacquered brass and chinoiserie goodness – and yes, I went into BOTH powder rooms to check them out). The lobby door/wall colors are an incredible dark high gloss teal that I want so much in my home now. Gorgeous.

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