A Decorative Palette Cleanser.

Immediately following the holidays I always find myself craving clean, calm and crisp environments.  Out with excess and busy details of the holiday season and in with simplicity.  We’ve already given the heave-ho to all all Christmas decor and I’m the process of editing everything down in our home (and my wardrobe).  As a visual palette cleaners, here is an amazing monochromatic space (via this French blog) that really OWNS the black and white look.  Right down to the children’s room.  I love how this looks, but it would be so hard to not let ANY color into my space I think.  But I love the way it looks and keeps everything neat and tidy looking, even if it’s not!


Love the floor :)



Fresh air wafting through the eat in kitchen– sounds SO nice right about now as my skin basically is cracking and peeling off from the dry indoor heat!




These floors are heaven!




Love the painted hallway floors too…


A dramatic patterned wall means you can get away with no headboard!



Nothing beats good natural light in a space!


Still cute and kid friendly, even without any bold color.


The simple palette makes this small-ish space feel much, much bigger.




I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!




  1. Love this! Totally with you that the excess of the holidays always drives me to purge and simplify! I’m already daydreaming about the refreshing color of spring. :)

  2. Thank you for making me feel normal. I had all my Christmas decor down by 5pm on Dec. 26. I’ve had a few FB friends say they plan on leaving theirs up for another week. HOW? I was a little sad to see it go, but my anxiety from Christmas throwing up in my house was making my eye twitch (my one year old got the Amazon toy department from my parents). ;) I’m craving clean spaces like this after months of seasonal decor.

  3. This post urges me to ask a question of the chicest blog I know – do you have a recommendation for a quartz that looks like carrera marble? Most I’m finding are so repetitive or blurry. My sweet husband let me go crazy designing our new kitchen but has put his foot down on carrera countertop. I would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions! Sincerely, Alex (your everyday, obsessed reader!)

    1. Look at Neolith if you haven’t yet. It’s the best replica of marble I’ve seen and even my very experienced fabricator says that he has trouble distinguishing between real and Neolith until closer inspection. I’m about to put it in my laundry room so I don’t have firsthand experience yet, but I hear it’s very durable. And of course there’s always quartzite, which is real stone that performs like granite but looks almost like marble. I’ve had it in my kitchen for 2 years now and it’s absolutely bulletproof, doesn’t etch, stain, etc. Here on the west coast the white color is called White Macaubus but I think elsewhere it’s called something else. And what better vote of confidence do you need than the fact that Erin has it in her kitchen?!

  4. Yes to the wardrobe edit! I noticed as I putting gifts away that I have to purge a lot of things that “no longer serve” me. That’s the mantra I hear we’re supposed to use. Does this serve me? No? Then off it goes. Easier said than done….

  5. I absolutely love the way this place was designed, totally correct in that “crisp” is the best descriptor. Black and white is such a timeless look, when properly and elegantly executed like this it adds a whole new level of depth. I actually used the same color scheme in my new apartment and I’m loving it, I used a furnishing service to create a foundation to build upon. The service I used is called Furnishr if you’re curious, they’ve got some cool options at http://www.furnishr.com.

  6. I’m with you- the tree and all Christmas decorations came down on the 26th. I love love love Christmas but when it’s over “bye bye!” I was also craving a clean space and put away the big playmat that was taking over my living room.

  7. This IS very chic. I especially love that nearly everything (including the kitchen) came from IKEA. Just goes to show that when used well, inexpensive pieces can look and function wonderfully. Also the black and white is timeless. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love that there is green in every shot. It is in the room or right outside. The black and white is there but I saw the green. Loved the dining room and kitchen. Don’t know how people get cozy in their bed with a headboard of some sort, I think it grounds the bed. Thanks for always finding styles I so enjoy perusing.

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