Fashion Friday: NYE Dressing By Effort Level.

So, it’s New Years Eve tomorrow night and I bet a lot of you have fun plans. As do I. Sitting on my couch (post putting Henry down), watching some episodes of The Crown with Andrew and a nice bottle of red and then going to bed by 10. BOOM. I bet you’re so jealous.  But really, I can think of nothing I want to do more than that.  I’m the youngest granny on the block, and I embrace it now, instead of getting all FOMO about life like I used to.  No glittery Instagram party snaps will make me feel bad about slothing it on the sofa this year!  But more power to you if you are so motivated! So I partnered with Nordstrom, my favorite place to shop online, to bring you four New Years Eve outfits based on your effort level from 1(leggings) to 4 (Spanx).  You’re bound to find inspiration in at least one of these ensembles, if not for tomorrow night, than another night in the near future.





SHOP THE OUTFIT (this one almost makes me wish I had plans because DAMN, that skirt…)



Happy end of 2016 everyone! Here’s to hoping for a fabulous 2017!

** This post was sponsored by Nordstrom.  All selections and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting those companies that keep EOS going for a TENTH year!



  1. Love it all except I live in a small town and cannot get any of this for New Year’s Eve. Posting this earlier would have been great.

  2. I cannot tell you how much I love the idea of dressing by effort levels! I wish this was every fashion post, so cute! (Also, love the clothes.)

  3. “Spanx and open toed heels. You aren’t messing around.” I wish keyboards had emojis because I’d spam this comment box with the laughing/crying emoji.

    On a completely unrelated note, you should listen to the How I Built This Podcast (episode 1) with Sara Blakely, the creator of Spanx (you know, in all your free time). She talks about creating Spanx, getting them onto the market, and how she’s a billionaire thanks to underwear we’re all wearing under our fancy clothes. omg.

    1. I live in the same city as Sara Blakely, and once sat a a traffic light next to her in her convertible Mercedes, in which she was sitting eating fries. LOL. Spanx makes that possible!

  4. I’m going to be somewhere between 1 & 2 this year. My in-laws are pretty casual, and their kids will all be rocking awesome jammies, of which I’ll be insanely jealous.

    Do you think they’d mind if I rocked a fleece onesie? ;-)

  5. Erin I’m with you, effort level 1 at a push! May make it to midnight but by then will have graduated to pj’s! Happy new year to you, Andrew & Henry. Look forward to sharing good times in 2017! xx

  6. Please do every fashion post in levels. This was great!! By the way, I just completed all the CROWN episodes and cannot wait for the new season. I loved it! Your thoughts ? Happy New Year and congrats on the new office space.

  7. What a great way to describe “levels” of party-dom! Not all of us go for the whole red carpet NYE. And thank you for links that work! Really enjoying the blog.

  8. I’m a solid one and have been for years. We’re having dinner in front of the fireplace and may finish in the hot tub outside if weather permits. When the ball drops in Times Square, we call it a night. Um, we live in Seattle. When the neighbors shoot off fireworks at our midnight, I might wake up and roll over.
    Or I might sleep right through that.

  9. I love your Effort Level idea so much, it literally made me laugh out loud, but it’s so darn true! I think my effort level will be about a 2 this year, but I do have a jumpsuit I’d love to wear again, but alas, it will likely be jeans and a top! Nice to see you back Erin, I hope you had an amazing holiday and Happy New Year to you and your family!

    P.S. I received one of your Greek Key throws for Christmas and I just love it! :-)

    ~ Rieka {}

  10. Great post – and very funny. We are staying in as well…when people ask why I just tell them that NYE (and St. Patrick’s Day) is for amateurs. In reality, I’d rather just be at home reading a book and cuddling with the pups. Our friends plan a get together on New Year’s Day instead so we can meet up, eat some great food, drink wine, and start out the new year on a positive note with people who are close to us.

  11. Erin I think you’re onto something, your next book idea maybe? Dressing by effort level, I’d buy it.
    Happy New Years
    (effort level 1.5, walk to local outdoor concert, visit food trucks, walk home with the honey.)

  12. Love this! Level 1 all the way!! Already have all the pieces. Have stepped down the scale over the past 20 years and very happy to have landed at 1.

    Happy New Year!

  13. ha! hilarious…. I was somewhere between a 1 and a 2, had a few neighbors over for dinner, with kids, we made fun cocktails, had on some sparkle but never took my slippers off.

  14. I absolutely love your style and these outfits are gorgeous. I dress at Level 0 for NYE… My friends and I started a tradition called “Pajama New Year’s” a few years ago and we play games and watch football and pajamas are mandatory. This year my sister wore a fleece mermaid onesie.

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