Predicting Home Trends for 2017

I thought I’d take a stab at predicting what we’re going to be seeing more of in 2017 in the design world.  Of course, the best look for a home is the one YOU love, so buck the trends as you see fit– but if you are looking for some inspiration for change, here it is!


2017 is setting up to be a very uncertain year, so I think people are going to crave peace and comfort in their homes– which means less jarring color and more soft, pastel tones and grey-ed down colors.  I’m thinking of going this route in my own living room (if I ever get around to doing it). I am not one who thinks the Pantone Color of the Year is correct (acid green? WHY?)

One Kings Lane (Mark Cunningham)




One Kings Lane


Apartment Therapy


Beyond the now ubiquitous white and grey, I think you’ll be seeing a lot of taupe, blue and green cabinets in kitchens, pantries and mudroom/laundry rooms done in traditional style.  Even modern design loving gals like Emily Henderson are going the trad route with their kitchens.  I also think we’re going to see less open shelving and more closed cabinetry– keeping clutter out of sight and lines clean and simple.


deVOL Kitchens


Green and blue cabinets are going to be the new grey.



House & Home


While brass will still be super hot, I think we’ll be seeing a resurgence of polished nickel hardware and plumbing fixtures again.  I still think satin nickel is a slightly dated finish, and chrome is a tad cold and industrial– polished nickel has a slightly warmer cast and more depth to it. It looks super clean and classic.






You probably saw on Instagram that designer Lauren Liess picked some totally unique quartzite for her new kitchen, kicking off a trend I see for this year of people wanting to use more unique stone finishes in kitchens and baths.  I’m thinking more brown based stones as well as those with green and blue casts to them.


Fantasy Brown


Pietra Brown


Nothing new by a LONG shot, but I do think we will see the use of classic looking flooring like checkerboard marble and stone floors in kitchens as a hot trend (like last years cement tile trend).  Also graphic, painted floors will make a big comeback.


Bonnie Williams, Delaware

Bunny Williams



A graphic punch is needed now and then, perhaps in the form of black pendants in a kitchen or over a table?


Studio McGee



House & Home


Tailored, detailed and custom made- nothing finishes off a space like draperies.  I think we’ll be seeing more and more luxurious and old school formal style drapes this year keeping in the theme of cozy and safe feeling spaces.




We’ve been seeing the traditional sensibility in design come back in the past year and I think that will only grow.  Lots of antiques, details, flourish, floral chintz, skirted tables, slipcovered seating and classic pieces but used in unique combinations with modern flair.


Furlow Gatewood (p.s. that is a painted floor above- amazing)


Mark Sikes


Mark Sikes


Jeffrey Bilhuber


Betsy Brown


Limed oak and other pale wide plank wood flooring became hot in 2016, and it will only continue.  Also look for more use of brick indoors in mudrooms, entries and other spaces needing durable materials.


O’Brien Harris (also, we’ll se a lot of wood cabinets making a return!)





What do you think we’ll see more of in 2017?








  1. I’ll be interested in seeing how people bring back traditionalism but with an edge. I love how pattern and texture (brick, for instance) will continue.

  2. My two cents, for what they are worth: Pantone color of the year is HORRIBLE. I love green – have a green dining room (Ben Moore Georgian Green) and hubby’s office (Ben Moore Great Barrington Green) as well as lots of green accents in the family room, but that acid green is gross. I am more of a traditionalist, so I love many of your predictions. I know I am in the minority here, but if I see a Saarinen table in a space I am instantly turned off – looks so school cafeteria to me.

    1. hmm. I hear you with the mid mod brining in an institutional vibe, but I want to see that school cafeteria.

  3. Love your predictions and such a helpful post! We are making final decisions on kitchen renovation and good to know we are on the right path. Happy New Year!

  4. Pretty rooms again! Granny chic. Traditional rooms with modern art. Love your posts Erin. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  5. I don’t know whether I’m happy about traditionalism or not. I definitely prefer a timeless interior to a trendy one. But if traditional becomes trendy, will it remain timeless?
    The living room with plank floors really needs a carpet. The floor is beautiful and so is the furniture, but to me it feels a tad cold without a carpet. Like the one in the Apartment Therapy bedroom in the first group.

  6. Just wow. What a post! The word trendy makes me shudder and yet trendy traditionalism has my heart. I seriously got out my computer after scrolling on my phone and thinking, damn, I need to see this better and start using that pinterest thing again. and that painted floor!?!
    EOS, killing it in 2017-

  7. I don’t think mod/trad really ever was not a thing . it reminds me of the current white house designer,
    Michael Smith. his look iselegant traditional juxaposed with super bold graphic wallpapers, unexpected color schemes and dramatic modern art pieces.

  8. Great post! I am excited that traditional decor is making a big comeback. I like to consider my style to be traditional with a trendy twist (and lots of flourishes!). I see so many rooms online that look like catalog shoots where everything is new. I have always liked to mix old, new, handmade, inexpensive, and pricier items for the collected look. I love to collect and hunt for items. I even recently found a bust similar to yours that I am just gaga for. She just got a prominent spot in the living room after taking down the holiday decor. Happy New Year to you and your family, Erin! :-)

    ~Rieka {}

  9. I think people are craving warmth in their homes. I foresee more wood being used in new ways – preppy rooms with (brace yourself) wood paneling and brick, plaids, patterns and traditional rugs and draperies… Warm neutrals, small pattern herringbone and chinoiserie chic will hang on but hopefully cool neutrals and large pattern herringbone will see the door.

    1. I agree seeing a lot of similar looks coming back. Homes that have more of a collected look yet bright and airy. Sort of what my house looked like before I changed it all. Maybe I could have saved some money if I just waited. Haha.

  10. There is nothing acid about Greenery!!! It is a beautiful spring green that wil look gorgeous with anything!!
    I agree about the open shelving though – never nderstood it

    1. The open shelving thing puzzled me too – Who has such perfectly matching plates and glassware – and what about the dust and dirt factor?

  11. Beautiful rooms! Thanks for taking time to pull them together. Especially enjoyed some of the floors and great-looking light fixtures.

  12. When I saw the fantasy brown quartzite here, I smiled. I chose and installed this in my kitchen in 2015 and it is stunning!

    1. Not sure, but it looks a lot like my L.R. color, Ben Moore’s Woodlawn Blue – a light , sort of robin’s egg-y blue.

    2. I’m almost positive it’s Sea Salt by SW. I picked it out for my master bath remodel. As I’m looking for a colour for the children’s bathroom (and Woodlawn Blue is on the list!), I’m seeing Sea Salt on so many Pinterest pages!! It’s a great colour; grey, blue, green – all depending on the light.

  13. Erin,
    Absolutely one of your best posts! Love all these rooms and the feeling of calm they portray! Good way to step into 2017. Keep up the great work.


  14. Love all of this!!! Polished nickel finish is definitely the way to go with kitchen/bath faucets, shower heads, cabinet hardware, etc., and antique brass or unlacquered brass finish is great for interior and exterior door hardware. If you want to use chrome for easier upkeep (polished nickel does in fact need to be polished periodically in my experience), use it in kids’ bathrooms.

  15. I love, love that this post is essentially a rhetorical analysis on upcoming design trends (I have a master’s in rhetoric, so I adore the topic). There’s always a “why” behind trends, and you nailed it. I had similar thoughts about holiday decor this year—so many traditional, green-and-red, natural looks, even for people who usually lean more mod/contemporary, and I think it’s because times are uncertain and folks want what feels safe and familiar.

    Thanks for the good read today.

  16. Hi Erin, Happy New Year! I’d like to see more pops of color and art of course! I do love those crisp white kitchens with the black pendant lights, so chic and minimal. Nice inspiration today!

  17. Could I get more info on the picture under the Studio McGee photo? There is no link for it.

    Thank you

  18. A trend I’ve noticed popping up this past year is the omission of kitchen islands; with tables in their place. Very European (esp Italy)…used as work stations if extra counter space is needed. I love it! What are your thoughts on that?

  19. How do you feel about roman shades? I have a large picture window I don’t know what to do with that butts right up to a fireplace so curtains aren’t a great options.

  20. My goodness, it’s like you are in my head! I am building a house: reclaimed antique brick in mud room, painted blue island, stone floor in entry, hall and kitchen angle with inlaid contrasting colour, traditional wood cabinets with modern hits, black barrel shades over island and polished nickel faucets (wanted brass but thought would date), wide plank hardwood in living room, herringbone in dining and parlour. Love your blog. Agree acid greenies not anything I will ever paint a room in my home!!

  21. I think you are right when you said that people are going to want peach and comfort in their home in 2017. I feel like everything is so chaotic and your home is somewhere you can go to escape anything. I recently used a furnishing service called Furnishr for my bedroom and they really made the space feel like home. The design that I chose was simple, but warm and really fit my personality and now when I go home at night I can relax in peace. if you wanted to check them out.

  22. Loved this post. Was wondering what you though about subway tiles? It seems like they are everywhere but after looking at so many I think they may look dated very quickly. Trying to pick something for my Bath Reno.

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