Fashion Friday: Uniform Dressing in Black & Leopard

Obviously it’s known that I love leopard. And I know some people really don’t. But it is a time-tested way to add punch to otherwise simple outfits. Comboined with solid black in small or large doses, it always looks chic, playful and yet timeless. I would kill for this whole outfit, for example.  And you could picture it on Jackie O or Jenna Lyons in equal measure, right?

You can just wear some shoes….


Be bold with some pants (pairs with LOTS of solid black to tone it down) or go casual with booties…

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Downtown cool or uptown chic… it’s a pattern that transcends styles, ages and body types.

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Perhaps a fuzzy jacket is a bit scary for you? Well, I’ve pulled together a slew of basic black + leopard outfits sure to please you no matter what tolerance you have for this pattern!


SKIRTS (from the office to a formal event!)



PANTS (from jeans to sleek trousers)


DRESSES: From swishy mini-leopard to simply some heels!)






    1. Brittany the comments section is not supposed to be a platform for promoting your own blog. I’ve noticed that you have done it in other blogs I follow as well. Not cool!

      1. When blogging was a lot younger it was a very accepted practice . Not sure if it really has become rude. Or if you just don’t see it as much because the comment sections of a lot of blogs died off a few years ago. It’s easier to reach people through Instagram.

  1. Hi E, loving the leopard – do you have the deets for the black cowl neck tunic (outfit #3)? I can’t seem to find it in the post.

    1. wow thanks for that fashion tip lorrie
      i just ordered this dress on your recommendation!!
      it will be perfect for cali outdoor wedding in the fall…excited

  2. As we kick off the new year, can I just say THANK YOU for Fashion Friday? I always find something I like and totally appreciate the inclusion of highish/lowish items. You are really good at these posts. I also wore a replica of the first outfit featured to a rehearsal dinner last October and love that look!

  3. Seriously good… I’m loving the inspiration photo with the camel coloured coat and the leopard shoes! I’ve got black stilettos on in the office right now but man those shoes would really take my black turtleneck up a notch!

  4. I’ve recently gotten into this look and bought a pair of leopard flates from the Parisian designer, Sezane. They are so stylish and well-made, and dress up any outfit. They also have leopard pumps, which have the most beautiful profile.

    1. Garance Doré has a piece on Sézane today. How’s that for coincidence!
      Erin, you are so right about leopard. I lust for a leopard car coat (do they still call them that? A short coat, kind of swingy?), but I have found that my leopard flats got the most mileage. Like a neutral, yet zingier.

  5. Leopard is a staple in my wardrobe and has been for years and years. You are so right, paired with black or a beautiful cognac it is timeless. Fun resources, thank you for all the sourcing you do. I know that takes a lot of time.

  6. Hi Erin,

    I’m a big fan of the black/leopard combo Do you happen to have the details of the leopard coat in the picture. I’m searching for a good one and have had no luck in finding “the one”.


  7. I like these looks as well but really wanted to comment on how much I like the new? format of where to buy the items featured! Much more user friendly! Appreciate the update!!

  8. This could be one of my favorite posts as I’m a leopard lover- it’s a basic as far as I’m concerned. I wear one piece almost every day. I’m known for it at work and amongst my friends. I don’t have a full skirt & love the look of the first picture., so that’s next on my list for leopard purchases. And like you, I have it on my stairs- always makes me happy to come home.

  9. Erin, any recommendations on where to find leopard booties like the ones shown? Great post. Thanks!

  10. Love this! I love leopard but have mostly stuck to my flats and one top, so I’d love to add a couple more pieces. But what am I missing to shop the outfits? I only see the first six items in each section and can’t get it to scroll or click over to see the rest.

  11. I would love a pair of booties similar to the ones shown but with a low heel. Would appreciate any feedback from you or other followers.
    Love all your inspirational pictures. Leopard really does up the elegance of an outfit.

  12. I love your fashion posts. Your suggested pairings are always really inspiring and helpful. And I love that you identify the store and price point beneath the items — thank you!

  13. While I’m on a shopping diet, I seriously NEED a leopard scarf in a silky fabric. Long oblong preferred. NEED.
    Back before baby, you used to do a this or that showing home design and the equivalent outfit. My living room would totally fit. Thanks in part to my fabulous Elements leopard pillows. They’re the leopard stiletto pumps of the look.
    Love this post and love fashion Fridays.

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