Current Favorite Lighting from Circa!

I’m on a kick wanting to replace some lighting in my house that I no longer love (some basic flushmounts I rushed to put in during that last moments of renovation drama three years ago). So I’ve been constantly looking at whats out there for new lighting and thought it was a good time to share all the new items my sponsor Circa Lighting (and our #1 source for lighting for clients- known to the trade as Visual Comfort).  There are SO many good ones and swapping out old fixtures is a fast way to give new life to your space.

My favorite pendants and lanterns for kitchens, entries and hallways or even over smaller round dining tables.
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A fab selection of table lamps and task lamps in a variety of styles:

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Chandeliers that are both simple and over the top awesome.


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A couple new flushmount styles that could dress sup a bedroom ceiling or pantry or closet!

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And some floor lamps that are perfect accents for areas you need a little extra light (or visual height).

floorlamp arn1501habwht_1

arn1101habprc_5 arn1301gl_1

Sconces are my favorite kind of decorative light, and they are not short on amazing styles (tip: when installing sconces that are specifically for bathrooms over a vanity pay very close attention to the wattage and bulb type- too dim light is a disaster in a bathroom!)

s2177habpl_1 untitled-1

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s2601hab_5 arn2006wht_9

And when installing picture lights above built ins, I am loving these (amongst every other style they offer!)

sl2706hab_5 chd5147an_5

** This post was sponsored by Circa Lighting who has supported EOS for years. Thanks for showing them some love! :)



  1. thank you, THANK you for introducing this line to me! I still have boob lights in my house (hanging my head in shame) and these lights are blowing my mind. I love that blank hanging pendant!

    xo, brittany
    the prettiest kitchen is on my blog today!

  2. These are so beautiful- always admire your selections! I was wondering if you might be able to provide any insight on how to pair lighting fixtures…I am so struggling with finding coordinating, but not matchy-matchy, pendants over an island and chandelier over dining table. What a headache! Should I be focusing on finish? Shape? All of the above? Thank you!

  3. ♥♥♥ circa lighting! I go to them first when choosing lighting. I have been looking for lighting for our new home. I am with you, lighting is jewelry for a room and can elevate any room. I just ordered some sconces and overhead lighting for my entry hall. I tend to love circa, Hudson Valley and Thomas O’brien lighting. You have the chandelier I would love to get for my dining area, someday posted here. Love the Choros fixture You can read about it here if you are interested……

  4. Hi, thanks for this great post! Could you please provide the link for the white concrete table lamp? I can’t seem to locate it on their website. Thank you!!

  5. I’ve loved Circa Lighting for years (although I haven’t splurged on one yet). That floor lamp meets my needs (and wants) for my living room perfectly though…. Thanks!

  6. I’m in need of most of these lights! Love the sconce lights and also those floor lamps. I feel like those are hard to get right. Bookmarking this post!! Thank you :)

  7. Hi Erin!

    Thank you for the post and the love for our lighting! We work with so many wonderful design partners that create the most brilliant designs! We have some fabulous new things coming out this spring so stay tuned!

    On another note, my first M Gemi pair of loafers just arrived and to quote R. Zoe, “they are bananas!” Thanks for the recommendation!

    Thanks again for the shout out! Best of luck with the new book!

  8. Thank you!!

    Can you please, Please, PLEASE address ceiling fans?! They seem like THE HARDEST STYLISH THING TO FIND EVER. Please. I beg you.

    I did a search of your site and wasn’t able to find any posts that address this CRITICAL need. Thank you!!!

  9. This is such a great resource, thank you! Any chance you could do a post on curtains/drapery resources? I’ve been hoping for a long time you would. West Elm and PB selections are limited and/or stagnant, and Ballard can get pretty pricey.

  10. i love visual comfort. did you get the 10 pound catalog last fall??? woah!
    every lamp and fixture in the areas i have redone in my house, are from them.
    but you can’t beat the hicks pendant. if you replace that one, i’ll buy it from you.

  11. I agree with needing help to figure out lighting that all coordinates together for open concept floor plans…this is so hard!

    I would love a post on that one day:)

    Also- loved the office dressing post…so good!

    1. You could use fixtures from the same line/designer at Circa that would all coordinate together. Each designer has a certain style and their pieces typically coordinate well together.

  12. Love Circa Lighting and love that I can visit their showroom locally! Slowly but surely we are replacing all of the old fixtures with Circa fixtures, and have been 100% pleased. By contrast, we used RH sconces in our kids’ bathroom, and RH has had to replace the shades at least three times now because they keep melting/burning/collapsing inward even though I am using 40 watt bulbs in sconces that supposedly take up to 60 watt bulbs. Grrr! (At least they have good customer service and replace the shades with no question. But what happens when they discontinue that product?)

    I still need to replace builder grade fake brass and glass fixtures in my foyer and upstairs foyer and this post gives a couple of great options!

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