Artist (and Designer) Crush: William McLure

There are some people who are just SO talented you can’t believe one individual can house so much good taste and skill. William McLure is one of those people. I just cannot get enough not only of his incredible abstract paintings but also his interiors! Especially his own apartments. And he appears to be very young (with a little bit of a Zac Efron thing going on to boot…) so I can’t wait to see what else he does in his career.  And I’m absolutely looking to use his work in some of my projects- it’s fantastic.

This was his last place and it is INCREDIBLE- the layering, the mix of simplicity and detail and layering is really masterful william_mclure_apartment_02_07_2016_6489

The painted floors, the blue and white mixed with graphic abstract art…


That sofa cushion in Lee Jofa’s (a fabric I LOVE to use) is brilliant!


What a happy little vignette.


Love this peek into the bedroom flanked by the blue built in.


LOVE the draped bed paired with his painting and the antique dresser.



This space is a fantastic example of using one material throughout- the bed drapes and window drapes- and adding texture through layered woven shades.


If you check out his Instagram you’ll see he’s moved into an INSANELY cool industrial loft.




I also loved seeing his sofa used in yet another space from years ago with red walls! Shows how you can change up the color of a room and keep your furniture the same with BIG impact.

William Melure's Apartment Interior

This was a showhouse space he designed (featuring his artwork too, of course)




Love this simple piece.


ADORE. I need a new piece for above my sofa and I’m loving this style :)


Another beaut!


A more graphic look

screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-11-05-53-am I love that these pieces have a Cy Twombly thing happening…




Hope this images helped inspire your Monday! :)








  1. I recently started following him on instagram – I must have clicked over from someone else, and it hasn’t disappointed!

  2. Is that a tortoise strolling along the floor? Love the rooms. It’s what I’m aiming for in our home but missing by quite a bit. But at least I’m aiming at a great target ….

  3. I just came across him too even though he lives in my city. Obsessed as well. I love he doesn’t have a tv and paints and hosts and reads instead.

  4. Inspired is the word. And I agree with you that it’s great to see how he took furniture that looked perfect in one home and made it look perfect in such a different architectural space.

  5. I’ve been following him ever since One Kings Lane showed a picture of his bedroom last year. He is talented.

  6. Yes, this is amazing. I actually have the picture of the bedroom (displaying the bed/dresser) flagged as a great representation of my style inspiration. I’m hoping to work with a designer some day and point to the pic and say, “This! I want this!”

  7. So gorgeous, and I got a LOT of inspiration looking at how he has incorporated blue into his scheme. I have NEVER liked blue in my life, and suddenly I just feel very drawn to it. That Lee Jofa fabric is now a must-use for me on SOMETHING. I also loved the whimsy of the turtle peeking out initially from under the coffee table. My mother has done that in her house for well over 30 years, so I suppose it reminds me of home, too. I tell you, when you get a design crush, I almost always get one, too. Thank you for sharing the breadth of your design interests!

  8. Yes–love him, his art, his designs! How is it some people can layer and it doesn’t look cluttered? Do you know the specific name of that lee joffa fabric? I’ve seen it and loved it but never knew where to find it.

  9. Love all of this. Reminds me of Cy Twombly’s apartment. What I wouldn’t give to have white upholstery. 3 dogs who sit on furniture, sleep on furniture, puke on furniture, drool on furniture.Sigh. i f anybody has insight into a bullet proof upholstery fabric let me know ASAP!! :)

  10. Ok I have a sincere question…in your post about how to hang curtains you said high and wide. I’ve heard this from numerous other designers as well. In the first picture the curtains are right at the top of the windows and don’t go wider. Is this ok because of the picture rail trim? Or is it technically not ok but one of those situations where he pulled it off so it’s fine to break the “rule”? Or??

  11. Really love his style! I will definitely check out his Instagram. I feel like every room is something I would totally love even though I like to think of my style as very traditional. Great post!

  12. These are all beautiful. This is definitely someone we can learn from. Love the layering look. It takes a good eye to master that and it’s very well done here. :-)

  13. These are all beautiful. This is definitely someone we can learn from. Love the layering look. It takes a good eye to master that and it’s very well done here. :-)

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