Nooks and Crannies: Tiny, Cozy Spaces to Get You Through Winter


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The crappiest part of winter is upon us, and if you live in a cold climate I bet you feel a little like me.  You just want to be cozy.  Nothing sounds better to me right now then a hot cup of coffee (or glass of wine) snuggled up by a fire with some good reading material.  Creating built in reading nooks, window seats or even daybeds is such a fabulous way to add charm to your home and create extra enjoyable space within very small square footage.

I would happily draw the curtains and veg out in this little nook below all day long!


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A stunning place to take in an equally stunning view. Adding sconces makes reading easier and is an awesome decorative element.


As a child I would have committed various crimes to have a little bed nook like this.  Perhaps as an adult as well. Brilliant and beautiful.


You can easily build in bench seating on a sunny landing and top with cushions for a simple but wonderful place to sit.


A rustic, bohemian version that is more open and bright showcasing the ability to add something like this in virtually any corner of a room.


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I adore the French tufted cushion in this reading nook (and the sconces, and the built in shelving…)


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You can craft an extra cool space for kids by turning an unused closet into a incredible hideout for them!  You could add some floating book shelves on the side walls too for storage without having to spend on custom built ins!  Wallpaper inside and a statement pendant light would make for a fabulous jewel box effect! I would LOVE to create a space like this for Henry some day!


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You can also utilize wasted space under stairs and create a fun little nook too!


Kinds wish I had tried to open the wall under my stairs in the basement to see if we could have done this!!!


Another dreamy little spot for a child to read or daydream. The upholstered wall acts as a wrap- around headboard.


This goes beyond a reading nook and kind of creates an all encompassing bunk room/ escape out of cramped attic space. BRILLIANT (but I would have continues the star paper on the flat portion of the ceiling myself).


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      1. Excuse me, Sophie, but why are you so rude and mean? Brittany always has a pertinent comment. Why should it bother you if she mentions her blog as well? How about showing a little kindness and tolerance instead of purposely trying to make someone feel bad ?

  1. An unused closet? Does that exist?
    Just kidding. But it’s a great idea to empty a closet to create a hideaway. Kids absolutely adore hiding.
    Our house has very high windows (start at shoulder height and go up to high ceilings) because it started as the village showers. And our kid climbs up into the very wide windowsill (the walls are two feet thick and made of stone, sometimes with the curtains closed. Like a cat.

  2. I have always, always wanted a window seat or reading nook. When my parents were building their house when I was younger, I took the blueprints and tried to convince them to turn every window into a window seat. No dice. The closet turned hideout is adorable, but I’m with Taste of France. I need to meet the people who have an unused closet and speak with them about their organizational skills. Sweet post. <3

  3. These are really neat!! I especially love #1 and #2 — wow!! About the unused closet nook — yeah right…to have an unused closet in my small-ish colonial!! Haha! :)

  4. We had a very long master bedroom with a teenie closet at one end. My husband (handy, I am lucky) framed that end of the room to make it into a walk-in for me with a door-sized opening into the room. We recently gave our master to our boys so that they can share a room as they grow up and turned the walk-in into a little nook, just like the one above. Had I not done it myself, I would have been thinking the same thing about unused closet space! Our house is tinnnny with virtually no closets but…anything for those kids. ;-)

  5. This is the first time I saw these nooks , literally it is awesome I wish I make my home just like that beautiful and have a nook in it. These different styles of nook in a room are just awesome :) thanks for sharing such ideas with us.

  6. My talented and handy husband is almost done building built-ins and a daybed for our small office room. He’s don’t a great job and now I need to match his skills by decorating it well. A this something you and your team can do via your e-style service? I’d love someone with a good eye to help me with some final decisions and elevate it from ok to amazing.

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