Roundup: Our Most Used Styling Accessories

One of the things that I find a lot of clients struggle with in decorating their home is that last 10%– the accessories and accents that take a room from good to great. As we continue styling and shooting our projects for book number 2 (it IS coming! Promise!) I thought I would round up the accessories the girls and I here int he office turn to time and time again for putting the finishing touches on a home. From always having birch logs on hand (for an empty fireplace or peeking out of a basket) to the frames and objects we use when styling a bookshelf or built in. Even my favorite books (yup, mine is up there- that striped spine was very much on purpose for this reason!) I hope you find these sections helpful when needing to source some final goodies for your own space! (sorry this post is so late- this too many hours more than I thought it would!)


OBJECTS: wood scuptures // cloche // bird bowl // dog statue // horn 1 & horn 2 // horse // logs // beads // urchin // disc on stand // magnifying glasses // blue ginger jar // white ginger jar // grapevine

BOWLS & VASES: glass vases // blue vase // blue stripe vase // ironware pitcher // dough bowls // white & gold bowls // various size white vases (also these textured ones) // large green crackle vase // Lawrence McRae Lacey bowl //  marble bowl // swirl patterned bowls // gold bud vase // Jill Rosenwald x Erin Gates vase // urn


TRAYS, BOXES & BASKETS: marble & wood trays // gold tray // woven tray // glass box // various baskets // Jill Rosenwald x Erin Gates stripe tray // patterned baskets // shagreen box // lacquer boxes // zebra tray // shagreen tray // zebra boxes // patterned low basket

BOOKS, BOOKENDS & FRAMES: llama bookends // Collected book // round frame // wood frame // EOS book // burled frames // tortoiseshell frame // Beautiful book // Finer Things book // white marble bookends // modern marble bookends // Vogue book // white frame // gold frame // marbled frame


CANDLES & CANDLEHOLDERS: Baies candle // brass candleholders // hurricanes & glass candlesticks // brass candlesticks // modern candles on stands // candle bust // candle under cloche //  Elements by EG candle // modern candelabra


  1. Great post Erin! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and expertise with us. I feel as though I’m enrolled in design school when I read your posts!

  2. Thank you for sharing your go-to accessories, Erin! I particularly love that terra-cotta urn from Pottery Barn so much, I have it in two of their sizes… Great value! Good luck with the second book, can’t wait to come and get my signed copy on your book tour :)

  3. I think the best objects are the ones you collect over time, from traveling, antiques stores, or heirlooms- ones that have meaning and evoke a memory.

  4. Great post Erin. I LOVE the zebra tray! I know that I will come back to this post as a reference several times as I work on some home projects in the coming months. Thank you!

  5. It’s so true! It really is that last layer in both fashion and home design that makes the difference. I also like a piece or two of faux (resin) coral. Adds a nice bit of texture in a cabinet or bookcase. Small pieces of artwork or a photograph on a stand is great in a bookcase, too.

  6. I have one of those W&S Burl Wood frames, as well as quite a few of the Burl Wood frames from Framebridge (they are very similar) and love them so much. They look so good, I can’t quit ordering them.

  7. So true, Erin!
    I find clients are so done after construction, finishing and basic furnishing, not only financially but decision making as well! It is so important to bring them beyond into the accessories that truly make their home comfortable and theirs! Starting them on collections that they can add to over the years is a great educational service for them. And fun.

  8. Love this and so true! It’s the little details that really set it apart. I loooove styling a shelf or ottoman with your book! It’s such a fun look anywhere!

  9. What a great round up – thanks for doing the legwork! And whether you have the ability to travel and collect objets or not, it’s always fun to layer in something new. (So over the negative nellies that troll here. Didn’t people’s parents teach them “if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all?”)

  10. Love this! So many great items! I would love to see more category specific round ups like this (a la Emily Henderson round up, but in the EG style).

    One tip/request – is your blog platform capable of opening links in a new window? I click away on all this good stuff and then go down the rabbit hole on the linked sites. Your posts have so many great items to shop, I’d love be able to pop back and forth with the post and the retailers.

  11. The spine on your first book was GENIUS…I’ve seen it in ever so many design publications! Honestly, I do smile when I walk past mine and it catches my eye…it’s a good thing!! franki

  12. This may sound silly but I’ve followed you for years (you were actually the first blogger I ever followed) and this is one of my favorite posts. Mostly because that last layer is the hardest for sure and since I can’t afford a designer this is so helpful in making my home feel a little more finished. I’d love more “off the shelf” types of posts like this with the varying price points. Thank you for sharing your experience and expertise with us. While I may or may not be able to ever hire you, you will always be one of my favorites and I’ll at least buy all your books. :)

  13. Erin,
    This was great—can you do a post on fireplace mantle decorating using some of these items? Or some examples of others you have done? I struggle with this…….

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