Tiny Treaures

I think I’ve stated this before here, but tiny things make me lose my mind. Like, in my world, anything made miniature makes it 1,000 times as awesome. That holds especially true with art.  Tiny paintings in big frames are my jam, y’all. I’ll will buy them up like candy. Like in this room we styled- those two small abstract pieces were purchased on Etsy and custom framed– and they MAKE this image (shot my pal Michael J. Lee).  I also love how tiny art can allow you to buy original works on a small budget.  Nothing compares to original artwork- nothing.  So if you can’t afford big pieces, tiny will do just fine. Add a big mat and interesting frame and you’ve got yourself a stunner.


I also love incorporating tiny works of art into my gallery walls. It gives them so much more depth and interest.  So here is a round up of tiny  original artwork sure to blow your mind, without blowing your budget!

The pieces above were from Lauren Adams.

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I am obsessed with these tiny framed pieces by antiques genius Trace Mayer called Museum Bees. I want a couple so badly for my gallery wall (not that much mroe can fit onto it but I can certainly squeeze in a couple of these!)
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Look how tiny! *squeeeeeee*


These abstracted landscapes/seascapes by local painter Kate Rasche are heaven.

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This artist from the Netherlands, Marleen Kleiberg, is SOOOOOO talented. I feel like a discovered a treasure!

screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-7-39-27-pm il_570xn-1035005146_be5x

screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-7-27-54-pm il_570xn-1139366349_mdgc

These little abstracts are by Kate Merritt Davis from the Gregg Irby Gallery.

screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-7-46-50-pm screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-7-46-25-pm

I adore the texture and color combinations in these still lives by Margot Dedrick. $50 each!!!!

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On a particularly lovely trip to Nantucket a few years a go I bought a small work by Sharon Woods Hussey at this gallery as a memento and I love it.  So much so that I bought my Dad one of her lighthouses as a gift.

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fullsizerender-49 fullsizerender-49-600x470

Miniature abstracts with great texture.

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These landscapes from Ireland are little masters! Stunning!





  1. Love all of these. It’s great to have budget options for those of us who don’t have the $$ for Old Masters :). I also love a tiny painting with a big mat. Such a good look!

  2. Museum Bees are great. I am going to check them out! Currently, I am buying Grand Tour Intaglios affixed on painted canvas to hang in my small spaces. I envision a growing collection!

  3. Oh my goodness you find the BEST artists on Etsy! I just purchased one of Marleen Kleiberg’s small paintings, thank you for the recommendation!! XO

  4. You know you’re a “TINY THINGS” addict, when, your bag spills out into the lobby of The 4S, and you’ve been nabbed with 7 bottles of mini-hoonie ketchup, jam, and just the cutest Grey Poupon… knew I should’ve packed those! xo

  5. Love this post! I have always been a huge fan of this! I rolled some craft paper out for my kids and let them paint with some moody colors. Once it all dried I isolated some cool places with great movement and framed 4×4 areas in 12×12 frames in a grid and IT IS AWESOME. I did pairs for the grandmothers for Mother’s Day too! Tiny art from my tiny people!

  6. These are so great! I found a tiny painting of daisies at Goodwill and it’s been one of my fav thrifted art finds, I’ve never put it up, but it has stayed with me through a few moves and clean-outs. You’ve motivated me to go find the perfect spot for it :-)

  7. Where did the horse picture come from that is on the mantel? Not the sketch but the one in the yellow frame?

  8. I went to the Antique and Garden Show in Nashville this past weekend and Museum Bees was there. I have bought a miniature picture from him for four years in a row but my son has claimed them and they hang in a cluster in his bedroom. Trace Mayer is a lovely person and he spent a lot of time talking to my son. Made me love our pictures even more!

  9. OMG those tiny abstracts by the local artist (Kate Rasche) are amazingggg! I’m renovating my house right not, but I cannot WAIT for the decor stage and, like you, I’m obsessed with tiny art in big frames. Love all of the white around the painting. As always, great post and thanks for sharing your faves :)

  10. I also love small paintings, especially grouped. In Hong Kong I bought little cards with pieces of colourful antique silk fabric, and they’ve made up nicely when framed.

  11. With you ALL THE WAY on tiny art…just bought the prettiest tiny pheasant painting…yup, Etsy! franki

  12. What a wonderful post!!! LOVE the artwork sources, and GOT 5 OF THE BEES AT HIGH POINT one year in anticipation of a gallery wall or two. <3 They are so fabulous, right??!! So now they hang on the gallery wall in my WIP living room….like i always tell ya….GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE…!!
    By the time I am done, I will have a gallery wall in 75% of my rooms…

  13. This is super good! Thank you for sharing these amazing finds. Thank you for all your posts- and I LOVE your fashion posts. As a woman in her late 30’s its refreshing to have a blogger post clothes that aren’t fashionably ironic. xo

  14. Great post! I have an abstract that I bought 20 years ago and while I still love it, I need to re-frame it because the frame looks so dated (shiny bright gold…) Anyway, I was wondering if you had a rule of thumb on how large the mat should be compared to the print? i.e. is there is a proportion rule of thumb? Hope that question makes sense! Thanks!

  15. All this just goes to show tiny art can give you a BIG inspiration. I received a tiny art from my best friend some years back and it was a lovely picture of a Canadian countryside. It now hangs in my office and it is truly precious to me. Thank you for sharing the pictures – they are simply fabulous!

  16. I am also obsessed with tiny art for my home! My latest discovery is the Instagram account apenciladay – it’s a painter in Australia who is painting one tiny pencil every day for a year and auctioning them on IG. Soooo cute, and perfect for a home office!

  17. So true, I love small pieces in large frames myself. Great selection of tiny works here. Thank you for sharing

  18. Love this post! We are all about bringing affordable art like this to homes. Check out StudioSouthCollection on Instagram!

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