Fashion Friday: The All Powerful Neutral Shoe

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A purchase you will never regret is a great looking, well made neutral shoe. May it be a heel (essential ladies, it elongates the leg like no ones business) or a of-the-moment style like the backless mule, they go with everything and anything and are a key component to a well rounded wardrobe. And by neutral I don’t just mean BLAH beige- metallics (especially gold), sparkles and of course LEOPARD are all part of that category. In fact while strolling into a doctor’s appointment this morning some guy yelled “great shoes” about my leopard loafers which I had popped on because my outfit was otherwise very basic.

So heres a round-up of great neutral shoes– this spring it’s allllllll about the slide on sandal and mule. Backless or bust, I guess. :)



  1. Love this lineup and I for one am so excited that the mule is in style. That is my kind of shoe. I have a very, very narrow heel and have the worst time finding shoes to fit, so the mule has been an alternative for me for years, when I can find them. I actually have a pair of leopard mules that are so on trend right now that I have worn for over 20 years, yes they are back in style, and I had on a basic outfit the other day and wore them and got a compliment too. Yay for mules!!

  2. What a fantastic roundup! I LOVE the backless mules in the lead pic–would you mind sourcing the original imagine so I can try (as impossible as it might be!) to track them down? Thanks so much!

    1. ANNA wears the “anna wintour” nude blaniks-shes been wearing for over ten yrs-named after her!!! classic always in style:)

  3. Erin, would you consider posting your leopard loafers on Instagram? I am on the hunt for great looking leopard flats to dress up my style. Yes, leopard is a neutral.

  4. I agree on Grace. In my opinion, Neutral shoes are must-have items moreover, the shoes from this article are awesome. If I have to be honest, I am in love with every type of shoes :*

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